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Kids watches that will help your child learn time management skills.


Nothing is more important to a parent than setting up our children for success. Skills like planning, organization, and time management come in handy in supporting a child's overall success. And truth be told, the under-development of such executive functioning skills may contribute to seriously challenging behavior in the future. 

What better way to start your child on this journey of better time management than to make it fun with kids' watches. Time management techniques can be thought of as tools to help your child do what they value the most, not just some plan to do more stuff in a day.

How to promote time management skills in your child using kids' watches 

Learning time management early will set your child up for success. This is because they can focus on their priority, completing their to-do list without feeling overwhelmed. 

  • Help your child become aware of time – Proper planning will entail your child breaking down all the tasks to be completed into sections, then prioritizing them. Let your child understand what is important or urgent so that they begin with that task. 
  • Help your child define priorities – Knowing what needs to be prioritized and done first. This can be done by understanding the importance of each task and then putting them in order from first to last. Let them set aside enough time for each task to avoid rushing through or feeling overwhelmed. 
  • Help your child to develop a working schedule/routine – Set aside a few hours that will be used to focus on the priorities set. The fact that your child knows what will happen in the next hour and even the day helps them prepare mentally for the tasks ahead. If the process can be made fun, the better, so there is excitement in each activity. Pictorial boards are good at helping with such planning.  

Sample kid's watches that will be ideal for your child.

  • Black Analog Kids Quartz Wristwatch – With a soft, non-toxic, adjustable band, this quartz wristwatch will be comfortable and safe on your child's skin. Perfect for preteens, the watch looks grown-up but is not as fragile or expensive as adult watches. 

With a simple yet lovely design, the time is displayed directly with numbers, with an easy-to-fasten strap. The face of the watch is big enough for any child to read, and the adjustable band will allow them to grow with the watch. 

  •  Unique Cute Pink Kids, Children's, and Girls Digital Watches – Perfect as a first watch for a baby girl, these cute cartoon-themed pink watches for a girl kid will be perfect for any young girl. With an appealing design for kids, the watch is straightforward to use. 

The watch features several fashionable designs and colors, allowing girls to express their personality as they learn to read the time quickly and precisely. The watch is designed with water-resistant and durable material, making it a perfect choice for young girls of any age. 

  • Purple Kids' LED Digital Sports Watch – Water resistant, this stopwatch has an hour, minute, and date display, an alarm clock, and a calendar, allowing for all-day, everyday use, even on rainy days. This watch will allow your child to learn and tell time while at the same time learning how to arrange their own schedule. 

The watch is made from long-lasting, durable PU material that is safe for your child's skin. Comfort has also not been compromised, with an adjustable strap that allows the watch to fit any child. 

  • Yellow Kids' Digital Watch – Watches for boy kids are not dull either. This watch will be the best first for any child who loves cars. This adorable car-shaped watch has a 12-hour format that makes it straightforward to read. The bright color makes it appealing to the child, and the soft rubber band will provide the needed comfort. 
  • Orange Kids LED Watch – This watch will set your child up for better time management. The hourly little beep will remind them of their task intervals, e.g., stretching after every hour. Since the watch is water resistant, it can be worn all day without worrying about water damage during the bath or while washing hands. 

Most kids will love the backlight, and the extra features will make it convenient for your child to tell time precisely and correctly. 

  • Fashionable Blue Digital Kids Sport Watch – Perfect for preteens, these watches for boy kids are a great size and fashionable enough for any child. The smooth and comfortable watch strap makes it a good option, even for those kids with sensitive skin. 

The watch has alarm, date, and day features, with an LED backlight that allows use even in the dark. It is also water resistant and therefore suitable for all-time use. 

  • Cute Pink Girls Digital Watch – Falling perfectly under the watches for girl kid category, these flowerlike girls watch is perfect for everyday use and the perfect birthday gift for your baby girl. The watch has large numbers making it easy to read, with easily adjustable month and date displays. 

Girls do love the colorful, lifelike flowers on the strap and how comfortable the watch is, not to mention the cuteness. The smooth, sleek finish makes it all that more desirable. 


Proper time management can be an important goal, like communication and socialization. Before your child can manage their time, they must be clear on the concept of time. What better way to get them started than with kids' watches that will be stylish and comfortable and serve the purpose of learning. 

Remember to continuously track the progress of your child. Check to establish any areas that need improvement. This will ensure your child stays on track as they continue improving. 


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