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11 Best Wooden Games Your Kids Will Play With!

Toys are treasures for kids. And we want the best for our little one. But the flashy and loud plastic toys placed throughout the aisle can often overwhelm you, leaving those amazing wooden games and toys unnoticed at the end of the section. 

11 Best Wooden Games Your Kids Will Play With!

Nonetheless, we all know that wooden games are a far better option for kids (and the planet), but we think of them as not entertaining or eye-catching enough. So, in this article, we will list the 11 best wooden games that will change your perspective. These will be the toys that your kids will play with. Plus, you'll find something for the 2-8 years of age, so stay with us, and let's get started. 

The Best Wooden Games For Kids

Wooden games and toys always stay in fashion. They are durable, biodegradable, free from chemicals used in plastic toys, and simply fantastic for your kid to play with. Our 11 best seller are:

Safari Bowl - The Bowling Game

Elephants, monkeys, giraffes, balls, ramps, and targets! Can a wooden game be more exciting? This bowling set encompasses STEAM concepts and allows kids from 2 years and above to learn skills like focus, creative thinking, strategy, etc. 

There are so many games that can be played with this one set. As well as older kids can also design an obstacle course with the animals and bullseye and have fun their way. All in all, the Safari Bowl is a versatile wooden game that is educational and entertaining simultaneously. 

Chameleon Jigsaw Puzzle

Imagination and creativity are the stars of the Chameleon Jigsaw Puzzle. Intended for kids three years and above, this wooden game is bright, inviting, and multi-purpose. It teaches children numbers in English and Spanish, rainbow colors, and promotes storytelling and imagination skills. 

In addition, the puzzle can be solved in or outside the case. With this fantastic play set, your kids will be involved in open-ended play.  

The Balance Game - Endangered Animals

A wooden game that is super fun and educational but also promotes awareness of endangered wild animals. The easy-to-grip, chunky wooden pieces make this Balance Game an ideal option for those little hands as they try to pick and stack the animals on the boat. 

Balance play is all about teaching kids patience, motor skills, and creative thinking. With this set, you get an eco-friendly, high-quality toy that helps your child connect with nature a little more while keeping them amused. 

11 Best Wooden Games Your Kids Will Play With!

A to Z Animal Parade Puzzle

An eye-catching and colorful setup of animals in the A-to-Z animal parade puzzle is great for teaching kids about the alphabet, numbers, and animal names. In addition, the wooden game also helps kids work on their motor skills, cognitive development, and problem-solving skills. 

The best thing about this wooden toy is that it promotes creative thinking and storytelling. For example, why is the vulture sitting on the Unicorn? Wait and listen to your little one making cute stories. 

Don't Dump Dumpty Game

The Humpty Dumpty is at it again. The Don't Dump Dumpty is an award-winning, super fun, and exhilarating game for kids two years and above. It is a versatile counting and number recognition game that builds skills like strategy, logical thinking, case-and-effect, and balance. 

Stack the bricks, place the Humpty Dumpty on top, and start the game. Now, take turns removing the bricks to bring Humpty down again. Moreover, the game can be played in teams, as individuals, or alone. 

Travel Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-Tac-Toe is a family favorite that comes with endless play and fun. This easy-to-store travel set is best to get for your kids if you have an extended family trip coming up. Besides, you can always pull up this wooden toy at home on a family night together.

The dragonfly versus ladybugs tic-tac-to match would teach your little ones about early sportsmanship, problem-solving skills, logical thinking, and strategy. 

321 Blast Off Puzzle Game

A wooden game that will introduce your kids to number names in four different languages. All you do is tell your kids the number and what it's called in other languages. And that's not all. The toy is inspired by global science exploration, so it is perfect for kids who love rockets and science. 

It helps develop problem-solving skills and improve visual recognition for kids aged three years and above. 

11 Best Wooden Games Your Kids Will Play With!

Wooden Xylophone

This wooden xylophone is an excellent choice if your child loves music. The colorful and high-quality wooden toy will be entertaining and promote creative skills, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and cognitive development. 

The experience of understanding music and the relationship between cause and effect will keep your little one engaged in music-making for hours to come. And guess what? The toy is sturdy and ready to take a bit of beating from your kid. 

Chunky Shapes Wooden Puzzle

Shapes, colors, balance, sorting, logic, and motor skills, all combined into one, makes this toy a very special one. Kids can enjoy playing with this puzzle from 3 years and above. 

This 7-piece chunky wooden game helps the kids to learn about a few of the leading early education concepts while keeping them entertained for a fair amount of time. So, the kids can sort the shapes in their respective places or balance them on top of the dish; the possibilities are endless. 

5-Step Climbing Wooden Rope Ladder

The 5-step climbing wooden rope ladder is for kids above three years of age, with a maximum capacity of 110 lbs. It comes ready to hang right out of the box, and you'll be delighted to see your kids playing with it all day long, indoors or outdoors. 

While kids are becoming so used to a sedentary lifestyle, it would be a great idea to introduce a wooden game that helps them move around and strengthens their core muscles. 

Wooden T-Rex 3D Puzzle

Dinosaurs are a kid's favorite. Especially when we combine them with active brain activity, the game becomes much more exciting. However, the wooden T-Rex puzzle is for kids above eight years of age as it is a bit more challenging and STEM-focused. 

While this wooden game may look simple, it is a multi-functional puzzle that encourages kids to be involved in logical thinking, problem solving, fine motor skills, and bonding sessions. 

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