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Royal Rosie Silicone Llama Teether: Soothing Relief for Teething Babies

Royal Rosie Silicone Llama Teether: Soothing Relief for Teething Babies

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Royal Rosie Silicone Llama Teether

Gentle yet effective solution for sore teething gums
Llamas are all the rage — and it’s easy to see why! With curly locks and a fancy crown, this South American sweetheart is ready to soothe your baby's sore and swollen gums.
Made of textured food-grade silicone, our teether features an oval opening that’s just the right size for little hands. Bring on the llama drama!
A must-have for all teething kiddos!

Silicone Llama Teether: features and details
One-of-a-kind llama design
Our original llama design is fun and cute for both babies and parents. The level of detail gives your baby something to look at and explore while teething. Your baby will love this sweet royalty llama teether toy, and you won't be able to pull it away from them!
Baby gums relief
Designed with tiny teethers in mind, this cute sensory teether relieves and soothes baby’s pain caused by inflamed or sore gums while ensuring safety and comfort. It also has a handle at the bottom for little baby's hands to grip and hold on to more easily.
The back side of the teether is textured to help the baby discover and explore new senses while also massaging the emerging teeth.
Safe for your baby
Our Llama Teether is made of non-toxic food-grade silicone and is BPA-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free, lead-free, and cadmium-free. CPSIA safety certified. 3 months +. As a bonus, it pairs perfectly with pacifier/ teether clips that keep it from dragging on the ground.
Details and care instructions

Wash the teether toy with soap and water. Let it air dry. Dishwasher safe, top rack only. Colorful foods, dyes, and other liquids may cause discoloration and staining.
Disclaimer: Suitable for babies aged 3 months. Please do not use it without supervision. Inspect before every use and discard if damaged. Dimensions: 3" l x 3" w x 0.5" h. Weight: 0.06 lb.

Seeking the perfect teether for your little one's teething discomfort?

Explore the Royal Rosie Silicone Llama Teether! This adorable teething companion is designed to provide soothing relief and keep your baby entertained during the teething phase.

Here's why you'll love the Royal Rosie Silicone Llama Teether:

  • Soothing Comfort: The teether's soft silicone texture eases teething discomfort, offering a much-needed respite for your baby.
  • Cute Llama Design: Shaped like an endearing llama, it adds a touch of charm to your baby's teething experience.
  • Safe and Easy to Clean: Crafted from high-quality, BPA-free materials, it's designed with your baby's safety in mind and is easy to clean.
  • Parent-Approved: Join the parents who have witnessed their teething babies finding comfort and joy with the Royal Rosie Silicone Llama Teether.

Provide your teething baby with the Royal Rosie Silicone Llama Teether. Click now to add this charming and comforting teether to your baby's essentials.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1: What is the Royal Rosie Silicone Llama Teether?

A1: The Royal Rosie Silicone Llama Teether is an adorable and soothing teether designed to provide comfort and relief to teething babies.


Q2: How does this teether help soothe teething discomfort?

A2: The teether's soft silicone texture offers gentle relief to sore gums during teething, helping to ease your baby's discomfort.


Q3: Is the Royal Rosie Silicone Llama Teether safe for babies?

A3: Absolutely! It is made from premium, BPA-free materials, ensuring safety and comfort for your teething baby.


Q4: What age range is this teether suitable for?

A4: The Royal Rosie Silicone Llama Teether is ideal for teething babies, typically around 3 months and older.


Q5: Can this teether be refrigerated for added relief?

A5: Yes, you can refrigerate the teether briefly to provide extra relief for sore gums during teething.


Q6: Is it easy for babies to hold and chew on?

A6: Yes, the teether is designed for tiny hands to grasp quickly, providing a chewable surface for babies to enjoy.


Q7: Can I clean and sterilize the teether for hygiene?

A7: Certainly! The teether is typically easy to clean and can be sterilized, ensuring a hygienic experience for your baby.


Q8: Does the teether come in different colors or styles?

A8: The availability of colors and styles may vary, allowing you to choose the one that appeals to you and your baby.


Q9: How can I purchase the Royal Rosie Silicone Llama Teether?

A9: You can buy the Royal Rosie Silicone Llama Teether online through our website. Click on the product, add it to your cart, and follow the checkout process to make it yours.

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  • My niece loves this toy. She was teething and this calmed her, good purchase.

    L***a on Nov 13, 2023

  • Absolutely the cutest llama. My granddaughter loves it.

    E***n on Jan 08, 2024

  • My baby girl has a llama theme for toys and some decor, but this did the trick for her teething!

    A***e on Dec 23, 2023

  • My daughter is teething and loves this toy! Unfortunately we have already had to order a new one because it fell out of the stroller and was lost. So put a binky leash on it if your kiddo is extra athletic and tosses toys ;-) Comes in a cute package that is seen thru on front-great for gifting.

    D***l on Dec 22, 2023

  • I think this is pretty ideal as far as teethers go. My baby is not a fan of any teethers but she seems to like this one enough to give it a try a few times a day. It's smaller than I thought it would be, but fits perfectly for her little hands to hold it. And there are so many different textures that she has instant variety for different parts of her gums. It's well made, stands up to my steam sterilizer without issue and doesn't attract dust or pet hair. Overall a good buy, and one I would recommend to other parents.

    S***n on Dec 24, 2023

  • This is an adorable teether. I bought it as a little gift to go in my almost one year olds Easter basket. It is well made, soft, and has the perfect material for a baby to chew on. I absolutely love elephants and couldn’t resist this. However, my daughter prefers to use this to throw on the ground multiple times a day, so that seems to be much more appealing than chewing on it 😉 still a great purchase no matter how she decides to play with it!

    K***e on Sep 05, 2023

  • Very satisfied with this product, convenient because you can attach it to baby's clothes and not worry about falling out of their little hands. She likes it is flexible and soft and best of all is washable and dishwasher safe too.

    W***n on Nov 20, 2023

  • I like that this teether is silicone and seems to be good quality but my son doesn’t chew on it for very long I think because it is so big. Would be perfect if it was just a tad bit smaller!

    P***a on Sep 09, 2023

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