Add Some Light to Your Life With Birthday Candles

Add Some Light to Your Life With Birthday Candles

Candle lights initially served as the primary source of light for early civilization. They have made numerous changes through the years. The candles these days are not the exact same candles from hundreds of years back.

Before introducing wicks, early Egyptians lit their reed torches by soaking them in molten grease, which is fat from sheep or livestock. Romans, later on, developed wick candles which they dipped into the oil.

By the Middle Ages, beeswax was being utilized in the making of some candles. The candle lights burned cleaner than grease and had a more pleasant odor than the tallow candle lights. However, they were more costly, and only the rich might manage them.

In Colonial times, the settlers discovered they could boil berries from the bayberry bush to make a sweet-smelling and clean burning wax for their candles. But, unfortunately, it was tiresome work, and it took numerous berries to make just one candle.

By the 18th century, candle lights were being made from spermaceti, a wax that was crystallized sperm whale oil. These candles had an even better smell and would not soften and bend in warm weather.

In 1834, a maker was invented, which mass-produced molded candle lights. Quickly after, stearic acid was added to the paraffin wax. These are still the standard active ingredients of today's candles.

Today, we have many kinds of candle lights to pick from. In addition, we have numerous aromatherapy candle lights to assist us in feeling much better.

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