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3 reasons why our eco-friendly wooden watches are better than regular watches

Have you ever thought about purchasing a wooden watch but were a little not sure? However, thinking of grabbing an eco-friendly wood watch needs to know what makes our distinct watches much better than others?

Well, here are 3 reasons our customers consider our watches the very best.

As Homekartz being a customer-based business, we take pride in taking feedback from you. We delight our customers in real-time. To genuinely understand the worth of our wooden watches, we chose to reach out directly to the customers and ask them, "What makes our environmentally friendly wooden watches so good and unique?"


Here are the 3 most obvious answers that we found

1. Eco-Friendly & Cool design

Initially, since our wooden watches are constructed out of recycled maple wood, this makes them an eco-friendly product that is better for the environment. Our clients actually enjoy the reality that our watches are sustainable. However, they aren't conservative and just plain wood. Most importantly, although wood is a present style pattern, the adjective we hear a lot of is that they are very "cool and trendy."

2. Can Be Worn with Anything.

Unlike a metal-linked watch, which is typically used when you dress up, or a plastic watch, that you use outdoors or casually, we have actually found that our watch can be used with practically anything or anywhere. Because of our design and the aesthetic appeal of the wood, no matter the setting or your clothing style, our watches still look great and different. Whether you are out on the beach, delicately headed to the bar, and even in a workplace or match, you can basically use a wood watch everywhere and still look nice and decent.

3. Special & Variety of Colors.

If you are anything like us, you enjoy having numerous choices. Here at Home Kartz, you have your option of choosing from various designs and colors. Most of our clients like to blend and match our wooden watches with different outfits. Environment-friendly Wooden watches permit you to display your personal, self-expressive style and are simply naturally appealing.

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