The Best Beach Toys For Kids | Age 7 And Above

The Best Beach Toys For Kids | Age 7 And Above

The beach is one of nature’s best playgrounds that keeps the kids entertained in the best way possible. But, of course, it also depends on who you plan on entertaining. For toddlers, you only need essential beach toys like shovels, baskets, shape cutters, etc. However, when it comes to older kids, you need to put in more consideration. 

Older kids need more than sand and the ocean to enjoy beach time. They are happy running, swimming, and burning off excess energy. So we have taken it upon ourselves to find a mixture of beach toys for 7-year-olds and above to keep them busy until the tide comes in.

6 Beach Toys For Kids That Are Simple, Yet Pack A Punch.

Beach Toy Set For Older Kids

If you want an affordable, diverse set of sand toys for kids above seven, get a beach set with tools like magnifying glasses to look closely at the sand, a sea shells collector, a sand sifter, and many more. 

Such beach toys for kids are brightly colored, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. They also come in a mesh carrying case that your older kids can wear as a backpack for easy portability. Many parents believe such beach toys make fantastic STEM toys that help kids understand more about the ocean, sand, rocks, etc. 

Beach buckets

Beach buckets are a must for any fun day at the shore. They are versatile and can be used for several activities on the beach. Older kids use buckets for building castles, catching fish, storing rocks, and whatnot! But the problem is that beach toys for kids, especially older ones, can be a pain to store and carry. Luckily, now you can get beach buckets that are foldable. 

Foldable buckets have a collapsible yet sturdy design. Generally, such buckets are silicon-made that fold down to a flat circle. They also come with detachable and durable plastic handles, making them easy to store and transport. As a bonus, the silicon-based buckets are dishwasher-safe, making cleaning easy.

Beach Kites

Beach kites are fascinating for kids of every age. However, when it comes to beach toys for kids, the older ones enjoy more active beach play, such as a ball or flying kites. So, getting beach kites can be a great idea to throw in a unique experience they will remember for years. 

Like most other beach toys, you can get beach kites in many sizes, shapes, colors, and features. Some beach kites even have LED lights that look amazing in the sky. While some have useful features or colorful ribbons hanging, making the kites look like octopuses. Overall, ocean critters high in the air might need some practice initially, but they sure can be a beach toy that older kids will cherish. 

Catch Ball

Sports are a big Yes if you’re an athletic family. And outdoor toys are always the more exciting option for older kids. So, you might be hunting for something everyone can enjoy and it is still simple enough to set up or play. 

There are a ton of different beach toys for kids in this genre that you can buy to make the next beach day fun. There are many options, from a simple ball to lacrosse play - time for a little friendly competition on the shore!


A classic game of frisbee never gets old. It is a perfect way for you and your kids to bond. Frisbees are easy to figure out, and they even let the younger ones participate in the game. These floatable discs are diverse and can be incorporated into different play settings. 

Some new and modern versions of frisbee, like flying rings and ring shots, allow the kids to enjoy playing the classic game but with more advanced tools. 

Hydro Football

Football is a favorite family play. Fortunately, families who love football also have the option to get a hydro football as one of the beach toys for kids. Hydro football is a nifty ball in and out of the water. As it’s made of durable material with tough stitching, it’s completely waterproof and sturdy. 

How to Choose Beach Toys For Kids

The best beach toys for kids above seven must be entertaining and durable. Before getting beach toys for older kids, review what you should consider.


The playtime older kids get out of their beach toys is much longer than toddlers and preschoolers. And since the beach toys will spend most of their time on the shore, it is essential to how they should be cleaned afterward. A fundamental rule is that toys that trap water are never a good choice since they can become a breeding ground for bacteria leading to mildew or mold if not properly cleaned and dried. 


The wear and tear of beach toys with older kids are also much higher than with younger ones. Poor-quality toys are typically a good use of money, but their short life span and low durability factors can lead you to spend more money in the long run and cause a fair amount of tantrums if they break mid-play. Therefore, hard plastic is the way to go. The price may be slightly higher, but it can resist salt water, sun, and sand (wet and dry) and survive roughhousing.

Size and Weight

The advantage of beach toys for kids above seven is that they can carry their bag of beach toys. So, you can choose reasonably-sized items that fit your child’s toy bag. But remember, after a long and tiring day at the beach, carrying a heavy, dirty bag of toys will not be easy, so pack wisely.

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