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How to Make Your Own Wooden Watches from Scratch

While we enjoy excellently top quality, store-bought watch, we recognize there are times something more homemade is more suitable. 

Step 1: Take Apart One of Your Watches 

Unless you're a master watchmaker, you're going to need an already-made quartz motion, or the primary watch mechanics, for your project. A simple method to do this? Just take a watch you don't like excessively and use the motion from it. You'll begin by utilizing either a knife or a flat-head screwdriver to open up the back and get rid of the crown. 

The motion bit can then be taken care of later by utilizing your tool to separate it from the case. Nevertheless, all of this can be difficult, so do not hesitate to pull on some other resources to see how it is done. YouTube has plenty of tutorials if you want some fast and easy assistance.

Step 2: Start Measuring and Planning for your watch 

Once you've disassembled an old watch and taken out all the bits you'll require, preparing strategies are next. Don't forget to prepare a little space between the glass and the watch hands in your style.

Step 3: Create the Watch Bezel

In this action, you'll, in fact, begin forming the watch itself. Once all the excess wood is off and you're delighted with your result, drill a 3/4 inch hole in the center and sand little by little. You do not want to take too much wood off, so go about this step very gradually.

Step 4: Craft Your Wooden Watch Case Carefully

Now that your watch is starting to take shape, it's time to move onto the case. You'll make this by creating comparable to the other actions. Connect your plans to the wood, eliminated the general shape you want, and sand it all down until it is smooth and smooth. Focus on the curves, however. We don't desire this totally flat. It ought to instead have a mild curve, so it naturally follows the shape of the wrist. Keep in mind: wood glue is your good friend. No skimping here. Apply a fair amount, secure it together, and let it dry for a day. Do not fret about any excess. You can constantly sand that down.

Step 5: Work on Your Watch Links

Creating your own wood watches can be a demanding and challenging job, but you've come a long way. For each edge link, just go about halfway if you want to keep your watch pins concealed from view. Sand any hard edges away as soon as done, and always make more links than what you think you need.

Step 6: Stick It All Together and Make Your Back

With all the links now made, verify your work. Are all your watch pins where they should be? Are the links tough and great? Any rugged or sharp edges left? When whatever checks out okay, glue your band to the case. After that sets overnight, you ought to be ready to finish up your watch. While that's setting up, however, use the opportunity to make your back. You can use various materials for this, but metal plating or straight wood will work the very best.

Step 7: Giving Finishing Touches

Start by positioning the face back onto the motion and attaching the hands. This can then be followed up by placing the movement into the case, inserting your old watch's spacer, screwing on the back, and finally, connecting the latch.

Step 8: Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor 

Congratulations, with all these steps complete, you've likewise completed your new wood watch! Now all that's left to do is enjoy your wood watch, show it off, and talk about the process whenever you can.

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