Benefits of musical toys to your child and why you should buy them.

Benefits of musical toys to your child and why you should buy them.


There is usually no need to explain what music is to a child. The concept comes naturally to all human beings, irrespective of age. Studies have indicated that children as early as three can differentiate musical families. 

It is also believed that making music has more excellent developmental benefits than just listening to or watching someone else play an instrument. This is why toddlers are given a chance to experiment and explore with musical toys. 

Benefits of musical toys to your child. 

o     Promotes physical development – Children can build on their gross and fine motor skills differently. Drumming with open hands, for instance, will help build their gross motor skills, while tapping fingers on a piano or holding a drumstick will strengthen their fine motor skills.

o     Provides an avenue for them to express their feelings – For too many people, music is an outlet for the thoughts and feelings they can't put in words. Music boosts children's creativity and imagination as it is an outlet for those fantastic ideas and thoughts that they cannot articulate now. 

o     Supports sensory development – A child's balance, hearing, general movement, and touch are all involved when they hold and play a musical instrument. They begin to understand that tapping a drum softly and slowly will create a different sound from banging and hitting it forcefully.

o     Teaches them persistence and boosts self-confidence – Learning how to play an instrument is not a one-day thing. There will be a lot of patience and persistence required from them, and the sense of accomplishment will boost their self-esteem and self-confidence once the skill has been learned. 

o      Enhances their concentration levels and hand-eye coordination – Playing a piano or drum will require coordinated movement between the eyes and the hands. It will also need a higher level of focus and concentration. This is important as toddlers are known to get easily distracted, especially in preschool. 

o     Helps build your toddler's social skills – Playing music builds a child's social skills and emotional bonds. A musical ensemble will teach all the participants to respect and show consideration for others.  

o     Supports brain development – Children who play an instrument from an early age have shown increased brain development compared to those who don't. The brain areas responsible for speech perception, language development, reading skills, and sound processing show the most significant growth. 

Musical toys that will be great for your child's entertainment and development 

Percussion instruments make for good developmental toys. Anything that can rattle, bang, scratch, shake, or hit will work well. Here are some great suggestions: 

-      Wooden Children's Trumpet – Let your toddler engage in creative play with this trumpet. Great for developing their motor skills, this fantastic wooden trumpet will stimulate your child's emotional and cognitive development. It will help inspire your little one's love of music from an early age and entertain them. 

-      Fox Wooden Teether Ring Rattle – Featuring a lovable fox with a teething ring, this teether fox wooden rattle is colorful, made of beechwood, and is 100% safe for your little one.  

-      Wooden Xylophone – A fun toy but educational at the same time, this xylophone wooden musical toy will encourage your toddler's love for music and help them develop their motor skills while stimulating their brain at the same time. 

It has a durable wooden base and colorful keys that encourage hand-eye coordination. Made of wood, it contains zero toxic ingredients, and the wood is nicely polished for a splinter-free experience.  

-      Friendly Sun Rattle – This orange and yellow rattle is handmade with yarn, is super soft, lightweight, and gives a soft and gentle sound when shaken. 

-      Janod JND07634 Confetti Musical Table – This colorful musical table has different musical instruments; a drum and two drumsticks, a cymbal, and a xylophone, all in one. Toddlers from 12 months onwards will love playing with this for hours! Let your child develop their musical senses and talents with this beautiful instrument. 

-      Handheld Tambourine Drum – Belonging to the percussion family, these small-framed drums are played with bare hands, making them ideal for your child's random shakes. The attached pellet bells, jingles, and snares will entertain your child with their brilliant jingling sounds. 

-      San sheng 6 Pieces Mini Wooden Maracas Rattles – This wooden maracas toy makes lovely sounds when shaken. Not too loud nor too soft, the noise is just enough to entertain without causing discomfort. Consisting of 6 pieces of Assorted Bright Color painted designs, this toy perfectly enhances a child's rhythm sensation and sense of hearing and sight. Your child will learn both sounds and colors. 

-      Shumee Toys - Wooden Egg Shakers for Babies (6 Months+) – Being lightweight and durable, these multi-colored toys will develop your child's auditory and motor skills during playtime while stimulating their senses too. Made from organic wood and then coated with beeswax, the wooden egg shakers contain no BPAs. They are, therefore, safe for your child.  


The benefits that toddlers and preschoolers get from musical instruments are immense. They should therefore be exposed to these instruments sooner rather than later. Give your child a chance to explore sounds and play freely with musical instruments. 

Let your child improve their body awareness with different instruments. Blowing into a particular instrument will give a sound, and banging or shaking another will also give a different sound. In the end, there will be lessons learned about rhythm and coordination. 

Let's get some musical toys and let our kids play away!  


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