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The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Best Kids Garden Toys For Outdoor Fun

Did you know specific outdoor toys will help your little ones get the most out of their time in the garden? This article offers an essential guide to selecting children's garden toys, including games and activities that keep them busy outside.

From mud kitchens to bubble makers, find out what types of outdoor play equipment work best for different age groups - and why! With this top-rated list of backyard toys, you’ll give your child endless hours of fun in the sun!

Importance of Outdoor Play for Kids 

A diverse group of children playing in a colorful playground.

Outdoor play is essential for children's physical, social, and emotional development.

Benefits of outdoor play

Children playing on a colorful playground in a bustling cityscape.

Outdoor activities help build physical and motor skills such as agility, coordination, balance, and strength.

Role of outdoor toys in promoting physical activity 

Children playing on a diverse playground, promoting physical activity and social interaction.

Outdoor toys offer an enjoyable way for children to engage in physical activity and promote healthy growth. These kinds of activities can include playgrounds, sports equipment, outdoor games, and creative play.

Research has indicated that active children are stronger physically than those who remain sedentary. More importantly, active children also enjoy benefits such as better cardiovascular health, higher average aerobic capacity, and bone density when they engage in physical activities using outdoor toys regularly.

Outdoor toys help nurture gross motor skills development while engaging the senses on many levels, helping enhance sensory play, which involves movement, sound & audio stimulation with simple everyday objects or natural resources like pebbles or twigs.

Children exercise regularly through these activities while simultaneously developing cognitive processes such as problem-solving concepts & communication skills! In addition to improving a child’s metabolism and overall fitness level by being more physically active, outdoor games also foster social interaction between friends & family members.

Types of Outdoor Toys for Kids

Children playing in a backyard playground surrounded by various outdoor toys.

Explore various play equipment, including picnic and activity tables, water tables, ride-on cars, inflatable pools, and bubble toys. 

Picnic and activity tables

Children having fun at a picnic table in a sunny park.

These are great outdoor toys for kids of all ages. Unlike toys that require batteries or electricity, these tables have an innovative design that allows them to withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Perfect for play and learning outdoors, they can be used as a quiet spot to read books or snacks, a place to embark on science projects like bug-catching, and much more. They are easy to move around, too; fold the legs in after use and store away until ready! Not only do picnic and activity tables promote physical activities for children, but they also help develop their creative skills by offering them space to explore their imaginations.

Additionally, parents have the added comfort of knowing that these outdoor toys meet safety standards set by industry experts who specialize in ensuring products intended for young children are always safe.

Water tables 

Children playing and splashing in a colorful water table in a backyard.

Water tables have become a popular outdoor toy for kids of all ages. They provide an engaging environment where children can explore, discover, build, and learn during playtime. Water tables offer a range of benefits to both physical and cognitive development - from motor skills like coordination and fine motor control to social interaction and problem-solving.

The Early Learning Centre Sand & Water Table is specially designed for toddlers aged two or above, allowing them to safely explore sand and water play activities daily.

Meanwhile, Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship provides preschoolers with some squirty fun - as they navigate its canons by filling large water cups to make them spray. These versatile toys promote physical activity through imaginative play - capturing their interest while enhancing brain development at the same time! With so many exciting designs available on the market today, water tables are sure to help your child maximize outdoor fun this summer season!

Ride-on cars

A child rides a toy car through a park with greenery.

Parents looking for an outdoor toy their kids will love should consider ride-on cars. Toddlers as young as three can use these fun toys, making them an excellent option for younger children.

There's a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from toy cars to electric bikes or walkers, all designed with safety features. Kids of every age can find the right vehicle for their physical and skill level that offers hours of thrilling entertainment.

Popular options include Power Wheels ride-ons, battery-powered cars manufactured by Fisher Price, and other household brands dedicated to creating safe yet exciting experiences outdoors.

Inflatable pools

A joyful family playing together in a colorful inflatable pool.

These are ideal outdoor toys for kids to help beat the summer heat! With their convenience and affordability, inflatable pools are becoming increasingly popular with families. Not only can they be set up easily in any backyard or patio space, but they’re also safe and fun enough to engage children of all ages and provide hours of entertainment.

There are a variety of designs available in stand-out colors that range from cheerful pirate designs to simpler seaside shapes, so parents can choose one that best fits their needs.

Additionally, many models feature safety features such as ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), which alert parents when electrical problems occur. Finally, with their portability factor—some pools even come pre-filled—inflatable swimming pools provide both long-lasting fun and value, making them one of the best outdoor toys on the market today!

Bubble toys 

A child surrounded by bubbles in a sunny park.

Bubble toys have quickly become a popular choice of outdoor toys for kids. Whether it's plastic bubble wands, battery-operated bubble guns, or larger bubble-making machines, these fun and colorful toys bring lots of slippery laughter to gardens and parks worldwide! With an array of shapes and sizes available, including giant bubbles belted with water droplets that reflect the sun like diamonds in the sky - there's something for everyone when it comes to playing with bubbles this summer.

From tiny bubble necklaces to creating beautiful memories together at picnics, camping trips, or beach bonfires - only outside playtime will be complete with some good old-fashioned bubbling about! The best part? 2023 brings us amazingly advanced technologies, such as embedded LED lights on machines creating interactive galaxies within your garden space – a must-find for parents and children alike!

Creative Outdoor Toys 

Children playing with a colorful water play table in a garden.

Kids can engage in imaginative play and outdoor art projects with creative toys like mud kitchens, easels, garden games, and toy rockets.

Mud kitchens

Children playing in a mud kitchen in a lush garden.

Mud kitchens are an innovative way for kids to express themselves through outdoor play. They use soil, pebbles, and other natural materials to create a cooking environment to stir up intriguing dishes.

Unlike traditional play kitchen toys, mud kitchens allow children to get creative with various textured objects, including dough, paint, and glue. Unlike classroom lessons, kids can creatively explore science concepts such as evaporation and weathering through this messy yet adventurous play activity.

Mud kitchens also provide physical activity opportunities through digging holes to plant vegetables in the playing area or carrying buckets with peers while gathering soil components. 

Outdoor easels

Outdoor easels are creative outdoor toys that provide an excellent environment for children to express themselves through art. A big part of outdoor play is imagination and expression, so this toy can benefit kids who enjoy creating masterpieces.

For kids who don’t like getting their hands (or clothes) dirty, these activities allow them to explore without the mess. They can paint something incredible with an outdoor easel set supplies like paints or coloring pencils.

It benefits creativity, and outdoor activity promotes physical fitness and healthy habits in little ones! Outdoor easels are featured in the ultimate guide to finding the best kids' garden toys for enjoyable outdoor fun - making them one of the most recommended options by experts.

Garden games 

Garden games are ideal for children to be creative and develop physical, cognitive, social, and emotional skills. Whether it's a game of badminton with siblings or a treasure hunt alone in the backyard, these activities bring endless hours of fun—and learning.

These garden games also promote physical activity, such as running around or hopping on one leg, while providing opportunities to practice verbalization through make-believe play using props and accessories as part of the game container set.

Additionally, when adults join in by encouraging participation or playing alongside the kids, they further enhance their understanding of social interaction and foster cooperation within family dynamics.

Toy rockets

Toy rockets, such as light-up air and skyrockets, are exciting outdoor toys for kids. The Ultimate LED Rocket Launcher is an excellent choice for launching these rockets into the sky - the pack comes with two launchers that store up to four foam rockets in one go.

Kids have to load up their rockets and step on the launcher for it to fly off! Not only do toy rockets stimulate creativity and critical thinking through problem-solving, but they’re also engaging due to their energetic launches.

With no complex set-up or extraordinary backyards required, this backyard fun creates a dynamic play experience that all ages will enjoy, whether they’re rocket experts or not! Despite being so much fun, how far your rocket goes can be controlled by adjusting its loading capacity; you don’t have any worries about anything going too high!

Physical Activity Toys 

A diverse group of children play on a well-equipped playground.

From climbing structures to trampolines, swing sets, and scooters, plenty of physical activity toys can keep kids entertained outdoors - read on for an extensive guide to selecting the suitable toy!

Climbing structures

Climbing structures are ideal outdoor toys for kids since they promote physical activity and development. Such play equipment provides a stimulating and challenging environment that encourages physical exploration among children of all ages.

Climbing frames, rock walls, arches, ladders- the range of climbing structures is vast, making them perfect for any age group or playground space! From toddlers aged two gaining fundamental gross motor skills such as core stability and balance to ten-year-olds developing advanced challenges like agility and reaction time, climbing sections in a playground can create an exciting environment that encourages active learning.

Additionally, research proves that access to these activities increases overall well-being; perhaps this is why many parents opt for a child's climbing structure when revamping their backyard.


Trampolines offer hours of entertainment and physical exercise for kids aged 2 to 10. Not only are they one of the best outdoor toys for children, but over 50 fun activities can be done on a trampoline to keep them entertained and active.

Balance bars help kids stay upright while jumping, offering important balance and coordination exercises alongside hours of family fun and enjoyment. Trampolines also provide educational value, physical activity, and creative playtime options to develop your little one's motor skills, reducing stress levels while promoting healthy growth. 

Swing sets

Kids love playing on swing sets - they're the perfect mix of physical activity, coordination and balance practice, muscle strengthening, and plain old fun. Not only do they enable children to fly like superheroes in their backyard (or at the local park), but swinging also helps children get active while having a great time! A quality swing set should be designed with safety as a top priority.

Look for features such as non-skid steps or ladders and close attention to structural integrity to ensure stability during playtime. When selecting a swing set for public use, appropriate maintenance must be carried out regularly – replacing aging parts with new ones from trusted brands known for their safety measures and lasting stability.

Swing sets are one of the most popular outdoor toys available today – enabling your child to explore nature’s playground safely while enjoying plenty of exercise!


Scooters can offer children of all ages and abilities a great outdoor play experience, helping them develop motor skills, physical fitness, coordination, and balance. With no complicated assembly or expensive parts needed for upkeep, scooters are an inexpensive way for kids to get outdoors and stay active.

Children will have fun zipping around the backyard trails on their scooters while practicing body control techniques such as going up and down ramps or circles around trees in the park.

Riding a scooter also provides opportunities for self-expression, artistic freedom, creative problem-solving, and risk-taking - essential building blocks for boosting confidence levels in physical activity.

Educational Outdoor Toys 

A diverse group of children happily playing with educational outdoor toys.

Garden sets, science kits, and bug catchers give kids an engaging educational playtime experience.

Gardening sets 

Gardening sets are an excellent way to encourage kids to explore nature and develop a connection with the environment. These sets come in all shapes and sizes, from miniature gardening tools to flower presses that allow young ones to create exciting works of art.

A good set will contain gardening gloves for children, trowels, hand forks for weeding and digging tasks, and small buckets or watering cans – all valuable items that help motivate little ones to get stuck in with their outdoor play.

Gardening sets offer huge educational benefits when learning about plants, flowers, and the natural world. They also teach children valuable scientific skills, such as measuring the pH level of soil samples or keeping a record of how specific plants grow over time.

Science kits

Science kits are an excellent way to promote curiosity and engagement in various subjects for kids. These educational toys provide hands-on experiences with fundamental tools, exciting experiments, and problem-solving solutions that allow them to explore their natural curiosity.

Space kits allow your little one to become a star watcher by providing rotating star maps of the night sky or making fun telescopes. They can even enjoy science-factual movies on different planets while exploring our solar system! On the other hand, more traditional kits like chemistry sets help develop essential scientific and analytical skills, such as mixing ingredients to observe reactions or constructing simple electrical circuits.

With these kinds of activities, children learn about facts regarding physics and anatomy. Various gardening sets could encourage an interest in protecting the environment from a young age by nurturing plants under proper guidance.

Bug catchers 

Bug catchers are a popular outdoor exploration toy that can help kids develop an interest in and fascination for nature. This educational outdoor toy consists of specially designed gear, such as butterfly nets, bug vacuums, critter habitats, and magnifying glasses.

These tools allow children to explore their environment in search of bugs and get an up-close look at them without hurting the creatures they find in the wild. With bug catcher kits, kids will observe insects safely with close attention while learning about their natural behaviors and appreciating wildlife conservation.

Bug catchers' kits are appropriate for 4-8-year-olds and 8-12-year-olds depending on each child's skill level. And since all tools are made from durable materials, these toys can be taken on hikes or camping trips anywhere! Allowing your kids to study bugs outdoors encourages physical active playtime and fosters curiosity and creative problem-solving skills—while adding some much-needed fun into learning!

Water Play Toys

Kids enjoying colorful water slides and sprinklers in a sunny backyard.

Remember the water play toys that will help keep kids cool during the hot summer months and add a ton of outdoor fun! Keep reading to learn more about selecting the best kid's garden toys for outdoor play.


Sprinklers created for kids and the whole family are an exciting, fun, inexpensive way to enjoy outdoor playtime. They provide endless entertainment for all age groups and help children engage in physical activity & stay cool during hot summer days.

Sprinklers offer a variety of forms, such as inflatable pools, bubble toys, or water balloons that kids can use while running through wet obstacle courses full of happiness. In addition, water sprinklers can be enjoyed year-round, regardless of whether it's spring or winter.

Manufacturers design outdoor water toys with safety materials, ensuring harmless and playful times for little ones. From sprays to spinning jets of water, there is something new & exciting every time! Investing in sprinklers will guarantee truly engaging moments in your garden where kids can discover creative ways to have fun on their own & with family members, leading them to develop and embrace healthy lifestyle habits during their growing years!

Water balloons

These are great outdoor toys for kids, providing hours of fun and entertainment during the warm summer months. Not only are they colorful and exciting, but they can also be used for games that promote sensory play and help develop motor skills in children.

Water balloons are suitable for children aged 3-12, making them perfect additions to any sunny outdoor day. In addition, magnetic water balloons provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional single-use balloons as they can be reused repeatedly.

Popular activities such as balloon wars or aqua tag help incorporate physical activity with lots of laughter while teaching the importance of teamwork, too! With so many creative game ideas out there, it’s no wonder water balloons remain one of the most popular summer toys every year.

Splash pads

Splash pads are an excellent option for parents looking to entertain their kids on hot summer days. These outdoor water toys provide a fun and fantastic way for children to play without worrying about overloaded swimming pools or having too much mess in the house! Just inflate and connect a hose from your backyard tap, and then you are all set! Splash pads can be used indoors or outdoors, making them perfect for any weather condition.

They come with built-in colorful slides and are often complete with toys floating above the water surface - helping kids explore their creative side and stay calm during summertime heatwaves.

On top of that, splash pads also let children experience different activities, such as playing water games with friends or participating in independent exploration time. All while engaging in physical activity without needing mom or dad's supervision.

Nature Exploration Toys 

Children observing a flock of colorful birds in a forest.

Encourage natural world exploration with binoculars, bug kits, and high-flying kites to explore flora and fauna.


Binoculars are an essential nature exploration toy for outdoor play, which can inspire a child’s curiosity about the outdoors. Designed to be user-friendly and safe for kids aged 3-12, binoculars allow children to explore the world in detail without traveling too far from home.

In addition, they promote physical activity as active looking and searching is required to spot different birds and animals in their habitats. Binoculars enable kids to immerse themselves in wildlife viewing, connecting with nature, getting closer than ever, and truly appreciating the beauty of their surroundings – all while having fun! As an educational tool, binoculars can help teach children about animal behaviors or encourage them to participate in “sightseeing” activities when they venture outside.

From watching different species living among plants while taking hikes through woodlands or observing local bird flocks on visits to nearby lakes, there’ll never be a shortage of exciting things for children to follow when using their binoculars outdoors.

Bug kits

Bug kits offer an excellent way for kids of all ages to explore and learn about nature in their backyards! Bug kits include magnifying glasses, butterfly nets, binoculars, or bug-catching containers.

They come with instructions and give kids the knowledge and materials necessary to observe bugs or insects up close. By learning more about local species through active exploration and observation, children can build essential scientific skills while having fun.

Additionally, these toys help increase physical activity outdoors by motivating kids to engage in outdoor adventures like running around looking for new insects to capture. Not only do bug kits spur natural curiosity in adults and children, but they also provide memorable experiences that foster an appreciation of the natural environment, which is essential today!


Flying kites serve as an ideal outing for kids to explore the world of science creatively. It combines art and science, allowing children to analyze wind patterns, aerodynamics, gravity, artistic expression, and flight while creating their artwork – the kite! Kites are not merely a source of fun and entertainment but also provide valuable learning about different physical principles, such as wind resistance and hands-on experience with natural materials.

Parents can help their kids explore these principles further by engaging them in outdoor experiments involving their homemade flying contraptions, from studying how angles change their flight path to preparing inaccurate measurements leading to failed takeoffs - all these activities can be great fun! Furthermore, depending on the environment they’re flying in, flying kites encourages children to think beyond just mastering the skill set required for launching one into the air successfully.

Kids learn valuable life lessons like patience during rocky winds where efforts go waste until suddenly there is a break in current accents, sending your creations soaring up high into the sky and filling you with euphoria!

Factors to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Toys 

Children playing with outdoor toys in a spacious backyard.

Parents should look at age appropriateness, durability, and safety features such as beveled edges and smooth surfaces when searching for the best outdoor toys. Additionally, they should consider portability and storage options for convenient use.

Age appropriateness 

When selecting outdoor toys for kids, it is essential to ensure they are age-appropriate. Toys designed for younger children will likely be too easy and unchallenging for older children, while those designed for older children might pose a safety risk to younger ones.

Age-appropriate toys promote safe and engaging play experiences as they have been specifically designed with the needs of each child in mind. Parents should consider checking the manufacturer’s recommended ages before purchasing or researching online product reviews when shopping for outdoor garden toy sets.

Examples of ideal age-specific outdoor toys include picnic and activity tables, water tables, ride-on cars, inflatable pools, and bubble toys for 2 through 4-year-olds; creative outdoor toys like mud kitchens and outdoor easels suitable for 4 through 6-year-olds; physical activity tools such as climbing structures and trampolines fit from 6 through 10 year old; educational items such as gardening sets or insect nets appropriate from 8 years onwards; water play materials like water balloons or splash pads suited mainly from 3 years above; lastly nature exploration kits geared towards 5 years up like binoculars kits or kites would allow kids to appreciate the great outdoors while building healthy hobbies too!


Durability should always be considered when choosing outdoor toys for kids. Solid and durable materials such as wood are recommended for playground equipment and garden toys because they’re naturally sturdy and withstand weather conditions better than other materials.

Not only will this ensure that your child can enjoy the toy safely over time, but it will also provide a longer lifecycle than fragile plastic items. Regularly checking outdoor toys and equipment is essential, too, as this helps uphold their investment value by ensuring they're in perfect working order so you don't have to replace them often, which can cost more in the long run.

Using environmentally friendly materials like wood is always a wise choice since it's usually resistant to wear and tear due to its natural properties, such as rot-resistance UV protection, impact resistance, and rust prevention.

Safety features 

Safety is an essential factor to consider when buying outdoor toys for children. Look for sturdy and durable materials, such as wood or plastic, that can withstand wear and tear. Ensure the toys are age-appropriate, with no small components that younger kids could swallow.

Look for sharp edges or points on structures like slides; they should have rounded edges to reduce the risk of falls or other injuries. If it’s a climbing structure, ensure you check the appropriateness of heights & grips - non-slip material is essential for wet environments.

Ensure the pieces fit securely together to prevent any accidents during play – contact your manufacturer if accessories are lost or broken over time. Also, look out for unique safety features like glow-in-dark paint - it will help encourage independent exploration during sunset hours! Investing in good quality outdoor play consistent with relevant safety standards will ensure fun and safe outdoor experiences that parents and children can enjoy worry-free daily!

Storage and portability

When choosing outdoor toys for kids, it is important to consider storage and portability. Toys can be easily lost or damaged if not properly stored, so practical solutions for organizing and protecting them should be considered.

Toy boxes or bins are a great way to store outdoor toys while keeping them accessible. These come in various sizes, making them suitable for different spaces and toy collections – from small containers perfect for maintaining handy games on the patio to large toy chests that offer ample space for storing an entire group of outdoor toys inside your home.

For those who do not have enough space or prefer a more portable option, there are also options such as pet and child toy storage bags, which provide easy access and protection from the elements when transporting outdoors.

When limited outdoor space is available, a helpful solution is an outdoor toy storage box, which allows pet items and toys to stay dry even during wet weather while remaining close by when needed.

Finally, those with more extensive collections might opt for outdoor sheds capable of storing a more significant number of items safely and securely while freeing up further indoor space at the same time. 

A diverse group of children enjoying outdoor play in a vibrant backyard.

Parents should prioritize outdoor play for their children, as it has numerous benefits, and the proper outdoor toys are essential to encourage active play. With so many outdoor toys available, deciding which are best suited for kids’ age and activity levels can be challenging.

However, they will ensure they get the most out of playing in nature by considering factors such as durability, safety features, storage space, or portability when selecting garden toys for their kids.

Whether parents choose a picnic table, water table, or trampoline set, they can rest assured knowing their kid will be engaged outdoors while laughing with friends and learning new physical, mental, and emotional skills! Investing in kids' garden toys encourages them to explore nature more often, which is excellent news for them and our environment!

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