6 Indoor Plants That Love The Dark: A Tip From The Garden Center Nursery

It was a long search that took me more than 10 years. However, lastly, I found it - the indoor house plant that will brighten up the completion of a corridor 5 meters from my front door.

Numerous gardening experts explain the Aspidistra as one of the most challenging and most versatile house plants. Its long blades of slender dark green or variegated dark green and white leaves shoot straight out from the soil but in clumps and approximately 75 cm in height and 15 cm broad.

Other plants that do not need much light

Low-light plants usually are specified as those that can survive in 25 to 75-foot candle lights. You can quickly discover the Aspidistra in your regional garden center nursery. In addition, five other plants that will match shallow light scenarios are the following:

Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen) is amongst the few plants that prefer only moderate light and adapt well to low light. It has a big dark green oval, then tapering leatherlike leaves later on establishing a Caney base.

Holly fern, which adjusts to low light, and Boston fern a fishbone kind of fern that will stay in low light for many months; however, it needs a spell in brighter light to renew.

Neither Bella nor Parlor Palm is more fit to low light circumstances than many palms.

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