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Eco-Friendly Toys Your Kid Will Love Playing With!

Living plastic free is hard, and even the most eco-conscious would admit that. People prefer convenience, and plastic is conveniently available at every other stop. Although we all are widely aware of the disadvantages of using plastic and the trouble it has been causing over the last few decades, steering away from using plastic has not been an easy shift. 

Everywhere you look, things wrapped in plastic tempt us. This becomes especially dangerous when you notice that most items for children are outside the eco-friendly realm, from cots and clothes to high chairs. But mainly: toys!

What Are Eco-Friendly Toys?

Eco-friendly toys are better for the environment in some or other ways. They may be made from recyclable material that breaks over time or are themselves recyclable. Likewise, eco-friendly toys can also be made from natural, non-toxic, or sustainably sourced materials. 

What makes eco-friendly toys among the best is that they are also safer and kinder for children. Here are a few examples of sustainable toys:

Wooden Eco-Friendly Toys

Most eco-friendly or sustainable toys are made from wood. But it is best to look for toys made from sustainably sourced wood. For example, wooden toys made from birch or maples are the best option because such trees grow relatively fast. Avoid getting toys made from cheap wood or trees that can take years to replace, like an oak tree. 

As a thumb rule, look for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified toys. The FSC is a not-for-profit organization, and having the FSC stamp certifies that the business has managed the forests responsibly in its supply chain. 

Some great wooden toys at HomeKartz are:

  1. Safari Bowl. Bowling Game for 2+ 
  2. Chunky Wooden Puzzle for Educational Play
  3. Don't Dump Dumpty Game
  4. Bilingual Counting Chameleon Jigsaw Puzzle
  5. Fun and Educational Eco-Friendly Airplane Toys for Kids

Plastic Free Or Natural Rubber Toys  

Natural rubber is biodegradable, non-toxic, breathable, and sustainably sourced material. So there's a lot about natural rubber that is highly valued, especially in the children's toy industry. 

Moreover, natural rubber toys are the best choice for plastic-free toys that will go into little ones' mouths during the teething phase. The Hedgehog Teether is an eco-friendly teether that is not only super cute and comfortable but also completely safe for your baby. It is 100 percent free from harmful chemicals like BPA, PVC, phthalate, lead, and cadmium. 

Another huge eco-friendly toy is a Baby Toy Starter Set. It is made with recyclable plastic and packed in recyclable material to minimize waste. From a rattle to numbered stacking cups and an on-the-wheel push toy, the set is a perfect gift for any baby.

Organic Cotton And Wool Toys

Eco-friendly toys made from organic cotton or wool are unique and beautiful. Moreover, it is essential to remember that sustainable fabric toys are made from materials that haven't been subjected to as many pesticides or chemicals during their design and production. This is always good to know, considering how often toys go into the little one's mouths.

They make an adorable and wonderful gift if you're also buying for a new baby. There are many fabric toys in the market, including figurines, rattles, stuffed animals, etc. But not every fabric toy may be environmentally friendly. Some may have organic fabric exteriors but are filled with non-biodegradable materials. So, it's better to check on the label if the toy is organic and environmentally friendly. 

Should You Replace All the Plastic Toys with Eco-Friendly Toys? 

It would be ideal to have less plastic around your household in any given situation. But replacing all the plastic toys with eco-friendly toys only partially resolves the problem. So, don't throw everything plastic away and sprint out to buy a new set of plastic-free toys. 

If you have certain plastic toys that your child enjoys playing with, then, by all means, keep them and let your child play with them as much as they want. After all, throwing away a beloved and working toy for another one will be a waste. Plus, your little one might disagree and have something to say if their favorite toy goes missing overnight. 

However, when it comes to future purchases, try to buy more eco-friendly toys and approach toy shopping with a mindset of quality over quantity. For example, the next time your child wants to play with play dough, instead of getting the regular one, get the eco-friendly version of play dough. It is made with safe and sustainable ingredients that are great for your child and the planet. 

Cost Comparison of Plastic Toys With Eco-Friendly Toys

A significant reason plastic toys are highly valued is because of their cost. Plastic toys' mass production enables consumers' low costs compared to several alternative sustainable toys. In comparison, eco-friendly toys have a much higher price tag due to craftsmanship, time, and quality of the materials that go into the careful production of sustainable toys. This makes the toys far superior in quality and overall experience, reflecting the price.

Cost is often a concern when buying environmentally friendly toys. But there are some cost-cutting solutions that you can opt for to reduce expenses. For example, look for environmentally friendly toys in toy swaps or buy pre-loved eco-friendly ones in good condition at a lower price.

Take Away

Being eco-conscious is a choice and a mindset that should be set early in life. And toys being one of the core parts of a child's life, going eco-friendly will provide more benefits and joy. 

Eco-friendly toys help reduce the household's plastic consumption and encourage kids to enjoy the benefits of sustainable products. Undoubtedly, eco-friendly toys are a wise investment and the need for the hour. 

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