A Better Weekend Gardening & Landscaping Experience

It's essential to begin the process of having a hassle-free garden. This short article gives you that initial step. In addition, it helps achieve some sound understanding of what you deal with as a weekend gardener. Our goal is to create a garden that virtually looks after itself.

Fred never ever found a way to get away from the jail of duties and hard, never-ending work needed by a high-maintenance garden.

If you wish to prevent Fred's fate, you need to start by making an essential assessment of the upkeep of your lawn and garden.

Start by taking a stroll around your home and make a note of how much time you take to tend to numerous locations.

Which plants require the most care today?

Can you visualize any locations being scaled down in size or improved with a low-maintenance design or gardening technique?

Where is the issue of the wedding location?

Which is the most challenging mowing area of your lawn?

Take this trip with a critical eye and a notepad. Make some notes about what you see, what you imagine, and what you are presently confronted with.

As you do this preliminary introduction, remember it is alright to consider what you "hate" to do regarding gardening work. We want to get rid of these locations.

So, part of your' yard trip is to note the locations that need work, how you feel about each one, and listing, which are exceptionally time-consuming.

Once you're done, take your list and make a checkmark (!) besides those products that you intend to keep, no matter how much upkeep they might need. Then put an enigma (?) Next to the ones you delight in taking a look at but are nevertheless high-maintenance and take too much work. Later on, you will discover timesaving strategies you can undoubtedly apply to a number of these issue locations.

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