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Remote Control RC Electronic Tarantula Spider Toy with 8-hour battery life

Remote Control RC Electronic Tarantula Spider Toy with 8-hour battery life

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Remote Control RC Electronic Tarantula Spider Toy
A remote-controlled tarantula
Afraid of spiders?
This remote-controlled tarantula is perfect for you!

The Home Kartz Tarantula is the perfect gift for spider enthusiasts or those kids who want to overcome their fear of spiders.
It’s also an excellent toy for naughty kids!

With realistic movements and an 8-hour battery life, this spider will provide hours of fun for everyone.
And it’s easy to control – use the included remote control to make your spider scuttle wherever you want. 
Spiders aren’t scary!
Remote Control RC Electronic Tarantula Spider Toy
Spider’s details
The spider is made from safe ABS & PP plastics, so it’s not dangerous. To move around, the spider needs 3 AA batteries.
Remote control details
2 buttons on the remote control make the spider move forward and rotate.
The remote-controlled spider, just like the spider, needs 3 AA batteries.
A fun but helpful toy
Delight your kid with this cool, moving, remote-controlled spider! It may seem like an intimidating toy, but it can help overcome fears.

It's realistic, but playing with it shows that spiders aren't that scary and are normal animals like any other.

They symbolized good things like patience, wisdom, and artistry throughout history. They're peaceful creatures, and we all need to know that.
Spider toys are a great way to get kids excited and interested in the natural world. They provide an opportunity to learn about the different species of spiders and their habitats and develop a sense of appreciation for the fascinating creatures.
Spider toys are made from soft plush materials or plastic and rubber for a more realistic look. Some toys even have sound effects or lights, adding to the fun.
Spider toys can be used to teach kids about the different species of spiders and their habitats.
For example, some toys come with a guidebook that explains the different types of spiders and their habitats.
Kids can learn about the different types of webs they make, their diet, and other interesting facts.
Spider toys help kids develop fine motor skills. Many spider toys come with different attachments, such as brushes or tweezers, to help kids practice their skills and hand.

Benefits of remote-controlled spider toy.

1. Increased Fun Factor: Remote-controlled spider toys provide extra excitement and entertainment. 

2. Develops Hand-Eye Coordination: Using a remote-controlled spider toy encourages children to develop hand-eye coordination. It teaches kids the concept of cause and effect while they learn to control the toy's movements with the remote.

3. Improves Problem-Solving: Working out how to control the toy requires problem-solving and creativity. This helps children to think outside the box and encourages them to think logically.

4. Enhances Motor Skills: Remote-controlled spider toys help children to refine their motor skills. This is an excellent way for kids to practice fine motor skills and develop coordination.

5. Encourages Social Interaction: The remote-controlled spider toy can also be used for group activities and games. It helps to bring children together, encouraging them to interact and cooperate with others.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What type of batteries does the remote-controlled spider toy use?

The remote-controlled spider toy typically uses three AAA batteries.

2. How far can the remote-controlled spider toy travel?

The range of a remote-controlled spider toy can vary depending on the model. Generally, most remote-controlled spider toys can travel up to 50 feet.

3. Is the remote-controlled spider toy waterproof?

No, the remote-controlled spider toy is not waterproof.

4. How durable is the remote-controlled spider toy?

The durability of a remote-controlled spider toy will depend on the specific model you purchase. Some models are made with durable materials and may withstand more wear and tear. 

5. What is the maximum speed of the remote-controlled spider toy?

The maximum speed of the remote-controlled spider toy varies depending on the model and manufacturer. Some models can reach speeds of up to 10 miles per hour.

6. Does the remote-controlled spider toy come with additional accessories?

It depends on the specific product you purchase. Some remote-controlled spider toy sets come with additional accessories like spiders, webs, and other spider-related items.

7. How long does the remote control battery last?

The remote control battery typically lasts 6-12 months, depending on usage.

8. What is the range of the remote-controlled spider toy?

A remote-controlled spider toy typically ranges from 40 to 80 feet.

9. What are the safety features of the remote-controlled spider toy?

Safety features of the remote-controlled spider toy may include the following:

* Automatically stops when the battery runs low

* Low voltage protection

* Anti-interference mode

* Soft suspension system to reduce the impact

* Durable and shock-resistant body

* Non-toxic materials

* Non-slip rubber feet

10. Is the remote-controlled spider toy suitable for indoor or outdoor use?

The remote-controlled spider toy is suitable for indoor use only.

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