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The benefits of using a humidifier in your home

During the dry chilly months, you could feel the dry air in your home or when the air conditioner is running in your office. Dry air can cause health conditions such as irritated eyes and nose. It can also make your skin extremely dry and rough. If you want to get rid of this irritating dry air, you can use a humidifier.

A humidifier releases water vapor or steam into the air to raise the moisture levels. Humidifiers don't clean the air like air purifiers; however, they contribute to providing better quality air that may be helpful during dry weather days. 

Placing an air humidifier in your house or office has several excellent benefits. Let's take a look at them:

It Keeps your Skin Hydrated

Your skin may experience a wide range of unpleasant sensations from dry air. You may have noticed how your skin becomes rough and flaky during winters when the weather is dry. It also causes itchiness and pigmentation in your skin. Lips are also made of delicate skin and prone to chapping more frequently and quickly as the air grows dryer. 

Dry skin can be problematic for those with extra dry skin, and using creams and lotions doesn't help them much. An air humidifier works best in this situation. It helps to hydrate your skin and boost your immune system, making you look fresh and healthy. Wooden humidifiers with oil diffusers look aesthetic while keeping the air around you hydrated and pleasant.

Helps your Vocal Cords and Nasal Passages

For people who tend to suffer from flu, dry throat, and allergies due to dryness, mini portable humidifiers work the best. Nasal passages get dry and blocked due to the mucous thickens in a dry atmosphere. It gets worse when you have to sleep at night, but your blocked nose doesn't let you. 

Your vocal cords may become dry and scratchy if exposed to dry air. You may feel irritated and hoarse while also experiencing issues with breathing or sleeping at night. Humidifiers help maintain a humid atmosphere, lessening the dryness, lubricating, and soothing your nasal passages. 

Prevent Loud Snoring

Do you snore while sleeping, or can’t you sleep while the other person snores too loud while sleeping? When you breathe in dry air, your throat and nose tissues itch, which can cause other respiratory problems. You are not living in enough moisture to soften the passage of air. In addition to aggravating throat ache, this irritation can worsen snoring.

As discussed above, a humidifier helps clear nasal passages. If your sinus makes you snore too loud and disturb others, get yourself an LED humidifier. You can place it on your bedside or take it anywhere you want to sleep. It will help you sleep peacefully and free others from hearing loud snores.


Minimizes the Spread of Germs

According to a National Academy of Sciences study, the spread and survival of the influenza virus are strongly correlated with dry weather. Germs that cause flu and nasal allergies develop when the air has minimal humidity. 

Keeping a humidifier in your office and home will provide better air quality with fewer germs and viruses than dry air. It is a must-have if you have children in the house. Kids catch germs and viruses much faster; hence a good quality air humidifier will decrease the chances of the virus spreading and provide them with a healthy and hydrated environment.

Keeps your wooden furniture strong and new

Extreme dryness can cause wood to crack and break. Study shows that your wooden furniture looks new and robust when the wood receives the required moisture. Too much dryness might harm the wooden furniture and flooring, and they won't last long. 

Get yourself an aesthetic multi-grain humidifier that you can place in your living room or near your wooden furniture. It will add to your décor while also increasing the moisture levels in the air to keep the wood supple and its furnishings forever new.

Keeps your Indoor plants fresh

If you love to keep plants inside their homes, you must take care of them regularly. Plants need moisture and fresh air to keep themselves alive. The air indoors is dry as compared to the outside. Especially in winters, when the dryness levels increase, plants experience leaf loss, dry leaf tips, and struggle to grow. 

Air humidifiers are essential when you have plants in your home and want to keep them fresh. Moreover, you can get an oil diffuser + humidifier, which will provide moisture to your indoor plants, diffuse natural oils in the air, and relax.

How to Maintain the Proper Humidity Level in the Air

Even though air humidity levels have many positive health effects, they can make you unwell if they are above 50% for an extended period. Maintaining a healthy atmosphere is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. 

When dirt enters the humidifiers, they get released into the air with vaporized droplets. This might increase the air's humidity levels and give rise to more bacteria and germs. In this case, the air no longer stays healthy but can harm your health.

Here are a few tips to ensure you have the proper humid air:

  • Regularly check the humidity levels and maintain your humidifier clean
  • Wash and dry your humidifier's tank on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Remove mineral buildup and disinfect your humidifier once a week with the technique mentioned in the humidifier handbook.

The final Verdict

Air humidifiers are great to get a healthy and hydrated atmosphere. Suppose you wish to buy a humidifier, research and choose a good company and service. Mini humidifiers are portable and provide enough moisture levels to keep the air feeling good. If you want a fancier one with an oil diffuser, ask the company to show you the humidifier according to the space size.

However, if there are additional problems with your house, such as leakage from faulty insulation seals that impact humidity levels, fix them before installing a humidifier.

You can find many high-quality air humidifiers and oil diffusers here.

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