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Keep Your Kids Entertained for Hours with These Exciting Pool Water Toys

Water Toys For Pool:

During summer, all the kids want to do is to get into the pool and feel those splashes of water during the hotness of the day. Swimming and playing in the pool are leisure moments for kids and adults. It soothes them and also provides entertainment. But one can quickly get bored in the pool once wet with all that water. Parents find it challenging to make their child spend time in the pool, so he may only ask to get into the pool after changing his clothes. Kids get bored in the pool and come out of it, but after some time, they again desire to go into it. It takes work for the parents to make their child spend time in the pool to his total. Pool toys serve this purpose and make the parents' job easy. Even the fun becomes double when there are pool toys to play with.  

Pool toys are designed so that, along with play, they provide your little one with a lot of safety. Some toys are for the child's safety, like water floats that help your child learn to swim. Pool toys also develop motor skills and encourage the child to spend more time in the pool, which in turn helps him to learn to swim and dive real quickly. There are different pool toys for different purposes. 

Playing in pools and lakes has many benefits; for children, the benefits are more significant. It is suitable for physical as well as mental health. During summer, a person becomes slightly more aggressive, and playing in the pool relaxes the child, which is a great benefit. Not only in summer, but the children who love water also want to play in the pool even during other weather. 

Benefits of Water Toys for Pool:

Like many other toys, water toys are not only for playing. They come with many benefits other than providing your child with pleasure. 

· Encourage Team Work:

Many of the pool toys encourage playing in teams and groups. If you provide your child with a gun or even a ball, you can make teams and make them play with each other, which will develop their teamwork skills.

· Helps in Swimming:

Many water float toys help the child learn to swim by keeping him safe at the same time. 

Helps to Learn Diving:

Many toys are thrown in the water, and the child is tasked to take the toy out. This helps the child in learning diving with fun.

· Increases Pool Time:

Pool toys are the best choice when you want your child to spend time in the pool consistently. Nothing can attract the child as a toy does. So pool toys are the best when you want your child to spend some constructive time in the pool. 

· Develop Motor Skills:

Playing with water toys develops your kid's motor skills. His hand and eye coordination improves, and he becomes more focused as he plays in the pool. 

· Develop Cognitive Abilities:

Water toys are the best to make your child more imaginative and creative. The child learns about many things when he is in the pool, and with the help of pool toys, he can construct many stories. 

· Makes Pool Time Fun:

The most important all in the eyes of a kid is that the toy keeps him entertained. So pool toys make pool time fun for your child. Along with all those benefits that come complimentary with pool toys, the primary concern of the parents and the child while buying a toy is that it provides the child with pleasure. He doesn't get bored while playing with it. That's why pool toys are designed in a way that they provide your little one with joy and happiness. 

Here are some of the accessories that are provided to children to make the water play fun:

Water Floats for Kids:

When your child learns to swim, these water floats are best for him so he may not panic and can float with their support. The water floats are designed to float on water to keep your little one safe. There are even giant water floats for adults to lay on them while they are in the water. These water floats allow the parents to play with their children in the pool by sitting or lying on the water floats. 

The pool floats also have designs on them as they can be in the shape of an animal. Many pool floats are available, which include luxury pool float, fun pool float for casual use, party pool floats to make the pool party fun, inflatable pool floats, and many others. 

Water Toys for Lake:

Does your child want to play in a more significant water place? Lake seems an option. Lake is similar to a pool, but the vast space makes the toys more significant to entertain adults and kids. 

Children can play with dolphins, guns, giant water floats, and toys. 

Diving Toys for Pool:

Your child has learned to swim, and you may want him to learn Diving. There are many toys present to make your child learn Diving. The toys sink into the water, so the child dives into the pool to find his little buddy. There are different rings present to serve this purpose. Diving Toys are not for all kids. Suppose your child does not have reasonable breath control. In that case, it is better to avoid such toys and let him start diving when he wants to or is ready to control his breath enough to do Diving. 

Pool Toys for Kids:

To make the experience of pool pay aesthetic, homekartz has some awesome pool toys. The toys double the fun and keep the child in the pool for a few minutes. Our pool toys are safe and easy to use. The child can play with them and have fun. Our toys are not only for the kids that are grown up. The toys have attractive colors and enhance your child's imagination in the pool. 

Here are some of the pool toys for kids at homekartz:

· Seaplane Kids Toy

· Shark Tank Bathtub Ball

· Seahorse Powerful Water Gun for Kids and Babies

· Whale Bathtub Toy for Boys and Girls of All Ages

· Shark-Shaped Strongest Water Gun for Kids

· Indestructible and Inflatable Bubble Balls for Kids

· Submarine Toy for Kids

Seaplane Kids Toy:

Introducing to you a unique and new toy for your little one. The seaplane can move from water to air and then from air to water. It is made up of recycled plastic and is eco-friendly. The seaplane has some attractive colors like yellow and green to attract your young one. It has a spinning propeller, rounded wings, and pontoons. There is a cockpit, too, where your child can place the hero of his imaginary world and give him a safe and unique experience. The toys can float on water like a real seaplane, making the experience realistic. The toys are for the pool and can provide fun at all water places.

The toy is made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs. The packaging is also made from recycled materials, so it is eco-friendly. The material from which the toy is lead-free, BPA-free, phthalates-free, and no other harmful substances are present to keep your child safe. It can also stand rough play and is durable. It is easy to clean and is safe around food. The dishwasher can be used to keep the toy clean. This toy will enhance your child's imagination. He can make millions of stories with this toy in his mind and spend his leisure time in the pool. The cartoonish look will keep your child's mind interacting with all the cartoons he has watched, making the play more fun and aesthetic. The product's dimensions are 9.5" L × 9" W × 5.25" H. The product weighs 0.61 lbs. It is for sure the best safe choice for your child's play. 

Shark Tank Bathtub Ball:

This shark tank bathtub ball toy is best for the bath, beach, pool, or lake. 

This delightful toy for toddlers includes:

· A spherical shark tank

· A master diver with an old diving helmet 

· An Octopus

· Two Sharks 

The toy characters blow bubbles when they are underwater, which can make your child excited and love the play. This toy can change your kid's pool time into an underwater mystery. This toy ensures your young one enjoys swimming and has a perfect time. The toy is safe and is made of natural rubber. The toy has a large opening, making cleaning easy and preventing molds from building up. The toy is eco-friendly and can stand a lot of okay times. It saves the parent from buying a lot of pool toys again and again. The child never gets bored with this toy. 

The shark becomes the enemy of the hero of your child's imagination. The diver encourages the child to learn Diving and makes him interested. Your child's diver can explore underwater and keep himself safe from all those sharks and octopuses. Keeping the shark in the shark tank will be your child's ultimate goal which will keep your child interested in playing for a long time. These imaginative toys are perfect for children and enhance their cognitive abilities. 

Seahorse Powerful Water Gun for Kids and Babies:

Water guns are traditional toys used for centuries and are still famous among children. What about a water fight while playing in the pool? Let's team up and play with this water gun. This cute purple sea horse water gun is perfect for a kid. It is easy to grasp in the hands of a child of 3 years and up. It is easy to fill and fire and shoots up to 32 ft of water. The toy is made up of non-toxic ABS plastic. It doesn't slip out of your young one's hand and is entirely safe for him. At a pool party, you can make teams and make the children play with this cute little gun to encourage team play and a sense of competition. When it is said that toys are something more than what they look like, it is meant that they are the child's teacher that teaches them without even them knowing. 

Whale Bathtub Toy for Boys and Girls of All Ages:

This lovely toy is not only for the bathtub but also for your pool. You can bring the ocean to your pool with this stunning toy. A whale is one of the largest sea animals, which your kid has seen many times on T.V., but now he can see this whale buddy in his pool and enjoy playing with it. Water-absorbing holes collect the water, and two water sensors activate a stream of fountain-like water from the nozzle on the top. It makes the experience realistic as the toy splits the water like a whale. 3 AAA batteries are required to bring this little creature to life and split water to excite your young one. There is a seal ring, so there is no need to worry, as it will prevent the water from reaching the batteries. Our toy is safe for your child and is made of non-toxic material. The material used is of market standards and pleasures your little one. 

It is also battery-saving as it automatically shuts off when you take it out of the water. This is best for a pool party for your child as you can bring them into your pool, and there will be splashes of water. Many little fountains will be in the water to make the party fun.

Shark-Shaped Strongest Water Gun for Kids:

Here is another shooting buddy for your child to help him throw water on others. The shark can fit about 15.21 liquid ounces. Again the best toy for pool parties to encourage team plays. The toy is safe for children, made from P.P. plastic, and has no toxic materials. Water guns are a must-toy for summers because summer is all about hotness and cold water. This gun looks like a shark and has attractive colors that make it stand out. The cartoonish look of the shark makes it perfect for the child. 


It is made of high-quality material, but avoid putting it in the mouth. 

Shark Ball Launcher:

In your childhood, you used to play with sling shots with rocks. The world has modernized, so homekartz introduces you to a shark Ball Launcher. The balls are highly safe, so no one would get hurt while playing with this toy. The shark can shoot a ball as far as 20 feet. You can easily wash it when it gets dirty to avoid germs. The shark and the balls are durable and work perfectly together. Not only the water guns but also this shark Ball Launcher can be used to encourage team play by making teams at a pool party and asking the children to throw balls at each other. It will be the best pool party for the kids. 

What can be more perfect than a shark toy in the pool? Sharks are sea animals, and children are usually scared of them but still love to play with them and watch them on T.V. So we have come up with this idea to provide your young one with this shark buddy that will team up with him to throw balls on others. The shark is made from ABS plastic, and the balls are made from EVA. 

Indestructible and Inflatable Bubble Ball for Kids:

Which kid doesn't likes to play with a ball? The pleasure will be enhanced if the kid plays with the ball in the water. Throwing the ball with all those splashes is a joyful experience for the kid. Our indestructible and Inflatable ball is ready to be grasped by your little one's hand and thrown in and out of the water. There are always beach balls and pool balls to make pool time fun, so we also have a durable and safe ball for your child. 

Ball is constructed of Xpandium, which is a solid and long-lasting material. It is safe for the environment and is tear-resistant. It excludes toxic materials like BPA, PVC, or latex. There is a blowing tube so your kid can blow it on his own, and when playtime is finished, you can deflate it, which makes it easy to store. There is no need for any tying it self seals once it is full-blown. The ball measures 70cm/27.56 inches in diameter. 

Submarine Toy for Kids:

This colorful submarine is designed for both bath play and pool play. The submarine has attractive colors like yellow and blue and can search water depths with your child. It also comes in other colors, so your child can choose the color he likes. The toy is eco-friendly, which makes it a great choice. It is made up of durable plastic, so there is no need to buy the toy repeatedly. It can be used for a long time and still looks like new. The toy features a spinning rear propeller, a flat bottom to stabilize the submarine, and a classic handle. There is also a mouth opening for plenty of scoops. The submarine's cabin can be opened, which makes the child interested in it, and this feature also makes it easy for the parents to clean it and keep its germs Fred for their kids. It is dishwasher safe. 

A thousand stories are waiting along with this submarine to be discovered by your little one. This pool buddy will make your child's pool time fun and interactive. This submarine will bring much happiness and giggles to the pool and cheer up your child. 

This toy manufactured in the USA comprises 100% post-consumer recycled plastic milk jugs. The material is non-toxic, and soy ink is used for those colors. The submarine meets FDA food contact standards and is free from BPA, PVC, and phthalates. The material is of high quality and meets industry standards. Homekartz cares about your child's safety and provides parents with baby-friendly toys. The dimension of the toy is 10.25" L × 5.25" W× 4.5" H. It weighs 0.32 lbs. 

These pool toys are available at homekartz to make pool time fun for your kids. We want your child's pool party to be excellent, and if there is no party, the pool time deserves to be filled with joy. Homekartz cares about you and your kid, so we provide all these friendly materials to make parenting and playtime easy. Homekartz shops in the USA and also out of the USA. We even have a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the toys. 

USA Shipping:

If you are in the USA, it will require 1 to 3 business days for the product to arrive. 

Money Back Guarantee:

We have a 90-day iron-clad money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with our product. The item will be returned will a full refund. 

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