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Electric Ear Nose Hair Trimmer

Electric Ear Nose Hair Trimmer

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Next-gen trimming technology
Tired of using scissors to try and trim those hard-to-reach places?

This trimmer is designed with next-generation trimming technology to help you get the perfect trim, every time. It’s easy to maneuver and comes with a non-toxic stainless steel cone tip for precision.

Transform your grooming routine with this high-quality, versatile tool. You can use it to remove hair in the nose and ears, trim your beard or eyebrows - it’s perfect for anyone who wants to look their best.
Our trimmer is designed for a quick, easy, and completely nick-free trimming experience. You won’t have to worry about any dangerous electric shocks or accidental burns. Plus, the ergonomic handle ensures a solid grip and unmatched control while you trim.
Electric Ear Nose Hair Trimmer details
100% safe
Optimized for nick-free trimming. No risk of electric shock or burning if used properly. Ergonomic non-slip handle for solid grip and unmatched control.
Easy to clean and carry around
Clean after every use. The detachable head is washable. Pocket-sized, perfect for travel. Comes with a paper case for convenient storage.
Safety guidelines
Keep away from the water. Use only high-quality AA batteries. Do not push on the skin hard while trimming.
Made of quality ABS and aluminum. One-year warranty.
Size: 12,7*22 cm.
Color: gold.
Works with 1xAA battery.
How to use
Turn the power button on and slowly insert the ergonomic cone tip into your nose or ear. Don’t push the cone on your skin too hard. Allow our electric hair trimmer to trim hair for at least one minute, then detach the head and clean the device. Let the tip dry if washed with water. The final step: enjoy your new smooth look!
1. Easy and Convenient: The electric ear and nose hair trimmer is easy to use and requires minimal effort. It is designed to provide quick and efficient trimming of unwanted hair.
2. Gentle and Painless: Unlike other hair removal methods, such as waxing or tweezing, the electric trimmer is gentle and painless. It does not pinch or pull the skin, making it more comfortable.
3. Hygienic: The electric trimmer is hygienic and designed with a special head guard covering the blade. This helps to prevent hair or debris from entering the device and keeps it clean.
4. Accurate Trimming: The electric trimmer offers an accurate trimming process. This ensures that the trimming is even and no hairs are left behind.
5. Portable: The electric trimmer is small, making it easy to carry around.
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  • I have used several nose hair trimmers in the past and had a horrible experience. They normally pull at the nose hairs which causes pain and my eyes to water. I also had one that would smell like it was burning or causing my hair to burn as it was in use. Because of my poor experiences in the past I decided to revert to scissors for this job. Unfortunately that takes a lot of precision and I felt very uncomfortable with scissors up my nostrils. So I decided to give this trimmer a shot. And this product is great! It cuts through the hair quickly and with ease. There is no pulling, pain or bad smell generated from the use of the model. It feels nice and sturdy in your hand and can finish trimming the undesired hairs in an extremely quick time. I have had the product for about 2 months now and was able to really put it to the test a couple times.

    J****s on Aug 05, 2022

  • All men should have this. Doesn't tickle, doesn't hurt, easy to use. An Essential Manscaping Tool. I see guys with hair coming out of their ears, nose, and long freaky eyebrow runaways and all I can think about while they're talking to me is why they don't get one of these and take care of those issues. Dude, do yourself a favor and clip that stuff. This product, in particular, is better than some of the other ones I've used in the past because the smooth round protector doesn't tickle or make me sneeze.

    R***n on Nov 12, 2022

  • I had some long nasal hairs that were tickling and caused frequent itching which were nearly impossible to cut with scissors. I reluctantly purchased this trimmer and it easily trimmed those hairs. I was pleasantly surprised. It is important to be patient. Watch a couple of YouTube videos on “how to”. Make sure to turn on the device BEFORE inserting into the nostril. Blades should be disassembled, rinsed separate from the motorized device, left out to air dry and then reassembled.

    S******r on Sep 15, 2022

  • I am well pleased with this ear and nose hair trimmer. It takes awhile to get the hairs to slip into the tiny openings where they will be cut; and this is my only minor complaint. We are so used to instant everything in today's world, it revealed itself to my consciousness when I could not have instant trim/cut down to skin level. I'd heartily recommend this product. But I have no other trimmer/clipper/cutter to compare it to. I liked the reasonable price as well.

    C***s on Sep 09, 2022

  • My eyebrows are bushy, like on some old men. If I let them grow wild, it can be embarrassing, so I use eyebrow trimmers. After the last one died, I decided on something that looked more durable. This trimmer was a great buy. It has a solid construction and is more versatile than my previous one. I can use it on my eyebrows or in my ears or nose.

    J***e on Aug 20, 2022

  • I'm 40 years old and about 4 years ago, I began nose puberty. This thing is awesome and for as cheap as it is, there's just no reason to have the dreaded old man straggler hair creeping around. It's so cheap in fact, I couldn't believe just how effective it was/is. Everybody should have one of these once that part of life begins - you won't regret it!

    M*****m on Jul 07, 2022

  • Just received this unit. Very lightweight, easy to use. Does the job, though I wish the cutting head was a bit larger, to reach the ear and nose hair on the first pass. Still, a comfortable device to use, and far better than using scissors or pulling.

    C***y on Sep 24, 2022

  • I bought this for someone that is new to nose trimming and was quite intimidated about sticking something up his nose. After staring at his gift for a few days, he gave it a try. He said it was very easy to use, and it didn't hurt one bit.

    M****w on Oct 27, 2022

  • This is nice and it works well. I like the design, it keeps it's cap on securely. Which hasn't been the case with other models that I have owned. This one seems to vibrate less, and doesn't tickle my nose as much as some others.

    P***r on Aug 30, 2022

  • I like the small design of the trimmer, but it just doesn't do a very good job of cutting. It doesn't trim very far, so I end up having to use it more frequently. I want a closer trim.

    J******e on Nov 19, 2022

  • I have used this item several times and it just doesn't work as well as I hoped it would. It doesn't seem to get my nose hair without a lot of work.

    C****s on Oct 14, 2022

  • I hate my extra hair, so this helps me. I've had other trimmers and they are harsh compared to this.

    W**e on Dec 16, 2022

  • I wish the cutting part that you put in your nose and ear was longer so to get deeper service

    W****r on Sep 28, 2022

  • Great personal grooming trimmer. Best I have ever owned - wife loves it also

    D***y on Dec 03, 2022

  • It doesn’t pull or tug on any hair. It’s a perfectly painless experience. I love it!

    K***y on Oct 26, 2022

  • I love this item. It's fairly quiet, does a good job and cleans up easily!

    F***k on Nov 01, 2022

  • The Best Ear & Nose Hair Trimmer!

    N****n on Aug 14, 2022

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