Learn about 20-th Century Home Decorating Guide

The custom of appropriate and harmonious treatment of house designing, interior decorations and appropriate furnishings, appears to have actually been in a fantastic measure deserted during today century, owing perhaps to the indifference of architects of the time to this subsidiary but essential portion of their work, or perhaps to a desire for economy, which preferred the cheapness of painted and synthetically grained pine-wood, with ornamental results produced by wall documents, to the more solid but pricey though less flashy wood-panelling, architectural mouldings, reliable panelled doors and chimney pieces, which one finds, down to quite the end of the last century, even in houses of moderate leasings. Furniture therefore ended up being independent and "beginning to account herself an Art, transgressed her limits" ... and "grew to the conceit that it could stand by itself, and, as well as its betters, went a method of its own."

Interior Conservatory Finishing

The interiors, handed over from the contractor, as it were, in blank, are filled up from the upholsterer's store, the curiosity shop, and the auction space, while a large contribution from the conservatory or the closest flower shop offers the finishing touch to a mixture, which identifies today taste for furnishing a boudoir or a drawing space.

The test of the entire concern of such an arrangement of furnishings in our living spaces, is the quantity of judgment and discretion displayed. Two favorable examples of the present fashion, representing the interior of the Saloon and Drawing Room at Sandringham House, are here reproduced.

How The Gather Inheritance Influence On The Home Decorations

There is at the present time an aspiration on the part of many well-to-do individuals to mimic the effect produced in homes of old families where, for generations, valuable and memorable short articles of decorative furnishings have actually been collected, just as pictures, plate and china have been maintained; and stopping working the inheritance of such family gods, it is the practice to obtain, or as the modern term goes, "to gather," old furniture of different styles and durations, till the space becomes incongruous and overcrowded, a proof of the wealth, instead of the taste, of the owner.

As it frequently takes place that such collections are made extremely hastily, and in the quick periods of a busy commercial or political life, the selections are not the very best or most appropriate; and where a lot is required in a short space of time, it becomes impossible to commit a sufficient sum of money to obtain a truly valuable specimen of the kind desired; in its place an effective and low priced recreation of an old pattern (with all the faults inseparable from such conditions) is added to the combination of posts needing attention, and taking up area.

The restricted accommodation of houses built on ground which is too important to allow large halls and big apartments, makes this desire of discretion and judgment the more objectionable. There can be no doubt that want of care and restraint in the choice of furnishings, by the acquiring public, affects its character, both as to design and craftsmanship.

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