Top benefits of wearing wooden sunglasses

Sunglasses are the classic summertime device! Not just are they perfect to enhance your attire and improve your life, however, they're also essential to protect your eyes from the sun's damaging and harmful rays.

Sunglasses come in many different designs, colors, and shapes. In addition, they are made of various types of materials such as metal, plastic, acetate, wood, and other materials. However, we specifically like and suggest a kind of product for everyone, so there are many excellent reasons to use wooden sunglasses!

At HomeKartz, we have hand-picked all our sunglasses, which are handcrafted by our team from natural, sustainable wood, and we plant a tree for each item sold by us!

Why choose wood sunglasses? You might question

Not just is wood an environment-friendly and sustainable product, but it has numerous other advantages. We're excited to share with you in this post! Sunglasses which are made from wood are stylish, valuable, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. This makes them the perfect piece to compliment your appearance and secure your eyes with style and fashion!

1. Wood is Environmentally-Friendly material

By selecting sunglasses made from wood, you are making a conscious option to conserve the environment. Every action you take to change a plastic item with an environmentally friendly one helps save your environment in several ways. For example, changing a set of plastic sunglasses with environment-friendly or wooden sunglasses can make a distinction in your carbon footprint when it comes to eyeglasses.

Wood is among the most eco-friendly products, mainly when it's sustainably sourced! It is a different product that helps take on climate change by eliminating carbon dioxide from the environment and decreasing brand-new carbon emissions into the air.

The production and processing of wood frames need much less energy than ordinary sunglasses made of steel, plastic, acetate, or any other material, which as a result, harms our environment in many ways. In addition, wood is bio-degradable and also recyclable, indicating that when you toss your sunglasses away, they can be turned into a new pair of glasses or won't sit polluting the earth for the next countless years like plastic.

More so, sustainably sourced wood is an eco-friendly product that comes straight from trees. Contrary to other materials, it can be constantly regrown through natural processes, replanting, and proper forestry management. Collecting trees and replanting new ones promotes a forest's health, regrowth cycle, which leads to numerous favorable effects on the environment.

In fact, in the past 50 years, the volume of wood species found in American forests has nearly doubled. At Homekartz, we plant a tree for every item offered, enabling us to return to the environment and add to international reforestation. We also take this unique green technique seriously even more and use eco-friendly packaging for our wooden glasses.

This should be a good reason to change your plastic sunglasses with an elegant set of wooden sunnies. 

2. Wood Does Not Contain Harmful Substances

Wood is naturally resilient, implying that the material doesn't need to go through too much processing, if any, to make a pair of sunglasses. Simply put, they're natural. However, when plastic or metal sunglasses are made, the production and processing of various chemicals to develop the end product can produce hazardous substances for the environment.

Wood, nevertheless, comes as it is, with little to no processing. As a result, it is a naturally hypoallergenic material, which enables a healthier option rather than other products that might trigger allergic reactions or other health issues.

There aren't any damaging chemicals to be found in these sunglasses, which indicates that you aren't at risk of hazardous substances. That element can be particularly beneficial for sunglasses. It enables constant long day wear without the threat of causing any irritation on the skin or subjective discomfort, contrary to sunglasses made from other materials.

3. Wood Promotes Health and Wellbeing

Using devices and other materials made out of wood is healthy. Exposure to wood can have favorable results on the health and wellbeing of a person.

Lots of research studies have shown that using wood has measurable physiological and mental health advantages. These studies have discovered that people who are more exposed to wood feel happier, calmer, more unwinded, and overall in a much healthier environment.

So why not add sunglasses made from wood to your collection and experience a touch of these favorable impacts on your life?

4. Wood Frames Are Highly Durable

Another reason to own a set of sunglasses made from wood is their sturdiness and toughness. Wood is a durable material that can keep prolonged usage without losing or deteriorating quality with time, making it ideal for daily use without the threat of wear and tear. In addition, its toughness makes it resistant to heat, contamination, water, and rust.

A lot of, if not all, sunglasses offered by trustworthy brand names like Homekartz are made from the highest-quality wood for remarkable strength and durability. They are likewise treated with an additional finish, permitting them to ensure optimum sturdiness and prevent altering look over time.

If you're seeking to choose the most maximum resistance and sturdiness in sunglasses, choosing bamboo is the best choice. Bamboo is known for its high strength, and in fact, it has higher tensile strength than steel. In addition, wood is a highly durable material that requires little to no upkeep, making it as functional as it is fashionable that can serve your understated beauty for several years.

5. Wooden Sunglasses Are Comfortable

Try out a set of wooden frames, and you'll find that they're significantly more comfortable when compared to any other sunglasses.

Wood is incredibly lightweight, supplying an exceptional comfort level that can permit long day wear and tear without feeling any pressure or pain on the nose or ears, contrary to plastic or metal sunglasses significantly heavier in weight.

6. Wood Has Many Beautiful Aesthetic Properties

Wood in itself is a naturally gorgeous product that comes in a range of textures, colors, and patterns, which enables lots of possibilities of style, and visual appeal. The same kind of wood can differ visually depending on its development rings, grain structure, and grain type. For this reason, wood is a material that is more and more commonly used in product design, precious jewelry, and other electronic devices.

Our sunglasses are made from a series of natural exotic and domestic woods, which gives each pair a distinct look, with no two sets of sunglasses looking identical. We have utilized woods such as Ebony wood, Walnut wood, Zebrawood, and Bamboo wood for our current styles. 

Naturally, many other kinds of wood can likewise be utilized to make sunglasses, such as Oak Wood, Rosewood, Cherry Wood, and a lot more. In addition to more designs of sunglasses to come, we will be utilizing an even more enormous range of hardwoods, making our wooden sunglasses choice even broader and more attractive.

7. Wooden Sunglasses are Unique for Every Pair

Sunglasses made from wood are your choice to make if you want to shift to mainstream fashion and be distinct and unique in look! No two pairs are ever precisely alike, even if they're cut from the very same tree.

While plastic sunglasses display their unique prints and patterns for style, wood sunglasses use a different kind with subtle lines in the frame that vary from one pair to the other. If you want to shift to mainstream fashion and be unique, then a set of wooden sunglasses is the way to go.

8. Wood Sunglasses are Fashionable and Versatile

It's indisputable that wood is a naturally stunning product that constantly adds style and sophistication, especially when it's handcrafted, whether it's used to decorate the house with wood furnishings or enhance your clothing with wooden accessories! Without a doubt, wood is a product that can fit anywhere and with any design.

Like all the sunglasses you may discover, sunglasses made from wood can be created and shaped and into different kinds of glasses. However, what makes these glasses even more unique and distinct is that the pattern on wood is never the same, and every sunglass is unique.

Sunglasses made from wood are a simple way to provide your closet an immediate refresh without looking like you're attempting too hard. They have a downplayed sophistication about them actually and can immediately bring your sense of design in line with the latest fashion trends. So whether you decide to choose a casual street design ambiance or a smooth, expert appearance, these sunglasses will constantly fit your style.

Neutrals controlled the streets of fashion in the past seasons; earthy combinations are seen during the autumn season. There's resurgence this summer with wooden beige and brown designs for sunglasses. Earthy accents are a trusted staple for modern-day fashion, and it's simple to find a pair that complements any fashion sense with the earthy and neutral accents of wood.

When it pertains to monochromatic dressing, we always gravitate towards neutrals as the traditional shades produce a sleek, simple, and easy appearance. However, the wood touch can match any state of mind - be it the casual gal out in the city, a formal yet distinctive fit for the woman boss in you, or even at classy cocktail parties, as the advanced style can instantly raise your look.

9. Supporting Sustainable & environmentally Friendly 

Selecting wood sunglasses, which are made from eco-friendly products, helps grow sustainable and eco-friendly Fashion. Sustainable FashionFashion intends to eliminate using plastic and waste products that have enormous damaging effects on the environment and our world. It also helps raise awareness in terms of social duty and human influence on the environment.

Nowadays, we are witnessing the environment being deteriorated by increased usage and waste of hazardous materials. Our present fashion industry is primarily composed of quick-style retailers that focus on selling larger quantities at a much faster speed and for less high prices.

Most consumers are not knowledgeable about the high level of effect that quickly fashion industry has on the environment.

Using eco-friendly and sustainable products like our wooden sunglasses, the carbon footprint, chemical waste, contamination of rivers and oceans can be drastically reduced. In a sustainable style, the quality of the materials utilized is also an essential focus. The objective is to take full advantage of the repair work, reuse, and recycling of a product to have a longer life cycle.

By selecting wooden sunnies and supporting environmentally friendly and sustainable fashion brand names, you're deciding to say no to fast FashionFashion, helping raise social awareness in terms of ecological and social obligation, and motivating the sustainable fashion movement. 

10. A Variety of Unique Designs and Styles To Choose From

The benefits of picking wood sunglasses over any other material are unlimited, but among the most crucial ones, you get to select from a range of unique styles and styles!

In recent years, wood has become a more frequently used material in the eyeglasses world for prescription glasses and sunglasses. Wood in itself is a naturally stunning product that comes in various colors, textures, and patterns, which enables unique designs and one-of-a-kind pieces. More so, wood is a resistant and durable material that can withhold prolonged usage without losing or breaking down quality with time.

The wood sunglasses pattern integrates eco-responsibility, high Fashion, sturdiness, and practicality. Take a peek at the traditional frames, crisp lines, and unique detailing, and you'll see how the wood design subtly sets you apart from the crowd. With a range of shapes and designs, wood sunglasses are a must-have for men and women!

When picking a set of sunglasses is the type of product of the frame, one of the essential elements. Selecting the suitable material can significantly impact the general appearance and, most notably, the comfort, efficiency, and sturdiness of your sunglasses, so making the right choice is necessary. 

Sunglasses: The Ultimate Guide 2020

In making wood eyewear, there is a very in-depth and creative procedure as each set is handcrafted from a different kind of wood. Let's explores the different types of wood that our wood frame is made from here at Homekartz!

4 Types Of Wooden Frames

1. Zebra Wood Sunglasses

Stemming from West Africa, Zebra Wood is an exotic wood defined by dark brown to black stripes similar to an African zebra. This dramatic-looking wood that combines light with dark is highly long-lasting advertisement resistant. Zebra Wood is considered a luxury wood due to its distinctive bold colored stripes and exceptionally gorgeous surface.

Sunglasses constructed out of Zebra Wood-look incredibly unique as the stripes on the wood can be found in different patterns and variations of color.

2. Ebony Sunglasses

Stemming from Southeast Asia and West Africa, Ebony Wood is an exotic wood that exhibits an extremely high density and unique black pigmentation within the wood. High in natural oil content, ebony wood responds beautifully to surfaces and can result in a very high natural shine. It is one of the most important and elegant kinds of wood worldwide due to its distinctive thick black color, fine texture, and smooth finish.

Ebony is the wood of choice for its extreme durability, firmness, and strong resistance if you're looking for a sunglass that will last you for decades. The gorgeous rich, dark color of ebony wood sunglasses, on the other hand, will have individuals take a double-look as soon as you rock them!

3. Walnut Wood Sunglasses

Walnut Wood is an exotic hardwood stemming from walnut trees found in European and South American nations. It is a wood that can vary in color, varying from a lighter pale brown to a dark chocolate brown with darker brown streaks. Walnut wood is highly resilient and resistant; it is known for its strength in residential or commercial properties and lovely abundant brown-colored tones.

When made into glasses, walnut wood makes for exceptional and distinctive sunglasses frames without compromising durability, quality, and resistance.

4. Bamboo Sunglasses

Originating mainly from South Asia, Bamboo is one of the most unusual and fastest-growing plants. It is considered one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable resources on earth. Made from natural vegetation, it is a highly renewable resource that can grow to maturity in as low as 3 to 5 years. Bamboo is understood for its distinctive pale color and great uniform texture.

When it comes to glasses, bamboo sunglasses are comfy and extremely lightweight that you barely feel them on even after long hours of wear. With stunning color, smooth surface, and texture, you'll make confident of attracting attention with your bamboo sunglasses on!

Sunglasses made from wood are probably the best type of eyeglasses you can ever own, whether they're made of bamboo wood, ebony wood, zebrawood, or another sort of wood. Not only do they secure your eyes with fashion, but they likewise help in reducing your carbon footprint when picked over plastic sunglasses, so you're making a favorable ecological impact with your purchase!

More so, when you acquire a set of sunglasses from Homekartz, a part of the profits go to planting trees in Kenya.

With glasses brand names constantly innovating and finding ways to create more environmentally friendly and fashion-forward frames, the world of sunglasses is just growing, providing you more and more options that will fit your style and worth.

When equipping your appearance with your brand-new set of sunglasses, think of all these elements and understand that you participated in making a difference! Pick your favorite set of sunnies from our collection and be part of the motion!

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