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How can you choose an extraordinary wooden watch?

Finding the right watch for you can be very tricky since many models are on the market. However, that also means you must stick with a regular watch style and materials. That's why you may want to try out something new and unique. A wooden watch is fantastic, unique, and exciting, pushing the boundaries regarding quality. With that being said, how can you pick the best wooden watches? Here you have some tips and tricks to help you get started!

What type of wood is the watch made of?

Let's face it, a wooden watch men's model will sometimes use different types of wood. Different watches come with a variety of wood types and requirements. Wood is diverse, so you will have different patterns, textures, and colors. With that in mind, you do want to go with those wood types that are versatile and durable.

You will notice that most wooden watches for men are made out of maple, walnut, sandalwood, koa, and rosewood. It's a good idea to assess the texture, grain, shine, durability, and color of that particular type of wood. Then you can narrow down what kind of wooden watch will suit your requirements. Assess these different features and study all kinds of watch types, then you will be able to obtain excellent results in the long run.

Do you want the watch to be personalized?

One of the advantages of getting a wooden watch for men is that you can have it customized. That makes it a fantastic gift, and it's something you have to take into account. A lot of people love the idea of having a watch that can be customized, and wooden watches are perfect for that. You also have to know what kind of features you want.

Some types of wooden watches will have a chronometer; others will include more dials. Having all these extra features might come in handy, so it never hurts to take that into account, and the benefits can be second to none in the end. Plus, you want a great watch that looks the part but also delivers exceptional quality. 

Think about your skin tone

Many must realize that a wooden watch will only match some skin tones. Thankfully, there are darker wooden watches, just like brighter ones. It depends on the type of wood that was used. But the great thing is that you usually have no problem finding an option matching your skin tone, which is excellent because it adds a lot of versatility and quality, which is extremely helpful in a situation like this.

Where will you wear the wooden watch?

Picking an excellent wooden watch also depends on the occasion. Do you want a wooden watch that you will wear every day? Then a more flexible, versatile wooden watch for men can be a perfect pick. However, you will also find some fancier models that look great, especially if you want a more attractive, one-of-a-kind timepiece. You have to take your time and assess the pros and cons of every unit as you narrow down what works for you.

Check the weight of the watch.

One thing to note about wooden watches is that they can vary much in weight. That's why checking the watch details makes a lot of sense. Some of these wooden watches can be rather heavy, depending on their added features, the kind of wood used for the strap, and many other similar things. The most important thing is to see if the watch is lightweight. If you're going to wear a watch every day, have one that's easy to wear. Of course, some people want a heavier watch, so it's a great idea to consider that.

Does the watch have any patina/character?

What you will notice about some wooden watches is that they have a very distinctive character or patina. Some of them look brand new, others bring in a vintage look, and that's one of the things that a collector will usually check when they choose a watch for themselves. With that in mind, picking such a watch can be a unique and exciting experience, and you can find many options to keep in mind here.

Are the materials sustainable?

Yes, wood is a sustainable material, so that you will have no problem protecting the environment. Plus, you also have the opportunity to choose a beautiful watch that will impress everyone. This is precisely why you must consider it; the results will bring a fantastic experience. Avoid any rush; the experience can be incredible if you do it correctly.

Checking the grain type

The wood grain style is different for every wooden watch since they are all made from different types of wood. So even if two wooden watches for men are made from the same type of wood, you can still find differences in the grain style. That's amazing and shows the incredible value and quality you can obtain this way. All you have to do is consider that, and you will certainly appreciate the benefits. 

What about the watch finish?

This is subjective, but for the most part, you want a polished watch finish. You will also notice that most watches like this feeling that they were carved. It's a significant investment and one of those things that you will appreciate more than you might expect. With that in mind, a sour finish shows the watch could be better made. Sure, some watches are meant to look old, but whenever you buy a great watch, you want it to feel like it delivers incredible versatility and quality. 

Check the movement

Whenever you buy a wooden or regular watch, you always want to see the movement. Quartz movements are trendy in most modern wooden watches. That's why it can be an excellent idea to check it out yourself and see who moves. There are reputable companies, but also no-name ones.


Buying a wooden watch will always require you to perform your due diligence. Not every wooden watch for men might be your style, or it might not have the features you expect. That's why checking the features and ideas listed above can help quite a bit. Yes, it does involve some trial and error, but in the end, you will be pleased with the results. Avoid any rush, assess the quality and features of all wooden watches for men that you are interested in, then choose the best options!

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