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World of Revilo: Campaign Setting

World of Revilo: Campaign Setting

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Are you tired of playing the same old campaigns?

Looking for something new and exciting to bring to your table?

Look no further than this 140-page hardcover book!

For use with the fifth edition of the world’s favorite roleplaying board game, this book introduces a new campaign setting with many options to explore.

The sub-classes featured in this book provide new options for character builds and customizations, allowing players to create truly unique and powerful characters.

The playable races also add an extra layer of depth to the game. From the elf-like creatures known as the Fey to the long-lived dragons of the sky, each race has unique abilities and backstories.

This book introduces new creatures and monsters to challenge players and test their skills.

Finally, this book is filled with compelling adventure hooks that keep your players engaged and immersed in the world.

Each adventure hook is sure to provide hours of entertainment and excitement, from searching for a powerful artifact to exploring a long-forgotten ruin.

This 140-page hardcover book will provide new content and ideas for your next game. With new sub-classes, playable races, and compelling adventure hooks, this book will surely bring adventure to every table.

This 140 Page Hardcover book introduces a new campaign setting for the 5th Edition of the world's favorite roleplaying game. Filled with new sub-classes, playable races, and compelling adventure hooks will bring adventure to every table.

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