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Top 7 advantages of using wooden watches in today's time

According to a business media company, Forbes, people who wear traditional watches are more effective. They are more efficient, punctual, organized, and are appreciative of quality and style. When smartphones seem to be making the standard watch redundant, it's excellent to understand there is still a place for the fantastic look of yourself.

Are you thinking about purchasing a wood watch? If so, keep reading to find out about the top 7 advantages of using wood watches.


A wood watch is a watch that integrates wood into the style. The case and often the strap is made from wood. The internal watch system is much the same as a conventional watch.

Wood has actually been used to make things since human beings first started making tools. It's a flexible and sustainable product. The natural wood grain supplies a stunning beginning point for the proficient watchmaker to craft a timepiece with character.


Wood is a renewable resource. Wooden watches are typically made either from a formerly used source or from sustainable sources. The sustainably sourced wood suggests that any tree that is felled to make wooden items is replaced. This management of forests implies that the resources are not depleted.

Wood items must be made from sustainable sources. Damage of forests without prepared replacement of the trees means loss of habitat, reduced forest variety, and interference with indigenous peoples. Not to mention the harm it causes the earth's natural environment that sustains life for everybody.


Every wood watch is unique. As a natural product, the wood utilized in making a watch was a living thing. It grew instead of being manufactured.

Metal or plastic watches are produced in quantities that make them economically feasible. This indicates they are specific replicas of each other. Even the most expensive, quality watches are machined and polished to exact measurements and requirements.


Watches made from metal are heavy. The material utilized is thick, and so weighs more than a less dense product such as wood. Wearing a wood watch feels pleasant and light, although the internal operations are metal.

If you like a big watch face or a chunky design, a wood watch is ideal. A metal watch can get rather heavy if big, but this is not the case with a wood watch


As a wood watch ages, it alters. Just as a piece of antique furnishings acquires what collectors call a "patina," a wood watch gains character. Age, wear, and the polishing action of clothing produces a shine.

The surface of a wood watch informs the story of its life. This is not something to worry about. Aging gracefully means the character of the wood can emerge, making it a lot more stunning with time.

Watches are often handed down from generation to generation. A wood watch works well as a family heirloom because of the appealing aging of the wood. It reminds the present owner of the heritage of the clock and the legacy of previous owners.


Even though wood watches are attractive and unique timepieces, they are still relatively cost-effective. Most wood watches are not costly. It's possible to buy an extremely appealing, quality males or females wood watch for under $100.

Take care of your watch, and it will provide you many years of service. Follow your watch maker's guidance for the maintenance of your watch. Many wood views take advantage of polishing with coconut oil or beeswax; however, prevent getting this on to the system or metal and glass parts.


Believe about how fine-tuned a piece of antique furnishings can look, and you'll value how a wood watch can work in a formal context. Wood enjoys going very well with exterior designs that recommend hiking, fishing, or searching.

Wearing a wood watch can likewise communicate your commitment to looking after the environment. People who understand the sustainability credentials of a wood watch will value your principles. This is where eco-friendliness doesn't need to be lacking in attractive design and design.


Lots of people discover that they can not use a watch because they have sensitive skin. Metal and plastic watches can include alloys or chemicals that aggravate the skin. 

Wood watches are less most likely to cause skin reactions because the case is made from a natural product. The material is warmer to the touch than metal and does not get hot like metal does. This implies that a wood watch is less irritating to the skin.


There's a wood watch for you if you desire to make a declaration about the environment or own a silently elegant thing of beauty. You are a remarkable individual and can reveal that individuality by using a naturally distinct original grain wristwatch. Provide a wood watch as a gift that states you care about the individual you are buying it for and for the planet too.

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