Awesome spring toys for your child’s outdoor play

Awesome spring toys for your child’s outdoor play


Study shows that as children learn and grow, the opportunity to experience nature with all their senses forms a crucial part of their healthy development. Outdoor play boosts your child's opportunities for higher physical activity levels, exposure to nature, and imaginative play.

Finding quality spring toys that are durable enough to withstand the elements and encourage pretend play is essential.

From swing sets and playhouses to trampolines and ride-on toys, read on to discover our recommendations on the fun, affordable, kid and parent-approved, outdoor spring toys to make an outside play just as fun as inside play during the spring months.

Why should you buy spring toys for your child?

Disconnecting your child from nature can affect their gut health, mental health, and even immunity. Advancements in technology, changes in the way we live, and the places we live may be contributing to this phenomenon, but you can still do something about it as a parent.

Get the spring toys for your child and watch them benefit from the below advantages of outdoor play:

  • Reduced stress levels – Nature has a direct positive impact on the stress levels of an individual. Active outdoors children will hardly suffer from depression and will not suffer from attention-deficit disorder.
  • Encourages exploration – Outdoor activity promotes exploration and impulsivity in children, making them more willing and ready to explore what they see around them.
  • Promotes better sleep – Since outdoor play is more physically engaging, children will tend to get more exhausted and therefore sleep better both during naps and night sleep.
  • Children get to practice better concentration – Outdoor play will naturally require high levels of concentration from your child. Exploring objects will engage all their senses, forcing them to give some thought to their discoveries while simultaneously trying to communicate them.
  • Better focus during activities – Through outdoor play, children develop the essential learning skills necessary to focus on one activity and see it through to the end.
  • Promotes Physical Development – There are many physical benefits from hands-on play. Besides strengthening their muscle control with games like shoveling, drawing in the sand, and pouring, children develop an awareness of their personal space and physical body. Hand-eye coordination is also promoted as well as their fine motor skills when they use tools during play.
  • Promotes independence – Outdoor play provides your child with an unrestricted play environment, therefore giving them a perfect scenario to explore and do things their way. There is no right or wrong way of playing.
  • Promotes creative thinking – As children play outdoors, they plan, explore, and problem-solve simultaneously, helping them develop their creative thinking skills as they build on their self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Aid in children's Language development – Outdoor play encourages speech and language development in children. Incorporating letters as they play will help them understand written language faster while describing sensations and textures will enhance their spoken vocabulary. Therefore, talking through the activities is encouraged during play, as it provides listening and speaking opportunities.

Spring toys will benefit your child's development as they also have fun.

  • Airplane Toys – This eco-friendly airplane is made of recycled material and will make for a perfect outdoor toy as it will require a bit of running around as your child flies, spins, and rolls it around.
  • Outdoors Playhouse – This little cottage will make the best outdoor toy while encouraging imagination and physical activity in your child. With a barbeque grill on one side to gather around, a spacious interior, a play phone, built-in shelves, a fireplace, and a realistic doorbell (uses AA batteries), there will be plenty of fun activities here.
  • Toy Gardening Tote Set with Tools – Consisting of a brightly patterned tote with child-sized gardening tools will be a perfect spring addition to your child's collection. Let them explore the outdoors and put their imagination to the test as they develop their gross as well as fine motor skills.
  • Activity Park – Made of bright colors, this play structure will have your kids climbing, crawling, stepping, and sliding all over the place. Their motor development will be promoted as they try to balance and coordinate their bodies while playing. The plastic is fade-resistant and lightweight, therefore can easily be put indoors when necessary.
  • Little Baby Bum Wheels on the Bus Climber and Slide – With an interactive musical dashboard, your toddler will have fun with this climber and slide, going down the slide and playing pretend bus driver.
  • Mint Balance Scooter Bike –Your toddler will enjoy riding on this scooter bike. They will build their confidence and balance, and the beauty is that the seat is adjustable, hence they will grow with it. The wooden frame is also durable. Hence your little one will use it for a long time.
  • Toddler Heavy Duty 36" Round Trampoline with Handlebar – Easy to assemble, this kid's trampoline will promote your child's flexibility, coordination, balance, and agility. It has foam and a handle safety bar making it highly safe to play, and it is made of a steel frame and hence can handle a lot of weight. No additional tools are needed to assemble this trampoline, and it is low to the ground, making it easy to get on and off.


Children are curious from an early age about what is around them. Exploring the nature around them allows them to create lasting attachments to nature's beauty. Creating the habit of interacting with nature early on will have long-term health benefits for your child.

Letting kids explore and experiment with safe objects or raw materials like sand, water, play dough, chalk, or paint, will allow for imaginative thinking as they make discoveries while at the same time stimulating their curiosity.  


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