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Check out these 40 amazing Christmas games to make your kids jump joyfully

Keeping children entertained during the holiday can be challenging for many parents. Did you know that there are countless fun and easy Christmas games available? In this blog post, we have gathered 40 entertaining and interactive activities to capture your child's attention throughout the festive period.

Let's discover merry ways to spread cheer amongst kids this Christmas!


Key Takeaways


  • 40 fun and easy Christmas games for kids are listed in the article to keep them entertained during the holidays.
  • The games include indoor and outdoor activities, such as the Stocking Guessing GamePin the Nose on the SnowmanCandy Cane HuntJingle Bell TossingSnowball Relay Race, and Santa Limbo.
  • Interactive virtual party games like Awkward Christmas Card, Never Have I Ever: Christmas Edition, and Who Am I? are also suggested for virtual celebrations.
  • These games provide entertainment and help develop skills such as coordination, balance, teamwork, critical thinking, and deductive reasoning.


Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids


Fun Christmas party games for kids include the Stocking Guessing Game, where children have to guess what is inside a stocking without looking, and Pin the Nose on the Snowman, where kids try to place a nose sticker on a snowman poster while blindfolded.


Stocking Guessing Game


Make your child's holiday season more captivating with the Stocking Guessing Game. This indoor activity is not only entertaining but also easy to set up. Start by filling a Christmas stocking with various holiday-related items such as candy canes, small toys, or ornaments. Ensure the objects are not too tiny for safety purposes, and they all have different textures to make the game more challenging. Next, blindfold your child or ask them to close their eyes before handing them one item from the stocking at a time. This engaging Christmas game aims for kids to guess what each object is simply by feeling it. With every correct guess, award points to keep the excitement level high. The Stocking Guessing Game keeps the little ones busy and sharpens their sense of touch and deduction skills. It's a surefire way to kick Boredom aside and bring about festive cheer during winter break!


Pin the Nose on the Snowman


Pin the Nose on the Snowman is a classic Christmas party game that kids love! This fun and interactive game will keep them entertained for hours. Here's how to play:


  1. Set up a large poster or drawing of a snowman on the wall. Make sure it has no nose!
  2. Cut out several carrot-shaped noses from orange construction paper.
  3. Blindfold one child at a time and give them a turn to try and pin the Nose on the Snowman.
  4. Spin them around a few times to make it more challenging (but be sure to keep them safe!).
  5. The child who gets closest to pinning the Nose in the right spot wins!


Candy Cane Hunt


Looking for a fun and festive game to entertain your kids during the holidays? Look no further than the Candy Cane Hunt! This exciting activity will have your little ones searching high and low for hidden candy canes. It's a great way to keep them engaged and entertained while adding a touch of Christmas magic to your home. Here's how to set it up:

  1. Gather some candy canes: Start by gathering a bunch of candy canes. You can choose traditional red-and-white striped ones or mix them with different flavors and colors.
  2. Hide the candy canes: Find hiding spots around your home or outdoor space where you can hide the candy canes. Get creative with your hiding spots - tuck them behind ornaments on the Christmas tree, under pillows, or even in stockings.
  3. Let the hunt begin: Once you've hidden all the candy canes, gather the kids and let them know it's time for the Candy Cane Hunt. Give each child a basket or bag to collect their finds.
  4. Start searching: Release the kids and watch as they eagerly search for the hidden candy canes. Encourage them to work together or compete against each other - whatever makes it more fun for them!
  5. Enjoy sweet rewards: As they find each candy cane, let them enjoy a sweet treat immediately or save them up for other festive activities like decorating gingerbread houses or making hot cocoa stirrers.


Jingle Bell Tossing


Get ready for some festive fun with Jingle Bell Tossing! This exciting Christmas game is perfect for kids of all ages. Here's how to play:


  1. Set up a target: Find a large container or a Christmas-themed hoop to use as your target. Place it a few feet away from where the kids will be standing.
  2. Gather the jingle bells: Get a bunch of tiny jingle bells that are easy to toss. You can find them at craft stores or online.
  3. Mark the throwing line: Use tape or chalk to mark a throwing line on the floor a few feet away from the target. Make sure it's a safe distance for your little ones.
  4. Start tossing: Have each child toss their jingle bells into the target. They can throw one at a time or try to throw multiple bells at once for an added challenge.
  5. Keep score: If you want to make it competitive, assign point values to different parts of the target (e.g., 10 points for getting it in the center, 5 points for hitting the rim). Keep track of each child's score throughout the game.


Snowball Relay Race


The Snowball Relay Race is a fun and energetic Christmas game that will keep kids entertained and active during the holidays. It's a great way to burn off energy and blast with friends and family. Here's how to play:


  1. Divide the participants into two teams.
  2. Set up a start line and a finish line, ensuring enough space for running.
  3. Give each group an equal number of lightweight snowballs (you can use white pom-poms or crumpled pieces of white paper).
  4. The first player from each team stands at the start line with their snowballs.
  5. When the race starts, the players must carry their snowballs using a spoon held in their mouth.
  6. They then have to run to the finish line without dropping their snowballs.
  7. Once they reach the finish line, they pass the spoon and snowballs to the next player on their team.
  8. The race continues until all players on one team have completed their turn.


Santa Limbo


Santa Limbo is a fun and festive game that will get your kids laughing and grooving to the holiday tunes. It's a twist on the classic limbo game with a Christmas twist. Here's how to play:


  1. Gather your little ones and form a line.
  2. Start playing some lively Christmas music to set the mood.
  3. Find a long, sturdy stick or broom handle for the limbo bar.
  4. Hold the post horizontally at about waist height for the kids to go under.
  5. The game's goal is for each child to take turns going under the bar without touching it or falling over.
  6. After each round, lower the bar slightly to increase the difficulty level.
  7. The child who can limbo under the lowest height without touching or falling wins!
  8. Remember to cheer and encourage each child as they take their turn.


Interactive Christmas Games for Virtual Parties


Interact and blast during virtual Christmas parties with fun games like Awkward Christmas Card, Never Have I Ever: Christmas Edition, and Who Am I?


Awkward Christmas Card


Awkward Christmas Card is a hilarious game that will keep your kids entertained during the holiday season. Here's how to play:


  1. Gather a collection of awkward family photos or find some online. These can be funny, embarrassing, or just plain silly.
  2. Print out the pictures and cut them into individual cards.
  3. Shuffle the cards and place them face down on a table.
  4. Have each player take turns picking a card and reacting to the photo.
  5. The reactions can be anything from funny faces to reenacting the image itself.
  6. The other players must guess the response based on the photo alone.


Never Have I Ever: Christmas Edition


Looking for a fun and engaging game to play with your kids during the holidays? Why not try "Never Have I Ever: Christmas Edition"! This festive twist on the classic party game will keep everyone entertained. Here are some fun ideas to get you started:

  1. Never have I ever made a snowman taller than me.
  2. Never have I ever received a present from Santa Claus.
  3. Never have I ever had hot chocolate with marshmallows.
  4. I have never gone caroling in my neighborhood.
  5. Never have I ever eaten a candy cane straight from the Christmas tree.


Who Am I?


  • In the "Who Am I?" game, kids must guess the Christmas character or object they are pretending to be.
  • This game is fun and helps develop critical thinking and deductive reasoning skills.
  • To play, each child takes turns wearing a card with a Christmas character or object written on it (e.g., Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas tree).
  • The child who wears the card asks questions about their identity, such as "Am I a person?" or "Do I wear a red hat?"
  • The other players can only answer "yes" or "no."
  • Based on the answers, the child tries to guess who they are within a certain number of guesses.
  • If the child guesses correctly before using all their guesses, they win!
  • This game can be played at home during family gatherings or virtual holiday celebrations.
  • It's an engaging activity that sparks imagination and creates laughter among kids of all ages.
  • Who Am I? is a perfect addition to your fun and easy Christmas games list for kids.


Christmas Bingo


Looking for a fun and interactive game to keep your kids entertained during the holiday season? Look no further than Christmas Bingo! This classic game is easy to set up and can be played by children of all ages. Here are some reasons why Christmas Bingo should be on your list of must-play games this year:


  1. It's a festive twist on a beloved game: Everyone loves playing Bingo, and adding a Christmas theme makes it even more exciting. The familiar rules are easy for kids to understand, and they'll enjoy marking off their cards as they listen for the called numbers or holiday-themed words.
  2. It promotes cognitive skills: Playing Bingo helps children develop critical cognitive skills like concentration, listening, and visual recognition. They'll practice focusing and attention to detail while searching for numbers or words on their cards.
  3. It's customizable: You can easily create your Christmas Bingo cards using holiday-themed images or words relevant to your family. This allows you to tailor the game to your kids' interests and make it extra special.
  4. It can be played with multiple players: Christmas Bingo is a great game to play with siblings, friends, or even virtually with extended family members. You can print out various cards or use online platforms that generate unique cards for each player.
  5. It's adaptable for different age groups: Whether younger children need pictures on their cards or older kids can handle numbers or words, Christmas Bingo can be modified to suit any age group.
  6. It encourages social interaction: Playing Bingo together creates opportunities for conversation and friendly competition among the players. Kids will love cheering each other on as they get closer to completing their bingo lines.
  7. It's quick and easy entertainment: Christmas Bingo fits the bill perfectly when you're looking for an activity that doesn't require a lot of setup or clean-up time. You can play a few rounds between other holiday festivities or keep it as part of a regular game night.


Seasonal Scavenger Hunt


Looking for a fun and engaging activity to keep your kids entertained during the holidays? Look no further than a seasonal scavenger hunt! This exciting game will have your children exploring and searching for hidden treasures, all while celebrating the festive season. Here are some reasons why a seasonal scavenger hunt is a great choice:


  1. Encourages outdoor exploration: A seasonal scavenger hunt is the perfect way to get your kids outside and enjoy nature. They'll be looking for specific items or clues related to Christmas, such as a red ornament or a pinecone covered in snow.
  2. Builds problem-solving skills: This activity challenges kids to think creatively and solve puzzles. They'll need to use their observation skills and critical thinking abilities to find all the items on their list.
  3. Promotes family bonding: A seasonal scavenger hunt is an excellent opportunity for quality family time. Get everyone involved in the game, divide into teams if you have multiple children, and work together to complete the challenge.
  4. Sparks imagination: The thrill of searching for hidden treasures sparks children's creativity. It allows them to create stories and adventures while exploring their surroundings.
  5. Provides physical activity: A seasonal scavenger hunt offers physical exercise besides being mentally stimulating. Kids will be moving around, walking, running, or even climbing as they search for each item on their list.
  6. Easy customization: You can customize the scavenger hunt based on location or preference. If you live in an area with lots of snow, include items like icicles or snowflakes in your list. If you prefer an indoor activity, create clues that lead from one room to another.
  7. Develop teamwork skills: If you have more than one child participating in the scavenger hunt, it's an excellent opportunity for them to practice working together as a team. They can help each other find clues or solve puzzles, fostering cooperation and communication skills.


Video Games


Video games can be a great way to keep kids entertained during the holiday season. With so many festive-themed video games, children can immerse themselves in virtual worlds filled with Christmas cheer.

Games like "Santa's Workshop Adventure" and "Christmas Eve Mystery" allow kids to solve puzzles and complete quests while embracing the holiday spirit. Popular games like "Just Dance: Christmas Edition" also provide an interactive experience that gets kids up and moving to their favorite Christmas tunes.

These video games offer a fun and engaging alternative for entertainment during the holidays, ensuring that kids have a jolly time while staying indoors.


Engaging Christmas Games for Kids


Get your children excited and engaged with these entertaining Christmas games that will keep them entertained all season long!


Elf On The Shelf Hide and Seek


  • Elf on the Shelf Hide and Seek is a popular Christmas game that kids love to play during the holiday season.
  • The game involves hiding a small elf figurine around the house and having the kids try to find it.
  • Parents can get creative with the hiding spots, making it a fun and challenging activity for the little ones.
  • This game not only keeps the kids entertained but also adds an element of excitement and mystery to their holiday experience.
  • It encourages imagination and problem-solving skills, as children have to think of clever hiding spots for the elf.
  • Elf on the Shelf Hide and Seek can become a cherished tradition in your family, with new hiding spots each year to keep things fresh and exciting.
  • Parents can even leave small notes or treats next to the elf when it's found, adding an extra layer of fun for the kids.
  • It's a great way to build anticipation for Christmas Day and create magical memories that will last a lifetime.


Ornament Guessing Game


The Ornament Guessing Game is a fun and exciting activity that will keep your kids entertained during the holiday season. It is easy to set up and can be played by children of all ages. Here's how to play:


  1. Gather a collection of Christmas ornaments and place them in a basket or container.
  2. Blindfold one child at a time and have them reach into the container to pick an ornament.
  3. Without looking, they must try to guess what the ornament is based on its shape, size, or any other clues they can gather.
  4. Give each child a certain amount of time to make their guess before moving on to the next player.
  5. After everyone has had a turn, reveal the correct answers and award points for each correctly identified ornament.
  6. Add a timer or limit the number of guesses each player gets to make it more challenging.


Freeze Dance Game


The Freeze Dance Game is a classic and entertaining Christmas activity for kids that will have them giggling and dancing their hearts out. It's easy to set up and requires no unique materials or equipment. Here's how to play:


  1. Start by gathering the kids in a spacious area, such as the living room or backyard.
  2. Choose some upbeat Christmas music that the children will love. You can create a playlist with popular holiday tunes or use an online streaming service with pre-made Christmas playlists.
  3. Have the kids start dancing around freely when the music begins playing.
  4. Randomly pause the music at different intervals (every 10 - 15 seconds) during the game.
  5. Everyone must freeze in whatever dance move or pose when the music stops.
  6. The last person to freeze is out of the round and becomes the "DJ" for the next game, controlling when to pause and resume the music.
  7. Keep playing rounds until there's only one dancer left standing.


Christmas Memory Game


A Christmas memory game is a fun and engaging activity for kids during the holiday season. It helps improve their concentration and memory skills while having a great time. Here are some key points about the Christmas Memory Game:


  • The Christmas Memory Game is played by placing pairs of matching cards face down and then flipping them over to find the matching pairs.
  • The cards can feature Christmas-themed images, such as Santa Claus, reindeer, snowflakes, and presents.
  • Kids can play this game individually or in small groups, making it suitable for solo entertainment and interactive play with friends and siblings.
  • This game keeps children entertained and challenges their memory recall abilities as they try to remember where each card is placed.
  • It's an excellent way for kids to develop their cognitive skills while enjoying the festive spirit of Christmas.
  • As children continue playing the Christmas Memory Game, they will naturally become better at remembering where each card is located, which promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Parents can enhance this game by adding challenges like racing against time or setting a new high score for each round.
  • The Christmas Memory Game can be easily customized based on the child's age and skill level. For younger kids, start with fewer pairs of cards and gradually increase the difficulty level as they progress.


Holiday Tic-Tac-Toe


Looking for a fun and festive game to keep your kids entertained during the holidays? Look no further than Holiday Tic-Tac-Toe! This classic game has a holiday twist to excite your little ones. Here's how to set it up:


  1. Draw a tic-tac-toe grid on paper, or use a chalkboard for playing outside.
  2. Instead of Xs and Os, use holiday-themed markers or stickers like candy canes and ornaments.
  3. Take turns with your child placing their marker on the grid, trying to get three in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
  4. The first one to get three in a row wins the game!


Pin the Nose on Rudolph


Pin the Nose on Rudolph is a classic Christmas party game that kids of all ages can enjoy. It's a twist on the traditional "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" game but with a festive reindeer theme. Here's how to play:


  1. Prepare the Game: Draw or print out a large picture of Rudolph, leaving out his red Nose. You can find printable templates online or create your own. Hang the picture at eye level on a wall or door, ensuring there is enough space around it for players to participate.
  2. Create Nose Cutouts: Cut out several red circles from construction paper or use pre-made adhesive foam noses. These will serve as the noses players try to pin on Rudolph's face.
  3. Blindfold Players: Each player takes turns wearing a blindfold and standing in front of the picture of Rudolph. Make sure you have enough blindfolds for everyone participating.
  4. Spin Around and Place the Nose: Spin each player once or twice to disorient them, then hand them a nose cutout. They aim to place the Nose as close as possible to where it should be on Rudolph's face.
  5. Mark Your Spot: Once each player has placed their Nose, use tape or a pin to secure it so it doesn't fall off during the game.
  6. Determine the Winner: After all players have had their turn, remove the blindfolds and compare everyone's placement of their noses. The player whose Nose is closest to where it should be wins the game.


Outdoor Christmas Games


Get the kids outside and active with these exciting outdoor Christmas games.


Sledge Bowling


Sled Bowling is a thrilling outdoor Christmas game that will keep your kids entertained during the holidays. Here's how to play:


  • Set up a bowling alley in your backyard by creating a lane with cones or other markers.
  • Use a small plastic sledge as the bowling ball and set up plastic pins at the end of the lane.
  • Each child takes turns sliding the sledge down the lane, trying to knock down as many pins as possible.
  • Keep score and award prizes for strikes and spares.
  • This game combines the excitement of sledging with the fun of bowling, creating an unforgettable winter experience for your kids.


Olympics-Style Winter Games


Looking for a way to get your kids active and engaged during the winter holidays? Why not host your very own Olympics-style Winter Games? Here are some fun and exciting events you can include:


  1. Snowball Toss: Set up targets in the snow and have your kids compete to see who can hit the most targets with their snowballs.
  2. Sledge Races: Choose a snowy hill and have races down on sledges. Time each child to see who can make it to the bottom fastest.
  3. Ice Skating Challenge: If you can access an ice rink, organize a skating competition where kids can show off their skills and tricks.
  4. Snow Angel Contest: See who can create the most elaborate and beautiful snow angel by judging creativity, size, and overall appearance.
  5. Ski Jumping: If you live near a ski resort or have access to a small hill, set up a mini ski jumping ramp using snow mounds or ramps made from plywood.
  6. Biathlon Relay Race: Divide the kids into teams and have them race while participating in cross-country skiing and target shooting challenges.
  7. Hockey Shootout: Set up a mini hockey rink in your backyard or driveway and have the kids take turns shooting pucks into goals.
  8. Figure Skating Showdown: If your kids enjoy figure skating, let them choreograph their routines and perform in front of family and friends.
  9. Snowboarding Trick Contest: For older kids who love snowboarding, organize a contest where they can showcase their best tricks on slopes or makeshift ramps.
  10. Bobsled Relay: Create a track using packed snow or build one out of cardboard boxes for bobsled-like races with small sledges or even inner tubes.


Snowman Toss Game


The Snowman Toss Game is a fun and engaging activity that will keep your kids entertained during the holidays. This game is perfect for indoor and outdoor play, depending on your preference and the weather conditions. Here's how to play:


  1. Set up: Create a snowman target by drawing or painting a large snowman face on a sturdy cardboard poster board. Cut out holes for the eyes, Nose, and mouth. You can also use bean bags or small balls as "snowballs" for tossing.
  2. Rules: Line up the kids at a designated throwing distance from the snowman target. Each child takes turns tossing the snowballs at the target, trying to aim for the different holes in the Snowman's face.
  3. Scoring: Assign points to each hole based on difficulty (e.g., higher points for smaller holes). Keep track of each child's score using a simple scoreboard or tally marks.
  4. Variations: You can introduce different throwing challenges to add some extra excitement. For example, have the kids toss underhand, overhand, or blindfolded to make it more challenging and entertaining.
  5. Friendly competition: Encourage friendly competition by awarding prizes or small rewards to the top scorers, but remember that the main goal is to have fun and create lasting memories with your children.


Snowball Fight


Snowball fights are a classic winter activity that kids love. Here are some tips and ideas to make your snowball fight extra fun:


  • Divide into teams: Split the kids into groups and designate a safe boundary area for the snowball fight.
  • Build forts: Encourage the kids to build snow forts or barricades using large piles of snow. This adds an element of strategy and protection during the game.
  • Set ground rules: Establish some ground rules for the snowball fight, such as no hitting in the face or below the belt. Safety should always be a priority.
  • Make safe snowballs: Teach the kids how to make safe snowballs by packing them tightly. Remind them not to throw icy or hard-packed snowballs at each other.
  • Create targets: Set up targets, such as buckets or cardboard cutouts, for the teams to aim at during the snowball fight. This can add some friendly competition and keep things exciting.
  • Play variations: Spice up the traditional snowball fight with variations like capture-the-flag or last-team-standing. These variations can keep the game fresh and entertaining.
  • Stay warm: Remember to dress warmly in layers, hats, gloves, and waterproof boots. It's essential to keep everyone comfortable during outdoor winter activities.


Creative Christmas Activities for Kids


Get ready to unleash your child's creative side with these engaging Christmas activities that will keep them entertained all season long. From decorating Christmas cookies to blindfolded drawing contests, there's something for every little artist in the family.

So grab some art supplies and let their imaginations run wild!


Decorate Christmas Cookies


Get into the festive spirit with your little ones by decorating Christmas cookies together. It's a fun and creative activity, allowing kids to showcase their artistic skills while enjoying delicious treats. Here are some ideas to make the cookie decorating experience even more memorable:


  1. Set up a cookie decorating station with different shapes and sizes of sugar cookiesicing in various colors, and an assortment of sprinkles, edible pearls, and candy decorations.
  2. Let your kids unleash their creativity by encouraging them to design unique cookies. They can use the icing to draw patterns or create intricate designs.
  3. Teach them different techniques like flooding (covering the cookie surface with icing) or piping (using a pastry bag to create designs).
  4. Create a friendly competition by having a cookie decorating contest. Award prizes for the most creative design, best use of colours, or funniest cookie.
  5. Turn it into a family bonding activity by joining the fun and decorating cookies together. This will not only bring everyone closer but also create lasting memories.
  6. Use themed cookie cutters like snowflakes, gingerbread men, reindeer, or Santa Claus to add an extra touch of holiday cheer.
  7. Once the cookies are decorated, let them dry completely before indulging in these tasty treats.
  8. You can also share these beautifully decorated cookies with friends and family as gifts or enjoy them during your Christmas celebrations.


Snow Art


Snow Art is a creative and fun activity that kids can enjoy during winter. It allows them to use their imagination while getting in touch with nature. Here are some easy and exciting snow art ideas for kids:


  1. Snow Sculptures: Encourage your child to create sculptures using the snow. They can build snowmen, animals, or even abstract shapes. Provide them with tools like spoons, sticks, and plastic cups to help shape the snow.
  2. Snow Painting: Fill spray bottles with water and add food coloring to create homemade snow paint. Your child can then use these colorful sprays to decorate the snow and create beautiful designs.
  3. Snow Collages: Collect natural materials from your backyard, like pinecones, leaves, and twigs. Let your child arrange these items on a flat surface covered in fresh snow to create unique collages.
  4. Snow Stamping: Take small objects like cookie cutters or plastic toys and press them into the snow to make imprints. Your child can experiment with different shapes and patterns to create stamped designs.
  5. Snow Mosaics: Fill containers with colored water using liquid watercolors or food coloring. Pour the colored water onto large patches of clean white snow to make vibrant mosaics.
  6. Snow Murals: Use a broad brush or broom to clear a large area of fresh snow. Then, let your child draw pictures or write messages using their feet as brushes.


Christmas Balloon Tennis


  • Christmas Balloon Tennis is a fun and active game that kids can play indoors during the holiday season.
  • It requires minimal materials - only a couple of inflated balloons, an improvised tennis racket, or even just your hand!
  • Set up a "tennis court" in your living room or any open space in your home by marking boundaries with tape or using furniture as obstacles.
  • Divide the players into two teams and have them stand on opposite sides of the "court."
  • Using their makeshift rackets, the players will volley the balloon back and forth, trying to keep it from touching the ground on their side of the court.
  • The goal is to keep the balloon in play for as long as possible, similar to a real game of tennis.
  • If a player fails to hit the balloon or touches the ground on their side, they lose a point. The team with the most points at the end wins.
  • Christmas Balloon Tennis improves hand-eye coordination and provides some exercise while having festive fun indoors.
  • It's an easy game that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages, making it perfect for family gatherings or playdates during the holiday season.

Remember: Christmas Balloon Tennis offers an exciting twist to classic tennis and is a fantastic way to get everyone moving and laughing together this holiday. So grab those balloons, set up your "court," and let the festive competition begin! Christmas Maze.


Looking for a fun and engaging Christmas activity to keep your kids entertained during the holidays? Look no further than the Christmas Maze! This exciting game will challenge their problem-solving skills while providing hours of entertainment. Here's why the Christmas Maze is a must-try activity for your little ones:


  • The Christmas Maze is a printable game that can be easily accessed online. Print out the maze and let your child dive into the festive adventure.
  • This maze features holiday-themed elements such as Santa Claus, reindeer, presents, and snowflakes. It adds an extra level of excitement and makes it perfect for the Christmas season.
  • Navigating through the twists and turns of the maze will help improve your child's concentration and spatial awareness. They'll have to strategize and plan their next move to reach the end successfully.
  • Kids of all ages can enjoy the Christmas Maze. Whether you have a preschooler or a preteen, they'll find this activity challenging yet enjoyable. It's a great way to involve siblings or friends in some friendly competition as they race to complete the maze.
  • Not only is this game entertaining, but it also helps develop critical thinking skills in children. As they navigate the maze, they'll learn to analyze different paths and decide accordingly.
  • With its festive theme and engaging gameplay, the Christmas Maze allows kids to immerse themselves in holiday cheer while keeping their minds active.


Cookies for Santa


  • Bake festive cookies with your kids to leave for Santa on Christmas Eve.
  • Use holiday-themed cookie cutters to create fun shapes like candy canes, snowflakes, and Santa hats.
  • Decorate the cookies with icing, sprinkles, and edible glitter for a special touch.
  • Get your little ones involved in the entire process, from mixing the dough to decorating the finished cookies.
  • Encourage their creativity by letting them choose their designs and colors for the cookies.
  • Teach your kids about giving by explaining that these cookies are a special treat for Santa as a thank you for delivering gifts.
  • Create a tradition of making and decorating cookies for Santa each year to keep the magic alive.
  • Assemble a plate of cookies on Christmas Eve and set it out with a glass of milk for Santa to enjoy when he visits your home.
  • In the morning, your children will be delighted to see that Santa has taken a bite from each cookie and left behind presents in return.


Blindfold Christmas Drawing Contest


The Blindfold Christmas Drawing Contest is a fun activity that will bring creativity to your kids. Here's how to set it up:


  1. Gather art supplies: Get some paper, crayons, markers, and colored pencils for your child to use during the contest.
  2. Blindfold the participants: Blindfold each child individually and give them a piece of paper and a drawing utensil.
  3. Give them a theme: Choose a Christmas-related theme for the contest, such as "Santa Claus," "Christmas tree," or "Reindeer."
  4. Start the timer: Set a timer for a specific time, depending on how difficult you want to make it for them. You can start with 1-2 minutes for younger kids, while older kids can have 3-5 minutes.
  5. Let them draw blindfolded: Encourage the participants to draw their selected theme without being able to see what they are drawing. This adds an element of surprise and fun to the activity.
  6. End the contest: Once the time is up, ask each child to remove their blindfold and reveal their masterpiece.
  7. Choose a winner: Have everyone vote on their favorite drawing, or let each child explain their artwork. You can either choose one winner or give out different categories like "Most Creative," "Funniest Drawing," or "Best Use of Colors."
  8. Display the artwork: Hang up all the drawings for everyone to enjoy and appreciate each other's artistic creations.

With these 40 fun and easy Christmas games and activities, parents can ensure their kids are entertained and have a memorable holiday season. From interactive virtual party games to engaging outdoor activities, there is something for every child to enjoy.

So gather the family, get into the festive spirit, and create lasting memories with these entertaining games for kids during the holidays.

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