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Turn Your Bathroom into a Water Wonderland with These Exciting Bath Toys for Kids

Bathing maintains hygiene and cleanliness and improves your child's skills. This bath time can encourage development. All the senses used by your toddler during this time can help his little brain be more focused. The scent, the aroma, the bubbles, the splashes, the feel of water on the body, watching the water, and most importantly, the splashes in a bathtub excite your child and keep him relaxed and stress-free. So what about having a bath buddy for your little one? This will double the fun. 

As the children grow, they start to avoid bath and disobeys you when you ask them to take a bath. In such a case, a bathing toy can help a lot and make this experience of taking a bath entertaining as now he can play with that little fellow during his bath time. Bath and bath toys give your child a fantastic experience that he can not have at other times of the day. Many parents say: "My child irritates a lot before bathing." And also, there is one more problem faced by parents that is "My young one cries a lot after bath time for like an hour." Both statements are an issue and a cause of distress among parents. Taking a bath is an essential thing that can't be ignored. Still, this routine of crying before and after the bath irritates the parents. And all that trouble the parents face during bath time while washing their child's head is another story. 

Do you face the same problem? Does your child cry or scream when you ask him to take a bath? He may see bath time as a duty that helps him to be clean. Even the parents make the child feel that bath time is just a daily chore that needs to be done. The parents get them into the bath and out of it. But if the parents try to turn this time into playtime, the atmosphere will become much different. Bath time is something more than just personal hygiene. If you introduce bath toys, it will increase the desire of the child to have a bath and will get both jobs done, thus making your baby happy and increasing his physical and emotional skills and cleanliness. It will also reduce your stress as you don't need to run behind your kids to get them into the bath, and there will be no need to listen to all those screams during bath time. The child will love this time of the day, which is a relief for you at the end of the day. 

The tub is an excellent place for an imaginative story and play. Some squeeze toys help your child develop his motor skills and improve his muscle movements. Bathtime toys provide so many benefits that one can't even imagine. When your kid is 6 to 9 months old, you can introduce him to bathtub toys, as that is when he loves to play along with taking a bath. At this age, the baby can sit and can understand more than what toys are for. He knows these are for playing and will be more amused when he is introduced to these toys during bath time. At this time, kids love the things that float on water and learn what can float and sink in water. The child loves bright colors and loves to play with things that have attractive colors, so a few bath toys in the shower can make this time fun and unique. 

Benefits of Bath Toys:

They are Entertaining:

Bath Toys are entraining and keep your child company. So with these toys, your child starts to love bath time. Which child doesn't want a bath buddy? A bath buddy makes bathing exciting for both the parents and the child. 

They Keep the Child Distracted:

They are distracting, so the parents can easily make their child bathe without listening to them screaming. You can apply shampoo or soap while your child is busy with the toys, thus making bathing easy.

They make the Child Creative:

With these toys, the child will become more creative and will be able to create more and more stories along with his cute little fellow. His fellow can be the hero of his stories that will save the world along with him.

Bathtub Toys Enhance Motor Skills:

Bathtub toys are the best for promoting motor skills as the child learns by squeezing, moving the toy, and holding it.

Bathtub Toys provides Learning Experience:

Water toys provide a unique learning experience. Like a child viewing toys of different colors comes to know about different colors. He also gains knowledge about the things that can float and the things that sink.

Try our bath toys and make your toddler's bath time experience wholesome. We have bath toys for babies, bath toys for toddlers, and bath toys for kids. All of these toys are made with special care and have long durability. Homekartz has perfect toys for your child's bath time. 

Here are some of the bath toys for your child:

Bath Toys for Kids:

Anyone who is below the age of 18 is considered a kid. We have some really unique and exciting toys for your kids that will help them enjoy their bath time and create an imaginative life during their bath time. The toys and splashes will make the experience a whole lot more fun. After introducing these toys to your child, the bath time will completely change for your child and you. 

Here are some of the best bath toys available at homekartz.com for your kids:

  • Submarine Toy for Kids
  • Seaplane Kids Toy
  • Whale Bathtub Toy for Boys and Girls of All Ages

Submarine Toy for Kids:

Imagine a submarine in your child's bathtub. How excited will he be? It will turn bath time into a long journey full of joy. The submarine Toy is eco-friendly that will also help you to teach your child to be more caring and responsible about the environment. It comes in various colors, so your child can choose any of the colors he likes and have a fun time with the submarine of his favorite color. It is made up of durable plastic and is harmless. The plastic can be recycled. The attractive colors of the submarine are printed with soy ink. It is even packaged in recyclable material. Thus submarine meets FDA food contact standards and contains no BPA, phthalates, or PVC, thus keeping your kid safe. This is suitable for both bath time and outdoor playing. The submarine's cabin can be opened, making it easy to be cleaned. It has a spinning rear propeller, a flat bottom that makes it stable and floats over water, the classic handle, and a mouth opening. Your little one can enjoy the depths underwater through this fantastic toy. 

Seaplane Kids Toy:

This is a new toy introduced by us to the market. By viewing a plane, we only think of it as something that can fly in the air. But here is an excellent version of a plane where it can move from water to air and increase the excitement. The toy is colorful and attracts your child firsthand. Moreover, playing with a plane that can go from water to air and then water again is fun. It also meets all international toy safety standards and contains no BPA, lead, or phthalates. It delights your child and is eco-friendly too. Its cartoonish look is the feature that makes it best for the kids as it will develop creativity in them when they look towards this plane. They will create stories in their mind as they see in cartoons which will double the fun. It has a spinning propeller, rounded wings, and oversized pontoons. There is also a cockpit where the child can place his toy hero to have a ride in his world. It is designed to float over water and amuse your young one. It is made in the USA with 100% recycled plastic milk jugs that save energy and reduce greenhouse emissions. It has long durability and can withstand rough play. 

Whale Bathtub Toy for Boys and Girls of All Ages:

Bringing this massive sea creature to your child's bathtub can be thrilling. It derives the attention of kids of all ages. The light changes colors to make the bath time colorful. It's like a mini fountain in your kid's bathtub. Like a whale, the toy absorbs water from the bathtub, and two water sensors split the water out like a fountain on the top, generating a thrilling vibe. You need three AAA batteries to bring this lovely whale to life and join your child's creative world. A seal ring prevents leakage into the battery compartment, so there is no harm from this toy. Don't worry about the battery; soon as you will remove this fellow from the water, it will automatically turn off. It can also be used outside the bathtub, like at a pool party. Please bring a few of them and make a party of whales in your pool. 

Bath Toys for Babies:

The kids below 5 years are all babies, and they need bath toys that they can understand and play with. If you want something specific for your babies, we also have variety. Babies usually enjoy those toys they can understand because if they don't understand what they are playing with, they obviously can not enjoy the toy as they should have. So for a fantastic experience, the perfect bat toy for your baby is essential. 

Here are some of the best toys available at homekartz.com for babies:

· Swimming Duck Bath Toy

· Penguin and Fish Bathing Toy

Swimming Duck Bath Toy:

With homekartz bathing, duck bathing becomes a fantastic time. A duck always seems friendly and cute. So how about surprising your young one with this cute little fellow? A duck in the form of a toy is what a baby needs during bath time. It will make bath time less stressful for parents and babies. The duck is made of high-quality material and does not contain harmful chemicals or toxic ingredients. These are safe for kids and durable enough to last through many bathes. The duck is soft, cuddly, and can float over water. The duck's feet will move if you put an AA battery in the toy. It will make the duck look realistic as it moves in the bathtub, which will excite your baby. If the batteries can make it dangerous, then no need to worry. It's absolutely secure. The layer of plastic is thick, so no water can enter inside it, and it will keep your baby safe. It is bright and colorful that will attract your baby, thus making him desire to have a bath. 

Penguin and Fish Bathing Toy:

This fascinating and pleasing bath toy has rotating features that can appeal to any child. Your child will love playing with it and you will also love how your child is never bored during his bath time. It can distract your child from the annoying bathing process, like washing hair or applying soap or shampoo. The child would be more interested in watching how the toy is rotating. This is suitable for children of age 1 to 2 years. It will grab your child's attention for a long time. Even adults can be interested in this so a child above the given age can also be mesmerized by its magic. It consists of a penguin that has a cup on top of it. When the water is poured into the cup, it goes down in the penguin and rotates the snowflake. There is also a fish; the water moves down the pipe, making the fish rotate. This process mesmerizes the child. It can stick to the wall through a suction cup. This stunning toy is made from food-grade ABS plastic, making it entirely safe for your kid. The size of the toy package is 4.13×10.03×14 inches. 


Make sure the toy is dry before storing it. 

Bath Toys for Toddlers:

Toddler ranges from the age of 2 to 3 years old. The child of this age has some specific demands for toys. He is not amused by the toys of a 1-year-old, and those of 4 to 5 years old is beyond his understanding. So it's become difficult for parents to choose the bathtub toy for a child of this age that will match his interests. We care for your child, so we have the best toy for your toddler to delight him. 

Here is the perfect bath toy for your toddler:

· Shark Tank Bathtub Ball

Shark Tank Bathtub Ball:

This is an excellent toy for the bath, beach, or pool. Playing with it is fun and also a unique experience. This creative shark Tank Bathtub Ball toy for toddlers includes a spherical shark tank, master diver, octopus, and shark bath toy. Shark Tank Bathtub Ball toy bubbles when submerged underwater. A child can experience diving adventure during his bath time. Such a toy stimulates active play and lends to hours of creativity and imagination. A child can create millions of stories with this toy. The bubbles that are blown make the toddler excited and double the fun. Bubbles in the bathtub are wholesome, and the splashes are just a win-and-win. It is a safe toy and is made up of natural rubber. It prevents molds as it has a large opening through which the toy can dryer as soon as it is removed from the water. It is made from plant-based natural rubber and is eco-friendly. This fantastic toy includes a hero diver, two helmets, two sharks, an octopus, and a shark cage. Ready to enter a thrilling story created by your toddler. The yellow shark tank keeps the story's hero safe while sharks wander around in search of their prey. These all can be easily cleaned and sanitized. 

Why Our Bath Toys?

Now you might be wondering why you should choose our bath toys. Here are some of the pros that make our toys suitable for your kids of all ages:

· They are lightweight and can easily be stored. So one need not worry about this while buying toys from our store.

· They are 100% safe and made up of non-toxic material. Even the pain used is non-toxic to keep your baby safe. The toys are free of small parts that can be swallowed and cause any harm to your child. Our toys have no sharp edges because we care about your little one. 

· The colors that we use for our toys make them attracted to the children, and they love playing with them. According to psychology, bright colors attract children, and they don't get bored playing with them. So we keep this in mind while making our bath toys so your baby can enjoy his bath time without getting bored.

· The bath buddies are easy to use. It is easily understandable how to use the toy by knowing its name, and the baby quickly learns how to play with his buddy.

· We have toys according to your child's interests and age. There are toys for kids, babies, and toddlers according to their age. We understand that child's interest changes with age, so we consider this and provide the parents with the best. 

· They are water and energy-saving. The batteries are switched off when they are moved out of the water. Moreover, they can quickly be dried after being removed from the water.

· Makes your child more creative. He can create lots of stories with these toys. The toys have a cartoonish look which reminds the child of the cartoons he watches, so he can make a lot of stories like in the cartoon while playing with these toys.

· Makes the process of bathing easy for you. They keep the child enchanted so you can easily make them take a bath. 

· And the most important feature is that it keeps your little one entertained and always ready for a bath. So there is no need to ask your child repeatedly to have a bath.

· They are made up of high-quality material. There is no compromise on the quality of our products. We provide you with the best quality products.

· They are eco-friendly. Most of them are made up of material that can be recycled.

· They can be easily cleaned and sanitized. So there will be no worries about germs and dirt. 

So what are you waiting for? Bring toys to your young one's bathtub and make it a place of happiness and lots of giggles for him. Your child will love all these toys and will be able to improve many of his skills with the help of these toys. As you now know, Bath Toys are something more than toys. They enhance your child's skills, so choose the bathtub toys for your child wisely. Let the child choose some of the toys himself, and you can also choose some of the toys that you think will promote learning skills in your child.

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