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Discover 2024's Baby Must-Haves: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Baby Accessories Revealed

With "The Ultimate Guide To The Best Baby Accessories of 2024," expect a detailed and curated list of 88 indispensable baby products that every new parent should consider. From the comfort of travel systems that make moving around with your little one a breeze, to the safety and security of top-notch car seats, this guide dives deep into what makes each product a must-have. We've done the legwork, researching and compiling the essentials, to ensure you're well-prepared for the arrival of your newborn. This comprehensive guide is more than just a list; it's a pathway to making informed choices, ensuring that you have everything needed to make parenting a little easier and a lot more enjoyable.


Diapering Essentials

A diaper bag filled with essential items in a nursery setting.

Diapering your baby is essential, so ensure you are stocked up on all the right must-haves: disposable and cloth diapers, diaper cream, a diaper bag for when out and about, and a diaper pail for home.

Disposable diapers

A mother and baby surrounded by diapers in a cozy setting.

Disposable diapers are the go-to choice for many parents and caregivers due to their convenience. These have five main components: a topsheet, backsheet, core, leg cuffs, and a closing system.

Disposable diapers are also made from synthetic plastics, foam pads, and wood pulp that help absorb moisture quickly. Together, these materials provide an effective waterproof barrier against leaks.

Nevertheless, there is criticism over the safety of these materials used, which should be considered when choosing your baby’s diaper needs. Depending on brand and size, disposable diapers cost between $0.20-$0.30 each – though this can add up quickly! 

Babies use 2,500 to 3,000 disposable diapers during their first years of life, so it pays off considering environmental concerns when choosing them. Research shows they account for around 2% of landfill waste in the US alone.

Cloth diapers

A happy baby surrounded by colorful cloth diapers hanging out to dry.

Cloth diapers are becoming increasingly popular among parents due to their environmental advantages. Families can help reduce landfill waste and save money long-term by choosing reusable alternatives to disposable diapers.

Cloth diapers come in various styles and sizes for babies and toddlers, making them incredibly versatile. The most common type of cloth diaper is a prefold design that requires folding around your baby’s bottom before fastening with safety pins or hook-and-loop closures like velcro.

Flats are a more basic version that requires folding but don’t have absorbing layers built into them. Pocket diapers feature an absorbent insert tucked away inside a waterproof casing, so once it becomes wet, you can remove the insert and replace it with a fresh one! Along with being kinder to the environment, choosing cloth means you won’t find yourself running through stacks of disposable disposables when your little one has pooped through one too many! Many modern brands offer superior levels of protection from leaks while boasting softness against delicate skin – ensuring optimal comfort for all adventures ahead!

Diaper cream

A smiling baby surrounded by a variety of diaper cream brands.

Diaper cream is essential for any new parent and should be considered when creating a baby checklist. Diaper creams come in many forms, from maximum strength options that treat and protect more severe rashes to gentle formulas for sensitive skin.

In 2023, the best high-strength option for diaper cream was Desitin Maximum Strength Baby Diaper Rash Cream. Meanwhile, Babo Botanicals Sensitive Baby Fragrance-Free is the best choice for those with sensitivity issues.

However, the Weleda Calendula cream is one of the most versatile products, providing adequate protection in all situations while still being mild enough to use on even sensitive skin types.

To complete your diapering essentials list, you may want to consider a value-based product such as Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream, which can also be used to soothe irritated or chapped skin.

Diaper bag

A stylish parent confidently walks in a bustling city with a diaper bag.

A diaper bag is an essential part of a parent's arsenal of baby accessories. The right diaper bag includes all the necessary diapering items and provides room for other items, such as bottles and snacks.

In short, it should make life on the go with your little one more convenient and hassle-free. When looking for an ideal diaper bag, look out for insulated pockets to keep things like food excellent during long trips and changing mats that have enough cushion for comfortable changes on any surface; USB charging ports can even come in handy when you’re far from power sources – Beis and Dagne Dover are great brands to check out if you’re interested in this feature.

Additionally, there is now a unique fanny pack-style diaper bag designed by two moms in Brooklyn - created especially with urban parents who bike or travel on public transportation regularly in mind.

Diaper pail

A modern nursery with a stylish diaper pail tucked away in the corner.

Diaper pails are an essential baby accessory for parents to manage odor control in a nursery effectively. These containers feature odor-resistant materials and a secure closure system that ensures foul odors do not escape.

The best diaper pails offer easy-to-use opening mechanisms, from handles to flip lids or foot pedals, for efficient scent control. For instance, the Munchkin Step Diaper Pail is popular as it provides reliable odor protection with multiple features like a retractable lid and advanced baking soda disk dispenser to keep the stinky smells at bay.

Other top choices include the Ubbi Steel Odor Locking Diaper Pail, which has an airtight rubber seal locking lid that keeps both messes and stinks inside its steel walls. At the same time, Dreft Smartpail offers users touchless operation and 20x more carbon filters than traditional pails for added strength against foul odors.

Feeding Must-Haves

A happy baby surrounded by colorful plates and bowls.

Parents must ensure they have all the essential tools to feed their babies, such as bottles, bottle warmers, sterilizers, organic food options, and breast pumps for nursing mothers.

Baby bottles

A cheerful baby holding a Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle surrounded by toys.

Baby bottles are an essential tool for successful, comfortable feeding. Choosing the best bottle for your baby and their needs is crucial to ensure a deep latch for proper nutrition.

The Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle is recommended for its ease of use and ability to encourage a deep latch. When choosing a bottle, parents should consider factors such as material choice (glass or plastic) and anti-colic features designed to reduce gas bubbles/air intake.

For breastfeeding and formula-feeding caregivers, this comprehensive guide offers reviews with over 32 brands tested and ranked according to customer experience, quality materials & design specifics, milk flow rate & non-spill test results, and health/safety considerations.

Bottle feeding requires mastering certain techniques specific to latching on the breast; nipple selection must be considered carefully so that it fits both the natural shape of the newborn’s mouth and provides sufficient milk flow during feedings.

Bottle warmers

Parents feeding their baby in a cozy nursery with a bottle warmer.

Bottle warmers are a convenient feeding device for parents of newborns, infants, and toddlers. They heat baby formula or breast milk quickly—typically under a minute—and evenly so that it's adequately prepared for your little one.

Bottle warmers come in many different styles, sizes, and capabilities and can be found in electric devices, travel mugs, insulated bags, or microwaveable containers. Parents should look for bottle warmers with safety features like auto shut-off to protect against overheating.

Many models include timers or digital settings that make storage even more accessible. Additionally, some bottle warmers provide additional functions like defrosting frozen meals and heating bottles made of thicker materials such as glass or ceramic jars.

Aside from the convenience factor, nursing mothers may find them especially helpful when breastfeeding away from home – allowing them to preheat formula without relying on running water, which is not always available when traveling outside homes.

Bottle sterilizers

A modern kitchen countertop with organized baby bottles and a sterilizer.

Bottle sterilizers are a must-have item for parents who want to ensure their baby's safety and hygiene. They are essential to ensuring your baby's bottles are germ-free and help prevent the growth of harmful bacteria or viruses.

A high-capacity bottle sterilizer, such as the Papablic 6-in1 Baby, can hold up to 13 bottles at once to get all your feeding equipment ready in no time. It is recommended that bottles be washed after every use and unfinished formula be thrown away after 2 hours.

Many bottle sterilizer options are on the market, including UV bottle steamers and electric models like Baby Brezza’s All-in-One Bottle Sterilizer and Dryer, which cleans quickly with just a button! Additionally, washing each part of a baby's bottle before putting it into any sterilizing machine to help reduce potential germs even further.

Organic baby food

A baby sitting in a garden surrounded by fresh fruits and vegetables.

Organic baby food has become famous for parents seeking to provide their children with nutritious, pesticide-free meal options. Organic foods may be less likely to have pesticide residue but can contain heavy metals such as cadmium, inorganic arsenic, and lead.

In the most recent Consumer Reports testing of over 13 top brands of baby food, concerning levels of these metals were found across many products. Despite this finding, research does not show meaningful nutritional benefits from organic vs. non-organic foods for children when comparing labels alone versus studies on nutrient absorption by the body or metabolism afterward, which is why it is recommended to also focus on infant health as opposed to just what type of food they are eating.

It’s important for parents considering giving their child organic baby food to review product packaging carefully and do additional research if necessary before selecting an option that will ensure their child receives adequate nutrition while avoiding potentially harmful contaminants like high heavy metal concentrations in any brand choices they make.

Breast pumps

A mother bonding with her baby while using an electric breast pump.

Breast pumps are medical devices that help breastfeeding mothers maintain milk supply while providing convenience and ease. These pumps mimic a baby's natural sucking action and can be electric or manual.

Electric breast pumps provide a more potent, consistent suction to quickly extract milk from the mother in larger quantities than manual models, which require physical pumping. Spectra S1 Plus Electric Breast Pump is considered the best overall pump for 2023 due to its versatility, easy cleaning, and comfortable fit on most nipple sizes.

Lansinoh is another highly-rated brand for electric and manual varieties, offering affordability without sacrificing quality. Medela is also one of the most reliable options with two popular series - Harmony Manual Breast Pump for occasional use and Symphony Electric Breast Pumps, ideal for multiple daily pumping sessions.

Nursing pillows

A mother nursing her baby in a peaceful nursery.

Nursing pillows are essential baby accessories because they provide comfortable support for the mother and baby while breastfeeding. Made of supportive materials like cotton, memory foam, or fiberfill, these pillows wrap around the mother's waist to hold the infant in place and help provide ergonomic positioning for back, neck, and spinal support.

Several recognizable brands of nursing pillows are on the market, such as Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow, which is highly rated according to Wirecutter reviews. It is also essential to be aware of potential hazards with at-home products; Consumer Reports linked some Boppy infant loungers and nursing pillows with some instances of infant death due to accidents related to suffocations - this serves as an essential lesson regarding product recalls and updated safety measures when using any newborn crib/nurse accessory like a pillow or blanket.

High chairs

High chairs come in many varieties and can be crucial to establishing healthy eating habits for babies. From comprehensive convertible high chairs that allow meal times and activities to simple booster seats, there are several effective options on the market.

Safety remains the most crucial consideration when choosing a high chair. Look for features such as straps, wide foot bases, and adjustable heights that ensure your baby stays securely seated.

Ease of use is another major factor to consider. From folding away easily to being able to adjust with one hand, finding a user-friendly model can provide peace of mind during mealtimes.

Finally, ease of cleaning should also be considered when shopping around for the best options; it's important not only because spills occur often but also because good hygiene is essential in protecting infants' health.

Consumer Reports expert tests quantify these considerations and have pointed out which models rate highest in safety, ease of use, assemble ability, and other essential categories like a padded seating area and portability indicators.

Nursery and Home Essentials

A family gathered in a nursery surrounded by baby items.

Outfitting your home for a baby should not be taken lightly—there are many essential items to get started and keep them safe. Let's dive into all the nursery must-haves!

Baby monitors

Baby monitors are essential for any parent wanting to ensure the safety and well-being of their beloved infant. These devices come in various forms, such as audio, video, and even Wi-Fi monitors with added features.

Audio baby monitors usually deliver sound only, whereas video models offer an additional view alongside it, which is provided by either fixed or mobile cameras. Wi-Fi-enabled ones can offer enhanced viewing facilities - they can easily stream HD streams and keep parents connected 24/7 via smartphone apps.

More specialized options, such as breathing monitoring, can benefit newborns. They provide informative sleep analytics, enabling informed decisions about nighttime care.

Furthermore, Smart sensors allow parents to receive alerts if they detect unexpected movements or voice levels in the nursery room environment - invaluable when monitoring a sleeping or unwell child!

Crib mattresses

The mattress is vital in creating a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your newborn. Crib mattresses come in various types, sizes, and densities – all of which should be considered when selecting one for your baby's nursery or home.

The Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer is Wirecutter’s top pick as the best crib mattress for most families for 2020; they also provide vital features to consider when choosing a crib mattress.

You should choose a denser foam option; online reviews have information on what foam density each type offers. Pediatricians suggest looking at specific brands, such as Sealy's Baby Ultra Rest Mattress line, that include reinforced edges and air channels in their design.

Other benefits associated with innerspring crib mattresses, like durability, comfortability, and breathability, make them the preferred option amongst many other parents buying them for their little one's safety and well-being.


Bassinets provide infants with a safe and comfortable sleep space, offering all the benefits of being close to their parents while sleeping. They are also portable and convenient and make nighttime feedings much easier.

Bassinets can be used as stand-alone options or placed beside beds for bedside use. Different models have rocking motion, adjustable heights, and mesh sides.

Baby gates

Since the safety of children is a top priority for all parents, baby gates are essential accessories designed to keep little ones safe and contained in specific areas. Inside your home, strategically installed baby gates such as pressure-mounted or hardware-mounted gates can protect children from accessing certain rooms or stairwells by automatically closing behind you when you walk through.

Moreover, the consumer reports that the buying guide also provides detailed information about choosing the right childproof gate to match the thematic style of any room decor. Hence, it fits cohesively within its surrounding typical wall colors, being white or off-white — thus making it the ideal wardrobe item in any nursery where functionality meets aesthetics!

Nursery humidifiers

Nursery humidifiers are essential for infant health and wellness, allowing parents to ensure their children have a comfortable and healthy environment. Humidifiers help maintain air quality in the nursery by creating a moist atmosphere and keeping respiratory issues such as congestion at bay.

When choosing a nursery humidifier, look for features like size so it is appropriate for your space, easy-to-clean surfaces, and the capability of distributing cool mist. Additionally, seek models that can adequately regulate humidity levels with controls or automatic settings.

Benefits of a nursery humidifier include baby respiratory support when sick as the moist air can ease breathing difficulties and relieve dry skin conditions associated with atmospheres without moisture.

Best Baby Accessories for Safety and Comfort

A smiling baby in a car seat with a plush toy.

You need car seats, baby carriers, strollers, and sound machines to keep your baby safe and comfortable. Read on to learn more about these essential items!

Car seats

Car seats are a must-have for keeping your infant safe when traveling by car. The right seat choices can help keep your newborn secure and protected while on the move. When shopping for a car seat, key features include ease of installation, fit within the vehicle, child size/weight limits, a harness system, and smart safety features such as anti-rebound bars and side impact protection systems.

Among the recommended models is the Chicco KeyFit 35, which comes with an anti-rebound bar to provide added stability in the event of an emergency brake or collision; it is also designed to fit into most vehicles quickly and snugly with adjustable straps for a baby's size/weight limits up to 22 pounds and 32 inches long.

Another top pick is Graco SnugRide SnugFit 35 DLX, which offers several additional features such as multiple recline positions from rear-facing configurations-- ideal for infants from birth – 40 lbs., side impact test rating required by US federal standards, advanced air protect cushioning surrounding your baby’s head & body for extra support during a crash or suddenly stop riding.

Baby carriers


Baby carriers are a must-have for any parent. They allow parents to keep their baby safe and close while allowing them to move around quickly, often providing hands-free convenience.

Various styles are available, including wraps, slings, and structured carriers that support newborns without compromising comfort or security. A few of the most popular brands on the market today include Ergobaby, Graco, Infantino, BabyBjörn, Nuna Tula Lillebaby Boba Beco, and Onya, all of which prioritize safety features, comfortable fit adjustable straps, breathable fabric, use multiple carrying positions, support for newborns durability weight distribution easy cleaning.

With so many options on the market, selecting a baby carrier can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. Expert recommendations like The Bump consider design quality, comfort, versatility, usability, and customer reviews so you can make an informed decision when selecting your ideal baby carrier.


Strollers offer parents safety, comfort, and convenience when traveling with their babies. Today’s market is quality strollers from top brands such as BOB, Graco, and Uppababy designed to provide the best features for both baby and parent in 2024.

These models have been tested for safety and approved for comfort. They offer easy access around tight city corners or over bumpy terrain. They feature additional benefits, such as a compact design that fits comfortably into everyday routines and is transportable for shorter trips or vacations.

Consumer Reports offers a comprehensive buying guide to ensure informed decisions on what model would work best since selecting the right stroller can be essential in providing both parents peace of mind while out with their child.

Sound machines

Sound machines are becoming increasingly popular among parents of newborns due to their effectiveness in promoting relaxation and helping babies stay asleep for longer periods.

Such devices, also known as white noise machines, infant sleep aids, baby sound soothers, nursery sound machines, or sleep aids for babies, work by masking other noises in the environment that may be disruptive.

The Hushh+ Portable White Noise Machine is generally considered the best overall baby sound machine with adjustable volume settings and a range of soothing sounds. However, for those looking for an economical alternative without compromising on quality assurance, the 2-in-1 Portable Sound Machine + Nightlight is widely deemed the best value baby sound machine on the market.


Swaddles offer newborns a snug and secure blanket to help them sleep better. They eliminate the need for parents to invest in separate comforting items such as security blankets, cocoons, and wearable sleep sacks.

The Micro-Fleece Sleepsack Baby Swaddle is a great option. Its adjustable wings allow babies to be wrapped entirely without feeling constricted while still allowing them to move their arms and legs freely.

Not all swaddles are created equal, though. Breathability is essential when choosing a swaddle blanket for your baby - fabric that isn’t airy enough can increase the risk of overheating or cause skin irritation over time.

Bath essentials

Several essential items will help make the process of bathing a baby more accessible and more efficient. Warm water, baby shampoo, a comb and hair brush, dry towels, a damp washcloth, or cloth diapers are all necessary for wiping faces and bodies after bath time.

You need clothes such as shirts, gowns, or sweaters to dress your little one afterward. It’s also important to keep diapers on hand since many babies don't like being wet without at least something covering their bottoms.

A soft blanket is needed, too – this makes any transfer from the tub to the changing table smoother (and keeps your baby warm).


Choosing the fitting pajamas for your baby is essential in 2023. With emerging trends and high-tech materials, ensuring your little one gets the most comfortable, breathable, and safe sleepwear money can buy is vital.

Soft and lightweight materials such as viscose or spandex might be better options than heavy fabric like cotton for hot summer nights so your baby can sleep soundly without overheating during their growth period.

Some brands are known to prioritize safety: Carters produces baby pajamas with no dangerous strings or necklines. Touched by Nature offers 100% organic cotton products without harsh dyes or chemicals - perfect for sensitive skin! If you want classic comfort, then try OPAWO brand pajama sets. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, then Burt's Bees Baby has clothing crafted from sustainable fabrics like bamboo blend and linen, which are still cozy enough for bedtime snuggles on chilly winter nights.

Product Review: Baby Bottom Buddy Diaper Cream Applicator

A happy baby with a smiling parent using the Baby Bottom Buddy.

The Baby Bottom Buddy, Diaper Cream Applicator, simplifies the application of diaper rash ointments and creams for a hassle-free diapering experience. It features anti-mess technology that enables easy, comfortable, and mess-free application without your hands ever getting dirty!

Features and Benefits

The Baby Bottom Buddy Diaper Cream Applicator is a unique product that allows parents to apply diaper ointment or lotion to their baby’s bottom without touching it. Here are some of its features and benefits:

How it works

The Baby Bottom Buddy Diaper Cream Applicator is designed to make it easy for parents to apply diaper rash cream. This soft applicator gently dispenses the necessary amount of cream, ensuring that the baby's skin remains undamaged from harsh chemical ingredients in creams. The applicator features a unique plunger mechanism that helps parents fill and dose the required amount of diaper rash cream accurately and mess-free, allowing much easier application when compared to traditional methods such as hands or fingers.

Customer reviews

The Baby Bottom Buddy Diaper Cream Applicator is no stranger to positive customer reviews. Customers appreciate that it makes diaper rash cream application much more straightforward and cleaner than traditional methods.

Thanks to its suction cup bottom, which securely attaches to the changing table or bathroom counter, parents can keep their hands mess-free when applying lotion creams like Destin.

Its soft material even makes it comfortable for babies during application. Many customers also found refilling the applicator with any creamy product easy. With features like these, this baby accessory has become part of many families' must-have lists for 2023 - earning a spot on our best baby accessories guide!

Parents posing with top-rated baby accessories in a studio setting.

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Baby Accessories Of 2024 has been created to make finding the best baby accessories and products less daunting for parents.

The guide regularly updates its content with all the award-winning products that have passed their tests for quality, providing an extensive range of options from which to choose. Covered in this ultimate guide are baby wraps such as Solly, Boba, Moby, Baby Ktan, and more; strollers such as Uppababy Cruz V2 models; smart monitors like Cubo AI; car seats including convertible ones from Uppababy Mesa; cribs and mattresses perfect for nurseries – there is something here for every new parent’s needs! In addition to product recommendations, parents can also benefit from exclusive tips covered in each section of the guide.

Last but not least comes a checklist containing must-have items and essential registry items to help new parents shop smarter when welcoming their bundles of joy home!

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