The Quiet Beauty of Wood Watches

The wood watches have actually ended up being incredibly popular in the last several years, and their popularity continues to grow. 

Why do individuals would choose wearing a wood watch instead of a standard one, made from metal or plastic? 

There are numerous good reasons for that.  

Every wooden watch is unique. Every two watches, even if they are a part of the same production line, will be crafted from a various part of the wood, and each two parts will of the wood would have an unique pattern and some variation in grain and color. Purchasing a wood watch, you can be sure that there's no other watch like yours.

Wood watches are eco-friendly. For every watch they offer, they plant a tree. For anybody really caring about the sustainability of the Earth's environment, buying a wood watch is a fantastic method to contribute to the security of nature.

Wooden watches are (still) rare
How lots of individuals do you know with a wood watch? 
Not just every watch made from wood is distinct-- there are just really couple of people owning a wood watch.
Wood watches age wonderfully

Your regular metal, plastic or ceramic watch will wear down with time, and you can do nothing to avoid that. Your wooden watch will only look better with the death of time.

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