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DIY Watch Kit Review: Is the Edison DIY watchmaking kit the ultimate way to make your watch?

Creating your mechanical watch is exciting and one of the most enjoyable ways to learn more about watches. We all had the idea of making our watch, putting one piece after another together to design the watch we always wanted. The Edison mechanical watchmaking kit brings the idea of building a watch from parts to life uniquely and distinctively. 


Table of Contents:


  1. Introduction

    • Exciting World of DIY Watchmaking
    • Unique Features of the Edison DIY Watchmaking Kit
  2. What's Included in the DIY Mechanical Watchmaking Kit?

    • Complete Set for Under $300
    • Overview of Tools and Components
    • Secure Packaging for Safe Delivery
  3. No Need to Alter the Movement

    • Pre-Provided Movement
    • Convenience for Newcomers
    • Streamlined Watchmaking Process
  4. No Battery Required

    • Hand-Wound Mechanism
    • Reduced Risks and Enhanced Convenience
    • High-Quality Materials Included
  5. A Massive Sapphire Glass Case

    • Unique Design and Size
    • Transparency and Durability
    • An Experience Worthwhile
  6. Two Different Colors

    • Express Yourself with Variety
    • Customization Options
  7. An Exact Guide

    • Step-by-Step Expert Guidance
    • Simplifying Mechanical Watchmaking
    • Two Sets of Straps, Hands, and Dials
  8. Only High-Quality Materials

    • Top-of-the-Line Components
    • Durable Tools for Future Use
    • Ideal for Aspiring Watchmakers
  9. Time Commitment for Watchmaking

    • Factors Affecting Assembly Time
    • The Fulfillment of Creating a Mechanical Watch
  10. A Stunning Watch at an Affordable Price

    • Versatile Kit and Classical Design
    • Value Compared to Retail Watches
    • Style and Richness
  11. What Sets the Edison DIY Watchmaking Kit Apart?

    • Consistent Quality Assurance
    • Detailed Guide and Premium Materials
    • The Reliability of Edison Kits
  12. Should You Invest in the Edison Watchmaking Kit?

    • Ideal Choice for DIY Enthusiasts
    • A Remarkable Watchmaking Experience
    • Pushing Boundaries in Value and Style


What's in the DIY mechanical watchmaking kit?


You will notice from our DIY watchmaking kit review that this is a complete watchmaking set, and it's all under $300. It is advantageous because you have everything you need, ranging from the precision screwdriver to the spring bar tool, nitrile gloves, cyanoacrylate glue, cutters, and tweezers. All these are easy to adapt and adjust, and you can easily create a stunning watch with our guidelines.


Aside from that, the unit also has the dial, glowing lume hands, small parts, movement, glass case, and genuine leather straps. All of these have their own space in the package, and they are not damaged in any way upon receiving them, which is quite an incredible achievement. You will receive a guide near them with all the steps you must follow. It's nice to see that every tiny piece is set in its dedicated foam space, adding to the experience. 


Will you need to alter the movement?


No, as you can see from the DIY watch kit review, the movement is already provided to you. That means you don't end up altering or modifying it in any way. The main focus is to eliminate any problems and focus on making the movement easier to manage. It is a great idea and one of those things people like because it's convenient. 


It also means that a newcomer can easily create a mechanical watch following the guide without worrying about modifying the movement. That's an excellent idea, and in the end, everyone wins. Of course, it takes some trial and error as you narrow down the best approach to create a watch. Thankfully, since you have a complete guide on making the process work, you eliminate any of those issues and focus on creating the best mechanical watch you can.


You don't have to buy any battery.


Since this DIY watchmaking kit has mechanical movement, you never have to buy batter. It's a hand-wound mechanism that's already managed for you. By having this already tackled, assembling the watch becomes a lot easier. According to the guide, you can adapt and implement the needed features without damaging the device.




That's why making a mechanical watch with a DIY kit like this is a great idea. It helps minimize the risks way more than you might imagine. Plus, you have all the necessary materials, all high quality. If you try to buy them separately, you will notice they are usually way more expensive. This kit saves money and ensures that all your materials are top quality. 


You can take the leather strap, for example; finding a high-quality, genuine leather strap is challenging. But this product is fantastic, and it certainly conveys excellent value and experience. Since natural leather is used for this watch, you will always have an excellent grip without worrying about the watch falling off your wrist. Simple details like these shown during this DIY watch kit review show why Edison is one of the top watchmaking kits on the market. 


A massive sapphire glass case


The case is made out of sapphire glass and is 44 mm, large enough to make your watch stand out. That's an excellent idea because many like the more significant, distinctive, and unique watches. It stands out regarding the value you can obtain, and the experience is nothing short of staggering. 


However, the watch kit itself comes with only the 44 mm case. You have to consider that because you won't be able to switch it with a minor case. Even if you have a smaller wrist, you can still buy the Edison watchmaking kit to learn how to create a watch, and then you can gift it to someone else.


That's the great thing when it comes to the Edison watchmaking kit. It's not just a watch; it gives you an entire experience through which you learn how to create your watch in an engaging and fun way. At the same time, the sapphire glass case is transparent. You get to see the details well while ensuring the case is durable. Ultimately, you can prevent scratches, yet the watch still looks fantastic and gives you an excellent experience no matter the situation. 


Two different colors


The watchmaking kit has two colors: blue and gold. Adding two different colors into the mix is great because it allows you to express yourself in a distinctive and empowering manner. Of course, it adds that tiny bit of style and uniqueness you want while allowing you to adapt and adjust things correctly to make them your own.


An exact guide


During our DIY watchmaking kit review, we noticed that making a mechanical watch can be challenging but straightforward, depending on the guidelines. And that's where the Edison mechanical watch kit shines. It was explicitly created with ease of use in mind, and it will impress you with its value and professionalism, but also with its great guide.


This guide is a step-by-step guide created by expert watchmakers with industry experience. If you stick to the guidelines, you will be fine taking the experience to the next level and making a stunning watch. That's the whole point: to help you narrow down all the steps needed to build a good watch. 


Since this is a mechanical watch, you don't have to worry about winding. The fact that the entire movement is already in place saves much time since many mechanical watch kits will offer something different. But in doing so, the Edison kit gives you more accessibility since you can build it the way you want at any given time.


This Edison kit has two sets of straps, hands, and dials. While adding a duplicate is excellent if you need a replacement if you break something, it's suitable for designing a watch that matches your style and has a way to switch. These tremendous simple additions make building a watch from parts much more accessible and easy to enjoy. It will make it worth the effort, especially for a newcomer.


Only high-quality materials


You might not expect to find incredible materials at this price, but that's not the case with this DIY watchmaking kit. It has only top-of-the-line materials, with the sapphire quartz and the leather strap prime examples. That's amazing because it helps show the stunning quality even a newcomer in the watchmaking business can achieve. '


The tools themselves are very durable, and they are not just for a one-time watch creation experience. These are tools that you can use for a watchmaking business. So, if you want to start as a watchmaker, these are the best solutions to remember. Starting your own business to create watches might seem complex, but you can do all that and much more with a kit like this.


How much time does it take to create a watch using this kit?


That's a fundamental question because you want to know how much of a time commitment it will take to use this type of watch kit. During the DIY watch kit review, it would depend significantly on your patience and experience. Depending on various factors, it can take an hour or even half a day. But that's the great thing about building a watch from parts; you will get it done in the end, and your satisfaction from doing this is unrivaled.


It's a fantastic project for yourself, and you can easily choose to sell it or gift it to someone else, not to mention you can keep it for yourself if you want. That is all up to you, but creating a mechanical watch is fulfilling. At first, this sounds scary because there are so many small pieces to work on. Yet if you take your time and realize what happens and what you are working with, the results are automatically much better.


A stunning watch for a very affordable price


There are many things to like when creating your mechanical watch with this Edison kit. The versatile kit helps you create a beautiful watch with a classical design. Another note is that the watch would cost much more if you got it from a retail business. Yet here you have all the necessary tools to create it, some replacements, and all the essential features you might be interested in. 


Does that mean the product is hard to use? Plus, the watch has a richness similar to the Cosmos, adding a lot of value and style to your particular outfit.


What makes the Edison DIY watchmaking kit different?


One of the problems when you buy a watch kit is that it won't allow you to create a mechanical watch. Also, the guides could be more precise, which becomes a problem. When you have a detailed guide, the result will be different from what you imagine, and that's not okay. Not only that, but companies that supply these DIY kits tend to have other suppliers, so you have a different quality and result for every watch. 


It is a problem because you need consistent quality, which affects the product. You can't know if you are getting the best watch kit or one of the bad ones. It's common to receive damaged pieces if you buy random watch kits. That's where the Edison watchmaking kit shines since each one of the products is checked to ensure you always have the best quality. It's a consistent company that delivers an excellent experience, and you always know what to expect.


Should you buy the Edison watchmaking kit?


If you want to find a fantastic DIY watchmaking kit to help you learn how to build a classic watch, then this is the best option for you. The watchmaking experience is excellent, and the Edison kit only features high-quality materials. Even better, it also offers you a great, detailed guide that's to the point and extremely easy to use.


We highly recommend giving it a shot because it's an efficient product with a great style and pushes the boundaries regarding value. Give it a try today and see why the Edison watchmaking kit is one of the best ways to create your stunning mechanical watch!

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