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Bring the Baby Shark Song to Life with Fun Toys

Every kid loves baby sharks and everything that associates with it. Naturally, they want baby shark toys they can take with them for bathtime. It's also a fantastic way to let your children learn. For parents who want to make bathtime fun and exciting for kids, in this article, we will be diving into what you need to know about bath time for babies and which are the best bathtime toy options for your child that you can easily find. 

When Can Bathtime Fun Begin? 

While some adults prefer taking baths daily, kids are a bit different. Pediatrics recommend keeping the bathtime for kids to a maximum of thrice a week until they reach an age where solid foods are a part of their regular diet. You may think, Why? 

Firstly, infants who are under three months of age face difficulty regulating their temperatures. This implies that keeping their time in the bathtub short would be best. Also, toys, including baby shark plush toys or bath toys, won't be the best option, given the fact that infants cannot play with them at such a young age. 

Second, according to the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD), hard water and soap can trigger skin sensitivities like eczema in kids during their early days. The report further suggests that 60% of people with eczema develop it during their first year.

Finally, baby bathtubs are not ideal for play, especially when the baby cannot sit independently or has control of their head and torso. However, after six months of age, when most babies develop the skill to sit independently, playing in the tub with baby shark bath toys can be a fun time for both parents and their little ones to bond and have fun! 

Benefits of Bathtime Fun

Interacting with your baby during bathtime is another excellent way to encourage sensory play and motor skill development. And if your kids love baby shark bath toys, the water play becomes much more beneficial. Sensory play facilitates babies to use different movements and engages their senses of touch, sight, hearing, and smell. In addition, it helps babies to move their bodies in specific ways that further establish their sense of gross and fine motor skills. 

Research suggests that movement is a core motivation that increases blood flow. This then further makes us feel awake and signals our cells to feel more alert so that we can focus our attention better afterward. 

In other words, by playing with colorful bath toys in the tub like the baby shark toys, you are helping your baby to build neural brain pathways, improve their hand-eye coordination, develop more vital fine motor skills, improve their problem-solving abilities, and even work on their language and communication skill development. 

Furthermore, physical touch helps babies relax and lower their heart rate so they can have a good night's sleep peacefully. So, bathtime with fun bath toys makes it the perfect activity before bedtime.

Top 3 Features to Look For In Your Baby's Water Play Toys 

While all baby shark toys seem colorful and cute, not all are ideal for a safe and fun bathtime. Therefore, looking for these three features when shopping for water toys for your baby's bathtime is essential. 

Easy to Clean

Splashing and squirting water is a must during water play; a fun bath time is never complete without them. Unfortunately, cleaning the toys at water playtime can be a big hassle. Often, toys have openings where water seeps in, and it becomes breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and bacteria. 

Several studies have suggested getting rid of the rubber ducky from bath time as it might be the very reason for causing skin sensitivities and infections. This means that parents should look for bath toys that are either easy to clean or have a solid surface with no holes for the water to house in. 

Shark-Shaped Strongest Water Gun for Kids is a bathtime favorite for many households with kids. The gun squirts water as far as 6 to 9 feet! The toy is made from PP plastic, which is non-toxic and safe for bathtime. Above all, it has been easy to clean and reuse for years. 

Non-Toxic and Child-friendly Materials 

Like any other baby products, it is essential to choose bath toys that comply with child-friendly use and are made with non-toxic materials. So, look for baby shark toys for bath time that are free of any harmful materials. 

Instead, choose bath toys that are made from suitable, child-safe materials, like food-grade silicone, natural rubber, polypropylene or polyethylene plastics, etc. Shark Ball Launcher makes bathtime into a play fiesta. This toy makes one of the best baby shark gifts for children who like playing with ball launchers in the bath or outdoors. 

Additional Educational Features 

Children are always seeking ways to learn and enhance their skills from the experiences they absorb daily. Bathtime may look like a fun time for kids, but it is also packed with several learning opportunities! Most bath toys project bright colors, various textures, and different sounds. Moreover, they also promote fine and gross motor skills. These attributes make bathtime more exciting and support a child's skill and spatial awareness. 

Shark Tank Bathtub Ball is an entertaining, unique, and imaginative baby shark toy for kids that includes a spherical shark tank, master diver, octopus, and shark bath toy. Above all, it's a durable, eco-friendly playset made from plant-based natural rubber and is ideal for play in the bathtub, beach, or pool.

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