Discover the Best Baby Feeding Supplies for Happy and Healthy Meal Times

Baby Feeding Supplies

A balanced meal is essential for any human being, especially for a baby. To meet the growing demands of your Baby, baby feeding supplies become a necessity. As a baby grows, feeding demands increase; parents need baby feeding supplies to fulfill these demands. Feeding your Baby is a time to bond with your Baby. Not only the parents, even other family members, when feeding the Baby, share a bond with the child. Ensure that the bottles, bowls, etc., you are using for your Baby are safe for him. As there is a lot of baby stuff that is made of toxic material. So it is better to provide your young one with all that stuff that is made of non-toxic and easy to use. 

You must be familiar with many feeding supplies like bibs, milk bottles, bowls, spoons, etc. Still, homekartz has all the products in a unique and fantastic style that will also make the child of 6 months and up excited before eating something. The food supplies make the process of eating easy and fun. You need many things to keep your child clean because cleanliness matters a lot, and the Baby always gets himself dirty while eating. So keeping all these things in mind, parents buy many feeding supplies for their little ones. 

To make feeding fun and easy for you and your Baby, homekartz has a variety of valuable products.

Silicone Baby Feeding Set:

Why does the Silicone Baby feeding set stand out from others? There are plenty of reasons for this, and the main of them is the safety they provide. They do not produce toxic substances and also do not produce any unpleasant odor. They are durable and can be used repeatedly, thus saving you money and the trouble of buying new baby feeding sets. They are also eco-friendly, proving best for the environment and your Baby.

Here are some of the main benefits of silicone baby feeding set:

· Safe for the Baby:

It does not allow the bacteria to grow inside, as no tiny pores are present. The Baby feeding set is 100% food-grade silicone and is BPA-free. In fact, it is free from all the toxic materials that could be used so far. Silicone is known to be hypoallergenic and can be microwaved too.

· Durable

The silicone baby feeding set is durable and can be used repeatedly. So it saves one from buying the products frequently. 

· Soft:

It is soft, which is perfect for little hands. Babies are fond of putting everything in their mouths, even the back of the spoon or the fork you give them. So silicon is soft with no sharp edges to avoid any harm.

· Makes Cleaning Easy:

They are easy to wash, which makes the process of cleaning easy. You can easily wash them in soapy water by using the dishwasher. 

· Suction Cup:

They have a strong suction cup that saves from the mess that can be created when teaching your Baby to eat on his own. The Baby may throw the bowl or the plate, but thanks to the strong suction cup, the Baby cannot move the bowl himself.

Introducing to you some of the baby products made of Silicone:

Infant Feeding Bottles:

Infant Feeding Bottles relax the mother and allow the other parent and family members to bond with the Baby. The feeding bottles allow the parents to spend some time with the Baby while feeding him and develop a close bond with him. Using a feeding bottle is convenient. Feeding bottle is necessary and should be chosen wisely. There are also plastic feeding bottles with a certain amount of germs that are unsafe for your Baby. A baby at this age requires clean and safe feeding materials to avoid harm. Our unique feeding bottle for your Baby is entirely safe and durable. As the bottles must be appropriately cleaned, we also have cleaning equipment along with the bottle for your little one's health.

Baby Feeding Bottle | Most Natural Feeding Experience:

This feeding bottle is built to make feeding with the bottle the same as natural feeding. The shape of the bottle is almost the same as that of the mother's nipple to make the feeding natural. The soft silicone nipple makes feeding easy and comfortable for you and the Baby. It is easy to grasp in little hands to encourage feeding independently. It's also easy to clean. You can use the dishwasher to clean the bottle. 

The bottle has a spiral design and petals, creating a flexible nipple for more natural feeding. It is made from child-safe, BPA-free materials like PPSU, PP, and Silicone. The size of the bottle is 4.7" ×2.8," and its capacity is 3 fl oz. 

It is essential to keep the bottle clean; you need equipment for it. Homekartz also has to offer you a baby bottle cleaning brush to make the cleaning easy and safe. 

Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush:

We have a baby bottle cleaning brush for you that is PVC and Latex free. With the help of this incredibly convenient bottle-cleaning brush, provide your Baby with a clean bottle. The baby bottle cleaning brush has one hidden nylon nipple cleaner for gentle cleaning and scrubbing. There is a small hole at the end, so you can easily hang it in your kitchen. The brush size is 11.6" × 1.8" × 1.8". The material from which it is made is Silicone + PP + PP + TPE. It is safe for cleaning the bottle as it is PVC-free, BPA-free, latex-free, phthalate-free, and nitrosamine free. 


We have different kind of bibs for your Baby which keeps your little one clean while eating. The bibs are designed to protect your Baby's clothes while you feed him or he eats. Every child needs a bib. Eating or drinking is too messy, so a bib is necessary for every child. We have some awesome bibs for your Baby:

· Blush Silicone Baby Bib(Other Varieties)

· Cotton Baby Drool Bibs with Pacifier Holder

Blush Silicone Baby Bib:

Do you want something to reduce the stress of cleaning your Baby after a meal? This excellent product from Ali+Oil can eliminate all the eating mess. This gorgeous bib is waterproof and made of high-quality material to resist stains. It has a wide pocket on the front that stays open. The most beautiful part about this bib is that it is easy to clean, saving one from the trouble of giving a lot of time cleaning the bib. After feeding, rinse and wipe clean the bibs under warm running water. You can also put the dishwasher on top of the shelf. There will be no more need to put the clothe bib in the washing machine. The bib is made from FDA-approved and BPA-free Silicone.

The Silicone is also eco-friendly and 100% food-grade. They are easy to carry, and if you are going on a trip or traveling, it is the best to use as you can easily fold them and keep them with you. It also remains clean for a long time, keeping most of the mesh until cleaned. The Silicone won't hurt your Baby's neck. Instead, it would be comfortable for your Baby. The bucket designed on the front will catch all the mess, thus keeping the eating clean. An adjustable strap makes the bib perfect for infants to toddlers. The bib has an adjustable neck, so the bib grows as your little one grows. The four adjustable buttons make it long-lasting and nearly impossible to tear apart by the Baby.

This baby bib also has other forms:

· Mustard Silicone Baby Bib(Amazing Mustard Colored Bib)

· Pebble Silicone Baby Bib(Soft and Cute)

· The Saturday Baby Bibs(Crimiest Color, Silkiest Bib)

Cotton Baby Drool Bibs with Pacifier Holder( Not made of Silicone but are soft and comfy):

The smooth and comfortable style meets the demands of the parents and the child. It has absorbent cotton on the front with 100% polyester fleece on the back. Our bib is stylish and also has a pacifier holder. It is extra for smooth and pleasant wear. There is a guarantee of zero skin irritation with our bib. A dual snap button makes the bibs convenient and practical, as they can be adjusted according to your child's size. 

This bib has five fun colors, and every colored bib has a different design. It features a friendly animal face. 

Our bibs come in different colors to provide you with a choice to choose your color:

· Beige

· Pink

· Green

· Yellow

· Grey

Each of the bibs measures 7×15×13 inches(L×W×H). All the bibs are made of high-quality material to provide your Baby with a comfortable experience. 

Bowl and Spoon:

As your child grows, he starts to consume solids. To feed your child, you need the supplies for it. You require a bowl and a spoon to feed your young one at this age. Different utensils are used for this purpose. We have safe products for your child to make this experience safe. 

Homekartz introduces some helpful feeding supplies to make eating easy:

· Bamboo Suction Baby Bowl + Spoon

· Suction Bowl with Lid

· Mint Wavy Suction Bowl and Spoon Set

Bamboo Suction Baby Bowl + Spoon(Contains Silicone Ring):

It is crafted from organic bamboo, is reduces spills and tears during mealtime. It has a silicone ring. It sticks to the table so the Baby can not throw it. It makes eating and cleanup easy. The suction can be removed. Our bamboo Suction bowl is ideal for baby-led weaning. There is a complementary spoon that matches the color for the aesthetic effect. The spoon has a soft tip and can be easily grasped by little hands that, encourage self-eating. The set is free of plastic, BPA, lead, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals. It is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and non-toxic. The dimension of this product is 5in.round × 3in.tall. The capacity is 10oz. 

How to use it?

First of all, you need to set your bowl so that the easy-release tab faces away from your Baby. Activate the Airtight-Lock mechanism by pressing the suction bowl onto a flat surface until you hear all the air come out. To release, pull the release tab. 

Cleaning Tip:

Remove the silicone ring for deep cleaning. 

Suction Bowl with Lid:

The small bowl is the perfect size for your Baby's meal and is the best choice when your little one is learning to eat independently. It also has a lid, so now you can store the leftovers if your Baby wants to eat after some time, or you can cook before and store the food in this bowl with the help of a lid. The lid is also a savage when you have to travel. With this bowl, you can take your Baby's food with you, and if he doesn't eat all the food, you can put it on the lid. There is a strong suction cup that makes it stick on the table and avoids all the mess that can be created. The slanted bottom is just perfect as it is helpful to pick the last bits of the food, thus leading to no wastage of food. Our bowl is made of FDA-approved 100% silicone, free from BPA, PVC, BP, S, and other harmful substances. They are easy to clean. You can clean them like you clean your other bowls.

Mint Wavy Suction Bowl and Spoon Set:

Thus beautifully designed suction bowl is worth buying for your little one. This is an example of tableware that suits little hands and tiny appetites. The material from which this set is made is durable and of high quality. This set includes a BPA-free silicone bowl and spoon in a soft mint color. It helps in feeding with one hand. So parents can easily feed their Baby by using only one hand with our fantastic product. The spoon, when used by the Baby, helps in motor skills development and is helpful for your Baby. The Baby learns to hold the spoon and eat the food with a spoonful without creating any mess. A suction base is on the bottom, so make sure it sticks to the table when you place it. It is BPA-free, phthalate-free, lead-free, and PVC-free. It contains no toxic material, so your Baby can enjoy his food and be safe. Before first use, hand washes it in warm water with soap. Always clean it and rinse it before using it. It can also be placed in the microwave. The bowl measures 4.5" × 4.5" round × 2.25" tall and easily fits 8oz of food. The spoon measures 5.75" × 1.25" wide. 

This is perfect for a baby of 6 months and up. 

It also has another variety for you if you want to change the color:

· Blush Wavy Suction Bowl

La Petite Silicone Bowl:

Not a fan of stylish bowls? Want a simple bowl for your young one? Homekartz provides a simple but attractive silicone bowl for your little one. The mini silicone bowl features a classic design that is aesthetic and simple at the same time. It may look sweet, but it stands for almost everything. It is tiny in size but serves the purpose that you want. You can prep in it, feed from it, freeze it, nuke it, and also wash it. It holds the right amount of Baby's first solid food. It has a perfect shape and size to be held in hand. The bowl is made of Silicone which is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and completely safe for your Baby. It is an eco-friendly bowl for your Baby and safer than any plastic bowl. It is easy to wash. The dimension of this bowl is 2 in. H × 3.15in. Diameter. Its capacity is 6oz, and it weighs 4.5lb which is suitable for your Baby. You can also put it in the microwave, and it is plastic-free, BPA-free, BPS-free, PVC-free, Lead-free, and phthalate free to keep your Baby safe. 

Plate and Spoon:

When you have to give your Baby a different variety of food and don't want the food to be mixed, then plates serve the purpose. As baby plates have dividers, and there are sections for different food which saves one from the issue of mixing the food. They provide a broader surface to the little hand that can be easily used.

· Pink Silicone Plate And Utensils

· Silicone Suction Plate With Lid and Spoon

Pink Silicone Plate and Utensils:

The kids are cute but clumsy! This squirrel is on its way to caring for your kid's mess. The set consists of a squirrel-shaped plate, a spoon, and a fork. It is made from food-grade Silicone and is BPA-free. It is safe for heating and refrigerating, so the food of all kinds can be served in this cute little squirrel. The utensils have wooden handles, which makes them easy to grab and safe for the Baby. The squirrel plate has 3 different compartments, one is the head of the squirrel, the second is the body of the squirrel, and the third is the tale of our little buddy. A suction cup on the bottom of the plate keeps it in place, and your Baby can't knock it down. The size of the plate is 9.52×7.28×1.29," and it weighs 9.91 oz. The size of the fork is 5.27×1.33," and it weighs 0.67 oz. The size of the spoon is 5.47×1.33," and it weighs 0.59 oz. Eating will become more interesting with this squirrel plate and utensil set. 

Silicone Suction Plate with Lid and Spoon:

The silicone suction plate has dividers that convert it into 3 parts plate. Moreover, it has a lid and a spoon. The stylish plate looks delightful and can cheer up your little one with its fantastic design. It is perfect to learn to self-feed. There is a strong suction base that makes the plate stick to where it is placed and eliminates the trouble of it being thrown down or falling. It comes in attractive peach color and has a silicone lid. It is easy to be cleaned as it is dishwasher safe. Our plate is made of FDA-approved 100% silicone, free from BPA, PVC, BPS, and other harmful substances. It is entirely safe for your little one. It is designed to fit high chair trays and measures 9" 1×7.5" w×1" h. it weighs 0.95lb, and the material is totally Silicone. 

The top features of this suction Plate that distinguish it from other plates are that 3 compartments avoid the mess of different food mixing. And the plus point is that it also sticks to the table.

These proper baby feeding supplies will keep your Baby happy and the process of eating fun. Our equipment is made up of high-quality material to keep your Baby safe from all germs and non-toxic materials. We care about you and your little one, so we provide baby-friendly products that are easy to use and attractive to the child. The products are even available in different colors to choose the color according to your or your Baby's taste. Homekartz is at the parent's service 24/7 to help them with parenting by serving some valuable and unique products.

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