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Best Baby Shower Cap: Keep Bathtime Fun, Safe, and Tear-Free!

Best Baby Shower Cap: Keep Bathtime Fun, Safe, and Tear-Free!

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Bath time = no time for fuss or tears
Parents and caretakers would agree that getting a fussy baby to get through a bath or shower without throwing a tantrum is a dream come true.
But babies are often unhappy with water and shampoo covering their face.
Now, with our Baby Shower Cap, you can make bath time a much faster and pleasant experience for you and your little one.
It works outside of the shower, too.
If your child is fine with getting his or her hair wet in the shower, you can multipurpose this shower cap as a cap for at-home haircuts (no hair all over the face or in the eyes) or used as a sun visor to block UV rays.
Like an adorable flower
Our floweresque shower cap is constructed of soft, environmentally-friendly EVA resin for a flexible, rubber-like feel and hold. The flower-petal grooves help drain water quickly when wet. The cap layer is 0.12 inches in thickness and measures 12.6 x 11.8 inches (L x W).
Adjustable and comfortable to wear
Our Baby Shower Cap is adjustable from 11.2 to 20.9 inches in diameter, with four easy-snap adjustable buttons to fit your child’s head as he or she grows. Our cap is recommended for newborns to kids up to six years of age.
Bright like sunshine
Our vibrant yellow color makes your little one shine like the sun, whether in the shower, outside, or inside. It’s a multi-use cap that’s sure to be appreciated.
Waterproof and quick-drying
Yes, you read that right. Even when in the shower, this cap repels water so that the resin doesn’t weigh down with water and renders itself useless. Plus, even when wet, droplets dry off quickly, so they are easy to use and stored in a flash.

Worried about your baby's discomfort during bathtime?

Traditional bath methods can sometimes lead to tears and discomfort for both parents and babies.

Introducing the Best Baby Shower Cap – the ultimate solution for a happy and tear-free bathtime experience, ensuring safety and enjoyment for your little one.

Benefits of Baby Shower Cap:

  1. Waterproof Shield: Keeps water and soap away from your baby's eyes and face.
  2. Tear-Free Bathtime: Ensures a stress-free and enjoyable bathtime for your baby.
  3. Adjustable Fit: Designed to fit babies of various ages comfortably.
  4. Durable and Safe: Made from baby-friendly, BPA-free materials for peace of mind.
  5. Vibrant Designs: Choose from a range of cute and appealing cap designs.
  6. Easy to Clean: Rinse and dry, ready for the next bath.
  7. Versatile Use: Ideal for babies and toddlers in the bath, shower, or sink.
  8. Parent-Approved: Saves time and makes bathtime a breeze for parents.
  9. Hair Protection: Shields your baby's hair from shampoo and water, preserving their hairstyle.
  10. Gift of Comfort: This is a thoughtful and practical gift for baby showers and new parents.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions ):

Q1: What is the Best Baby Shower Cap?

A1: It's a protective cap to keep water and soap away from your baby's eyes and face during bathtime.


Q2: Is the Baby Shower Cap safe for my baby's skin and eyes? A2: Yes, it's made from baby-friendly, BPA-free materials to ensure safety during bathtime.


Q3: What age group is this cap suitable for?

A3: This cap is designed to fit babies and toddlers, providing a comfortable and adjustable fit.


Q4: How does the Baby Shower Cap make bathtime tear-free? A4: It shields your baby's eyes and faces from water and soap, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable bathtime.


Q5: Can I choose from different cap designs?

A5: Yes, we offer a variety of cute and appealing cap designs to suit your baby's style.


Q6: How do I clean the Baby Shower Cap?

A6: It's easy to clean – rinse and dry it, and it's ready for the next bathtime.


Q7: Can I use the cap in the bath, shower, and sink?

A7: Absolutely! It's versatile and suitable for bathtime in the tub, shower, or sink.


Q8: How does the Baby Shower Cap save time for parents?

A8: It ensures a tear-free bathtime, making the experience more enjoyable and less time-consuming for parents and babies.


Q9: Does the cap also protect my baby's hair and hairstyle? A9: Yes, it shields your baby's hair from shampoo and water, preserving their hairstyle.


Q10: Is the Baby Shower Cap a suitable gift for baby showers and new parents?

A10: Absolutely! It's a thoughtful and practical gift choice, ensuring a happy and stress-free bathtime for babies and parents.

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  • Does exactly what I need it to and especially great for the price. My 19 month old twins would fuss about having to lay on the counter to get their hair washed every week. This product came in a pack of 3 which is great so I have an extra In case one breaks. It’s not made of hard plastic which I think is great so that it fits comfortably ! When you adjust the hat on properly water doesn’t get in their ears or eyes. Nor does it go down their little faces. The girls love watching the water fall down off of the top of the hat when I’m rinsing their hair. Perfect for bath time/washday

    L***a on Nov 25, 2023

  • My 8 month old granddaughter was hating having her hair washed. I had an inflatable ducky hat for my daughter when she was a baby that kept the water out of her eyes. I found this product and ordered it. It works like a charm and the ear flaps are an added bonus as the water stays out of babies eyes and ears as well. She now loves being in the bath and hair washing is a breeze.

    K***f on Jul 10, 2023

  • It works but my granddaughter just kept pulling it off she did not like it on her

    N***d on Jun 30, 2023

  • do not understand how to use it

    M***g on Jul 15, 2023

  • I expected a different material.

    E***a on Sep 25, 2023

  • I LOVE THESE LITTLE SHOWER CAPS. My youngest daughter HATES water on/around her ears. Washing her hair was an absolute nightmare! She would scream and fight me and we would both just be frustrated at the end of the night. :( I ordered this and didn’t have much faith because stuff like this usually doesn’t work as well as it says it does...BUT THIS THING IS FREAKIN AMAZING. I pull my daughters hair up in a high bun, put the cap on right above her ears and let her hair down to wash. She doesn’t even WHINE when washing her hair now!!! Shower time was all smiles and giggles thanks to these!! I will say there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to washing and conditioning with it on, since you can’t really move your hands as freely without bumping the cap. But it’s worth every penny!!

    O***a on Jun 30, 2023

  • Very light material. fasteners are correct.

    D***v on Oct 29, 2023

  • if your kid will tolerate something in their head- it works

    R***r on Oct 02, 2023

  • Our Salvation, I will catch only with this thing) I order not the first time

    T***a on Aug 21, 2023

  • We enjoy using the baby shower cap and feel that it does a great job of keeping water away from face. Only negative is that it tends to slide down from time to time.

    Customer on Jun 13, 2023

  • The item corresponds to the description!!! Recommend the store.

    O***a on Aug 04, 2023

  • A nice hat, light, I hope it will be convenient to bathe the child.

    I***n on Sep 02, 2023

  • The product corresponds to the description

    L***a on Nov 06, 2023

  • These hats are easy to use. Adjustable snaps. However if you don’t fit the hat tight to the head and it isn’t perfectly snug, water can still run down in their face and ears. Took me a few try’s to get it right.

    E***a on Jun 02, 2023

  • I bought this for my 2 little girls, they’re a little big for my newborn but for my 2 year old it works fantastic

    K***s on Nov 27, 2023

  • Great product

    H***m on Oct 22, 2023

  • These hats are easy to use.

    H***s on Jun 18, 2023

  • It is exactly what I ordered keeps water out of babies face

    T***v on Sep 22, 2023


    K***c on Sep 14, 2023

  • it’s worth every penny!!

    K***l on Jul 21, 2023

  • THis helps my daughter gums very much she just loves to suck on it.

    P***m on Nov 19, 2023

  • Love the colors and how easy it is to use

    K***b on Aug 26, 2023

  • It works well but my baby just yanks it off anyways lol. They are a little thinner then I was expecting but overall they are good.

    S***p on Sep 30, 2023

  • This cap actually works really good. She was playing the whole time and didn’t mind the new thing on her head. It’s pretty amazing. This cap actually works really good. She was playing the whole time and didn’t mind the new thing on her head. It’s pretty amazing.

    F***p on Aug 13, 2023

  • She really puts up a fight when it comes to hair washing. She just hates any water on her face and this solved our issue. No tears!

    S***q on Aug 03, 2023

  • I like the soft yet stable material of the hat. It keeps soapy water off eye and ear which is the major challenge when you’re bathing an infant or a toddler. The adjustment works well for most kids. My kids loves this. Wonderful design, now infant and toddler can enjoy bathing without soap getting into the eye.

    Q***p on Jun 28, 2023

  • Great to bath baby. Helps water not fall into baby's face and ears. It is definitely a must!

    A***p on Sep 12, 2023

  • It makes bath time SO much easier for my 6 year old who is crazy weird about water getting in her face!

    D***d on Jun 07, 2023

  • The difference this cap made in our bath time routine has been ASTOUNDING! We went from hysterics the likes of which I've only seen on daytime soap operas, to blissfully calm and quite bathing. He even giggles when he sees the water running down in front of (but never touching) his face. Highly recommend

    Q***w on Jul 02, 2023

  • I bought this for my 2 little girls, they’re a little big for my newborn but for my 2 year old it works fantastic. She loves putting it on for bath time and it makes my life easier not fighting her to wash her hair. I have one to my friend who has 2 boys and loves it as well. Great product.

    E***r on Jun 08, 2023

  • it dresses well, the regulator for a double on p.50, there are two more buttons in stock. My son liked that the water drains with a waterfall, even upset when filmed.

    T***y on Nov 27, 2023

  • The appearance is very beautiful, the color is beautiful, it is very suitable for the little baby, effectively preventing the water from flowing into the ear, allowing the baby to relax and enjoy the bathing process, and the bathing fun.

    U***o on Sep 30, 2023

  • I love these I buy them alot to keep water outta my baby's eyes during baths!

    F***g on Aug 05, 2023

  • I loved the fact that it has snaps that can be used to adjust to the circumstance of the child's head.

    A***b on Aug 01, 2023

  • We always have issues with my son not liking the water and soap in his eyes while taking a bath. this product works perfect, I will have to say it eliminates about 90% of the water flow. it was also nice that it came in three different colors. the quality is ok and it does what is made for.

    Z***x on Aug 24, 2023

  • Excellent cap for keeping water off child’s face. I bought these for our 4 year old who kept screaming in the bath or shower when we’d wash her hair and water got on her face. I had low expectations of this product as it’s just a flimsy piece of foam. BUT it absolutely WORKS!!! My daughter is pleased and doesn’t scream any more. I snap it on the second to the last button and voila it’s magical. It looks silly but works perfectly. I definitely recommend this product to any parent with a child that struggles with water on their face while washing in the tub or shower.

    ***v on Aug 26, 2023

  • I purchased this shampoo protector for my kid. She just started shampooing his hair in the shower. I wanted her to be comfortable, and not have the shampoo running down his face and into her eyes. This works, she loves it. I can see myself purchasing another in the future. I highly recommend it.

    N***m on Jul 11, 2023

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