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Discover the Adorable Real-life Bubble Tea Plush Toy

Discover the Adorable Real-life Bubble Tea Plush Toy

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Irresistible Design

Our Bubble Tea Plush Toy is designed to resemble a mouthwatering cup of bubble tea, complete with tapioca pearls and fruit toppings. Its soft and cuddly texture makes it a perfect addition to any plush collection.

Perfect for All Ages

Whether you're a kid or a bubble tea enthusiast, our plush toy is sure to bring joy to your life. It's an ideal birthday gift or a charming decor piece for any room.

Versatile Use

Snuggle up with our plush toy as a cozy cushion or display it proudly to add a touch of whimsy to your space. Its adorable design is bound to bring smiles wherever it goes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Bubble Tea Plush Toy suitable for children?

Yes, our plush toy is perfect for kids and bubble tea enthusiasts of all ages.

What are the dimensions of the plush toy?

The plush toy measures approximately 20-25cm in size.

How is the plush toy packaged?

Each plush toy is individually packed in an opp bag, ensuring it arrives in perfect condition.

Can I use the plush toy as room decor?

Absolutely! Our Bubble Tea Plush Toy makes a charming addition to any room decor.

Is the plush toy machine washable?

We recommend spot cleaning the plush toy to maintain its quality and appearance over time.

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