Boost Your Child's Brain Power with These Top Cognitive Development Toys

Cognitive Development Toys

Toys are an essential part of childhood. They are not only meant for pleasure but also for learning different things. Throughout his early age, the child learns with the help of toys. He learns about himself, his surrounding, and also his abilities. Imagine a child solving a puzzle. Yes! Every child will not solve it the same way, and not every child can solve the puzzle. It is the difference that a child recognizes in himself at an early age by playing with toys. Toys come in many forms and have different roles in your little one's life. 

A toy helps a lot in building the cognitive skills of a child. Cognitive skills are the skills related to one's brain. These are the thinking abilities, problem-solving, observation skills, reasoning, or how one's mind can remember something or think about something. Several toys are just built to fulfill this purpose. Cognitive skills are essential, and your toddler will use them his whole life. His childhood to adulthood phase is based on these cognitive skills. 

Here a thorny question arises for the parents how can they find out which toy is best for their child's cognitive skills development? First, the toys should be chosen according to the child's age. If parents buy a toy that is beyond their child's understanding, he will not try to play with it, or if it is too easy according to your child's age, it will only help a little reach the goals. We have many toys that will improve your child's cognitive skills. All of the toys are listed according to your kid's age, so you can pick up the best for your young one. 

Cognitive Development Toys for Babies:

Being a father or mother of a baby is a blessing but also hectic work, especially when you have to choose something for him. He doesn't have his opinions at this age, so you have to choose things for them. Even choosing their toys also becomes your responsibility. Now the real trouble is, what if your baby doesn't like the toys you chose for him? Yes, it is an issue but doesn't worry; we are here for your help. First of all, there is no need for complex toys when you have a baby. Easy and unique toys are appropriate for your kid when he is a baby. But the parents find it more difficult when they have to find something to improve their child's cognitive skills when the child is too young.

Here we have a bunch of cognitive development toys for your baby:

· Earthworm Clutching and Grabbing Toys for Infants

· Buddy Blocks. Beginner Block Puzzle Set!

· Wooden Baby Rattle Toys

· Baby Toy Starter Set

· Fun and Educational Eco-Friendly Airplane Toys for Kids

Earthworm Clutching and Grabbing Toy for Infants:

The Earthworm features a soft wooden design. They can be easily grabbed by your little one's hands. As we are clear about the facts, babies like to put everything they see in their mouths, so our cute little Earthworm is stained and not painted. These stains keep the Earthworm looking shiny and bright. Our toy is eco-friendly. The rubber wood is plantation grown. There is an elastic band that makes it easy for the baby to grasp the beads and twist them around. This improves the hand movement of your baby. The different colors and textures will attract your baby and develop his sense of vision. Now you might wonder what cognitive skills this wooden Earthworm develops. These earthworm stretches will let your child know the concept of cause and effect and develop his problem-solving skills. He will learn how this process works by bending and twisting the Earthworm, developing his fostered cognitive skills. He will also learn hand-eye coordination and enhance his imagination and creativity. The toy is perfect for a child who is the age of 1 and up. 

Buddy Blocks:

Blocks help a lot in the development of cognitive skills. How they are arranged, and their sequence greatly helps your child's development. This block set has 4 pieces with animals on them. Your little one has to arrange the blocks to see an animal on them. Match the blocks and find out 6 animal pictures through our toy set. The block set is made from rubber wood and is colored with stains. So it is 100% safe, and the material is high quality. This play set will develop your child's creative thinking and problem-solving skills when he tries to solve the puzzle by placing the blocks in sequence. These blocks are ready to be grabbed by your little one's hands and placed where they belong. 

Wooden Baby Rattle Toys:

This fantastic wooden baby Rattle toy will distract your child's attention, and the hold, grasp, and sound will develop his cognitive skills. As a parent, you will feel relaxed and comfortable as your baby will be so mesmerized by this rattle toy that he will stop crying. Its smooth surface also improves your baby's sensory and motor skills. The rattle toy is made of polished beech wood and is 100% safe. We care about your young one's safety, so no toxic ingredient is used while making this toy. It has a smooth texture and no rough edges, so there is no harm to your child with this toy. Our toy is FDA certified. You can easily clean it by washing it. Wash it with soap in warm water and then air dry after washing. It is best for your baby ranging from 0-1 year. 


If the toy becomes damaged, don't use it. Otherwise, it can be harmful. 

Baby Toy Starter Set:

This baby toy starter set consists of three toys. All of these toys help in color recognition, and the cute little elephant helps with hand and eye coordination which can be quickly learned with our baby elephant. There are stacking cups which gives the baby knowledge about how to place them and also teaches him counting. The elephant has wheels perfect for moving it with those soft hands. It is easy to grasp, which is fun for the baby. These toys are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic milk jugs. These toys have no external coating and are eco-friendly. They are safe for your baby and bring a lot of fun. All the toys are designed to enhance your little one's cognitive skills with pleasure. 

Fun and Educational Eco-Friendly Airplane Toys for Kids:

Our Eco-friendly Airplane is ready to fly, spin, and roll with your little pilot. Playing with this Airplane will pave the way for your toddler's development. His imagination and creativity will find more ways to sparkle in your little one's life. The Airplane has sound effects, light, an engine roaring, and spinning propellers, making the experience realistic. The Airplane's lightweight and ability to be easily grasped by little hands make the flight smooth. Your toddler can hear those sounds when flying his Airplane in the air, which will double the fun. It provides a fun and makes your child learn about the weight, flying of an airplane, how to live it, and many other things related to an airplane. The Airplane is made of recyclable material and teaches your little one about the importance of recycling. The product size is 8.5" L×9" W×4.5" H. It weighs approximately 0.35 lbs, which is perfect for your kid. Children of age 1 and above will enjoy playing with this fantastic toy. 

Cognitive Development Toys for Toddlers:

As the child grows, his interests and demands also change. Your toddler deserves the best in life, so we provide him with the best toys that help him daily. Unlike a baby, a toddler requires something a little more complicated in every case, so toys are not an exception. We understand what a toddler demands, so our website sells some of the best unique and helpful toys. To provide your toddler with the best cognitive toys, homekartz is at your service 24/7. 

Here are some of the best toys for your toddler's cognitive skills development:

· Color 'N Bilingual Matching Puzzle

· Chunky Wooden Puzzle for Educational Play

· Butterfly A to Z Puzzle

· Musical Stacking Toy

Color 'N Eggs Bilingual Matching Puzzle:

This is a set of six colorful eggs. Count the eggs and place them in order. Different colors are written on each egg, and the chickens are placed on top of each egg with amazing cartoonish eyes that will delight your baby. This teaches what the colors look like and their names in 2 different languages; English and Spanish. This set will develop your child's cognitive, verbal, and motor skills. The puzzle will sharpen problem-solving skills, and the bright colors and those eyes will add characters to your child's imagination. 

Chunky Wooden Puzzle for Educational Play:

The toy has colors on one side and shapes written on the other side. It comes in 6 colorful shapes: a circle, square, rectangle, triangle, heart, and star. There is also a 5" wide×7" long wood tray with a place for all these shapes. The shapes are placed inside the wood tray. So this toy will not only increase your child's education, but he will also learn which shape adjusts where by observing it. So it will help in the development of your toddler's cognitive skills. This set is made from sustainably sourced rubber wood and will excite your toddler. It is an excellent shape-sorting play for toddlers and parents.

Butterfly A to Z Puzzle:

Which kid doesn't adores butterflies? Whenever a child sees a butterfly, he starts chasing it, and a layer of excitement runs through his body. So for your young one, we have an A to Z colorful butterfly. It is a puzzle that makes a butterfly when placed together. Each wooden piece is a part of the butterfly and has a letter on it. There is a lowercase alphabet on one side and an uppercase alphabet on the other. This will make your child learn the alphabet fast. The puzzles are the best toys for cognitive development, and this butterfly will perfectly serve the purpose. It will improve your child's problem-solving skills along with his alphabet learning. Our butterfly is eco-friendly. It is a natural wooden toy by BeginAgain. It is made from plantation-grown rubber wood and is handcrafted. It is 100% safe as it is stained with non-toxic material to protect the environment and your toddler. It measures 11" wide×7.75" long and comes in a tray. It is easy to store and clean. The best part about these toys is that they do not need batteries. All they need is to be charged by your little one's mind. It is for children of ages 2 and up. 

Designed in Colorado:

An award-winning toy design team designed this excellent A to Z butterfly puzzle in Colorado. The team has garnered over 70 toy awards, including 5 Toy of the Year nominations. 

Musical Stacking Toy | Boost your Kids Fine Motor Skills:

Our musical Stacking Toy teaches your kid about texture, size, weight, balance, and order. This is just the best for your child's cognitive development. Provide your child with an attractive and exciting stacking toy. The toy has a button on the pole, and when a ring is put on, it makes a sound and changes its color. In our surroundings, we have traditional toys like this stacking toy. These are being used for a long time and never get old. But sticking to and improving them is fine. It is just an improvement towards an already existing toy. It is the way to enjoy traditional toys in the modern world. You have to put in the 3 AA batteries. The size of the package is 10.6×7×6.3 inches.

Cognitive Development Toys for 4-Year-Old Toddlers:

Toys that are more complex and make your child feel more confident are liked by a 4-year-old toddler. Kids at this age are learning to do some complex work and show it to you for appreciation. They show you how they can jump with one leg up, maintain balance, or catch a ball. They also show how they do their work perfectly(from their perspective). If we talk about cognitive skills, a child has already learned many things at this age and can make others understand his words and sentences. Homekartz has some awesome toys for your young one's development:

Here are the best toys by Homekartz for your 4-year-old Toddler's Cognitive skills development:

· Endangered Animals Easy-to-Manipulate Puzzle Game for Kid

· 321 Blas off Multilingual Puzzle Game for Kids

Endangered Animals Easy-to-Manipulate Puzzle Game for Kids:

The animals are in danger and need to be stacked on the ship with balance so that no one gets out of the ship. The puzzle pieces are handcrafted from smooth rubber wood and are colored with non-toxic paints, which makes them safe along with attractive. All pieces represent endangered animals, so your kid can enhance his knowledge and awareness by saving them in his puzzle. It will build a connection of your child with the outside natural world. It comes with 15 double-sided animal pieces 1" thick, a 6" tall×12" long boat, and a 12" wide×14" long tray. The animals will join your toddler's imaginative world and become a part of his stories. It builds fine cognitive skills and teaches game rules and sportsmanship. 

321 Blast Off Multilingual Puzzle Game for Kids:

Parents who want their children to learn a second language needs this toy for their kids who is 4 year old and above. It is an exciting way to make your child learn another language. The kid learns more words and phrases with every piece of the puzzle. The easy to complicated way best serves your child's language skill development. The child can discover different topics like animals, food, and culture with the help of this toy. Not only will the child learn new words, but also he will get a chance to improve his pronunciation and comprehension. The game involves solving a puzzle and promotes problem-solving and critical thinking skills. As the game requires the player to manipulate the pieces, it helps improve motor skills and hand and eye coordination. It will help your child sharpen his memory and focus for a long with learning. This game can be played with friends and family, increasing interaction and doubling the fun. It is specially designed to learn numbers in four languages and improve problem-solving skills. It features 10 puzzle pieces numbered 1 to 10 with numbers on one side and the numbers spelled out in English, Spanish, French, and Chinese on the other side. Its dimension is 5.6" ×10.1" ×1.0". The pieces are beautifully carved and interact with the child. Space is always fun and exciting for children, so let them enhance their skills with this 321 blast-off puzzle game.

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