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Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights with These Top-Rated Baby Pacifiers

If you are a new mom-to-be or already one, your child’s well-being is your number one priority. Above anything else, you want your child to have healthy emotional and physical development. When discussing pacifiers, there is a lot that has been said. Both positive and negative. Read on to learn more about the best baby pacifiers. 

Why pacifiers are life savers and how to use them wisely

Those early days when your infant won’t stop crying, and you do not have the slightest idea why they are so irritated can be stressful! This is where pacifiers for newborns come in handy. A pacifier will help your child learn to self-soothe during those early months. 

Pacifiers are essential because they help infants and parents get through crying periods when the child is neither hungry nor wet but needs comfort. Some of the things that you may want to consider before deciding if you’d like to get pacifiers for newborns and when?  

  • Has your child returned to their birth weight? 

The baby should show a steady gain in weight after the initial birth weight loss before a pacifier can be introduced. 

  • Are you comfortable with getting your newborn latched adequately onto your breast? 

The baby should comfortably, consistently, and effectively latch onto mommy’s breast before a pacifier is introduced to them. Otherwise, they will get confused. 

  • Are you having any concerns about your milk supply? 

A pacifier should only be introduced when the mother has a sufficient milk supply. Otherwise, it will interfere with this process as the baby will start latching difficulties. 

Benefits of using pacifiers for the newborn

Pacifiers are generally a controversial subject. Some parents love them, and some don’t. Here are some advantages of introducing your baby to a pacifier. 

  • Helps to soothe the baby when fussy – The suckling motion usually calms most babies down, as they associate it with breastfeeding. 
  • It may help to reduce the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) risk – Using a pacifier when the baby is sleeping will help to improve the autonomic control of their breathing. It could also prevent accidental rolling. 
  • It acts as a distraction – Your baby will be happy to get the distraction from a pacifier when upset. Something else to focus on, especially after shots.
  • Will act as a soother for the baby to fall asleep – Most babies will fall asleep on the boob. The pacifier might also help calm babies when they have trouble settling down. 
  • A pacifier will ease a baby’s discomfort during flight – Since babies do not know how to ‘pop’ their ears intentionally. A pacifier will help ease this discomfort. 
  • Pacifiers are disposable – As soon as you feel it’s time for your child to stop using a pacifier, you dispose of it. This is easier than when a child sucks on their fingers or thumb. That will be a habit that might be a bit challenging to stop. 
  • Helps reduce a child’s pain – Suckling on the pacifier will help reduce the pain a child feels. 
  • Premature babies – Pacifiers used in an intensive care unit can help shorten the hospital stay and teach tube-fed babies how to use a bottle. 

Best pacifier for breastfed babies

  • Pacifier With Holder – Pacifiers can easily get lost in all the load we carry as moms. Getting this pacifier with its holder will be the solution that you need. Shaped to be gentle on the baby’s teeth and gums, this pacifier will help your child self-soothe and is easy to carry around as you tie it to your bag. 
  • Classic Pacifier – Flamingo – Among the best baby pacifiers, this pacifier has an orthodontic supportive shape that adapts to the baby’s mouth, always staying in the correct position. It also supports the palate, hence supporting the development of healthy, wide grins. The teat is extra small and shaped more breast-like to mimic the mom’s soothing. 
  • The Saturday Baby Pacifier Clips – Are you constantly searching for the baby’s pacifier? Get this pacifier, whose clip will easily attach to the baby’s clothes, blanket, or teething ring. The baby will easily reach this pacifier at any time, and it will not be getting on the floor. Featuring food-grade silicone beads and beech wood, the Saturday Baby Pacifier is the perfect combination of function and fashion!
  • Baby Fruit Net Pacifier: A Revolutionary Way to Feed Your Baby – Most will be hesitant and too careful when introducing fruits to their minor. How about getting the best of both worlds? Successfully introduce those essential vitamins and minerals to your child while being stress-free. The Fruit Net Pacifier is an excellent option that will allow your baby to enjoy the natural taste of fruits while being safe at the same time. 

Myths about pacifiers for newborn

  • Negatively affecting baby’s teeth – Pacifiers do not affect the baby’s developing teeth negatively or cause crooked teeth if used within the recommended limits and in the correct way. 
  • Pacifiers can cause colic – The actual cause of colic is not known. However, some explanations like allergies, lactose intolerance, and immature digestive system have been attempted to explain colic and its causes. None of these have anything to do with the use of a pacifier. 


Experts recommend that pacifier use is limited to six hours a day. As a mother, you must also understand that a child’s teeth development is essential. Using a pacifier past the age of 2 may affect their teeth formation. Excessive use of a pacifier can also increase the chances of ear infection in your child and may also create breastfeeding difficulties. 

Keeping that in mind, we still believe pacifiers are great in helping both mother and child achieve some peace as they get through their day without many meltdowns. 


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