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Galileo DIY Watch Making Kit | Battery Free Mechanical Watchmaking Kits

Galileo DIY Watch Making Kit | Battery Free Mechanical Watchmaking Kits

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Tired of your day job and want to make money from home?

Watchmaking is a great way to do just that. It’s a fun and challenging hobby that can also be turned into a lucrative business.

With the right tools and instruction, you can learn how to make beautiful watches that people will love.

Not only are you learning a new skill, but you’re also making something special that people will cherish for years to come.

Plus, watchmaking is a great way to show off your creative side.

Learn more about watchmaking with our toolkit today and we promise that you won’t regret it.

Watchmaking: The perfect way to make money from home

You’ll be able to make your own watch in just a few hours, and it won’t cost much at all! Not only will you be able to make watches for yourself and your friends, but you can also start your own side business and earn some extra cash. We provide all of the materials and instructions you need to get started, so there’s no reason not to give it a try. The best part is that the whole process is fun and easy too.

Building a watch doesn’t require any special tools or skills, so anyone can do it.

This includes all the top-quality parts, tools, and components for you to make your dreams of owning your own watch come true. You will learn how to make a mechanical watch, including how to test, how to adjust, and how to start your watch. The kit will provide you with all the parts you need to make your own mechanical watch.

With this amazing watchmaking kit, you will never have to spend money on buying a watch ever again. All you'll need to do is spend a few hours reading the instructions and you'll be able to make your own mechanical watch.

This is also a perfect gift for anyone who loves timepieces. This watch kit is an ideal gift for people who enjoy a wonderful conversation with a friend or family member. This watch kit allows you to build and enjoy a watch that will never need batteries.

It's a perfect starter kit for those who wish to learn how to make their own watch. The watch is made to last through the years and is a wonderful gift for someone you care about.

Now here comes 17 Jewels Mechanical Movement Home Galileo DIY watch-making Kit which will make you an expert watchmaker ( which is an extremely highly paid skill ) and also you don't have to worry about changing the battery again in life.

  • Now learn an extremely highly paid skill of watchmaking from the comfort of your home
  • You will also be really proud to wear and gift this watch to your friends and family
  • It will be a lifetime experience for you because you built the entire watch from scratch in the first place all by yourself.
  • This Galileo DIY watch-making kit possesses a rich blue reminiscent of the Cosmos and does not require any battery
  • What better compliments a dreamer than a watch that captures the mystique of the stars, a fascination that has entranced humankind for millennia
  • All-in-one kit to build and repair your own mechanical watch from scratch and learn a highly paid skill at a very reasonable cost without going to a school.

Parts, tools, and a user-friendly guide included guiding you step by step in the entire process of watchmaking.


  • 17 Jewels Mechanical Movement so that you will never have to buy any battery.
  • Perfect Hassle-free Hand-wound mechanism.
  • Genuine leather straps for the perfect grip in your hands.
  • 44 mm case diameter, which is big enough for anyone to notice your amazing watch.
  • Sapphire glass case, featuring a clear case back to make the watch strong enough to avoid even the slightest scratch.

Colors: Blue and Gold

  • Now any man can build a handsome watch with just some concentration, a little elbow grease, and our new advanced DIY Watch-making kit.
  • With a project with this unique watch-making kit, even the busiest man will happily take the time to...make the time. Or at least measure it.

Precision Points

  • The movement of this watch is self-winding. That means you will keep your watch in time just by wearing it. Unfortunately, this technology hasn’t yet reached anywhere else.
  • We’ve included two different sets of dials, hands, and straps so you can build a watch that perfectly suits your style.
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The most stylish galileo watch on the market

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