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10 Essential Traveling Accessories for Keeping Kids Entertained in the Car

Traveling with kids can be a challenge, especially on long car rides. Keeping them entertained is critical to a smooth journey. Here are 10 essential traveling accessories for keeping kids entertained in the car!

1. Portable DVD Player

1. Portable DVD Player

Keeping kids entertained on long car journeys can be challenging, but a portable DVD player can be a lifesaver. It allows you to play your favorite movies and cartoons and is a great way to pass the time. Make sure to pack a variety of DVDs to cater to different tastes and moods.

Durability is critical when choosing a portable DVD player for travel. Look for models with long battery life and sturdy construction to withstand the occasional bump or drop. Here's a quick checklist to consider:

  • Screen size and quality
  • Battery life and charging options
  • Built-in speakers vs. headphone compatibility
  • Anti-skip technology

Remember, a portable DVD player isn't just for movies. It can also play audiobooks and music CDs, providing a range of entertainment options for your little ones.

When selecting DVDs, consider including educational content alongside entertainment. This way, travel time can also be a learning opportunity. And don't forget, for a peaceful drive, headphones are a must!

2. Magnetic Board Games

2. Magnetic Board Games

Keeping kids entertained during long car journeys can be challenging, but magnetic board games offer a versatile, mess-free solution. These games are perfect for travel, as they come with pieces that stick to the board, preventing them from getting lost under the seats.

Magnetic board games come in a variety of classic and educational options. Here's a list of popular games that are sure to keep children of all ages engaged:

  • Checkers
  • Chess
  • Chinese Checkers
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Backgammon
  • Snakes & Ladders

Magnetic board games not only provide entertainment but also encourage critical thinking and strategy skills among children.

When selecting a magnetic board game set, consider one that includes multiple games to keep the fun going for hours. For instance, the Magnetic Board Game Set by GAMIE consists of an impressive array of 12 retro fun games, such as Solitaire and NineMen's Morris, ensuring something for everyone.

3. Travel Journal and Stickers

3. Travel Journal and Stickers

Keeping a travel journal is a fantastic way for kids to document their journey and express their creativity. Encourage your children to write about their experiences, draw pictures, and decorate their entries with stickers. This activity not only keeps them engaged but also helps in developing their writing and artistic skills.

  • Ask your child to describe the scenery, the places they visit, or the people they meet.
  • Provide a variety of stickers related to travel, such as landmarks, vehicles, and nature.
  • Suggest making a daily entry to capture each day's highlights.

Keeping a journal can be a cherished keepsake for years to come, filled with memories and personal growth.

Remember, the key is to make it fun and interactive. A travel journal is not just a way to pass the time; it's a tool for learning and a souvenir that will hold sentimental value long after the trip has ended.

4. Handheld Gaming Consoles

4. Handheld Gaming Consoles

Keeping kids entertained during long car rides can be challenging, but handheld gaming consoles are a perfect solution. These compact devices are loaded with games that can captivate children for hours, making the journey more enjoyable for everyone.

  • Nintendo Switch: Versatile gaming with detachable controllers.
  • Valve's Steam Deck: High-end gaming on the go.
  • Haopapa Handheld Game Console: Ideal for younger kids with various retro games.

When selecting a handheld console, consider your child's age and the types of games they enjoy. For instance, the Haopapa handheld game console is specifically designed for children ages 4-12, offering a range of fun and age-appropriate games.

It's important to balance screen time with other activities during a trip to ensure a healthy variety for your child's entertainment.

The best handheld game consoles of 2024 offer features like portability, long battery life, and a vast library of games. Whether it's the versatility of the Nintendo Switch or the power of the Valve's Steam Deck, there's a console to suit every child's needs.

5. Audiobook Subscriptions

5. Audiobook Subscriptions

With the magic of storytelling, long drives can be transformed into epic adventures. Audiobook subscriptions offer a vast library of children's books that can captivate young listeners for hours. From classic fairy tales to modern young adult novels, there's an audiobook for every age and interest.

Convenience is essential when traveling with kids; audiobook services provide just that. With the ability to download stories beforehand, parents can ensure entertainment is always on hand, even in areas with spotty internet coverage. Here's a quick list of benefits:

  • Engages children's imagination
  • Reduces screen time
  • Expands literary interests
  • Easy to use during travel

Audiobooks are not just a source of entertainment; they're also educational tools that can improve listening skills and vocabulary. By choosing titles related to travel or destinations, kids can also learn about new places and cultures during the journey.

6. Activity Books and Crayons

6. Activity Books and Crayons

Keeping kids engaged during long car rides can be challenging, but activity books and crayons are a timeless solution. These simple tools can spark creativity and keep little hands busy for hours. From coloring to connect-the-dots, there's an activity for every age.

Activity books come in various themes and difficulty levels, ensuring children of all ages can find something to enjoy. Pair these books with a pack of vibrant crayons, and you have a portable art studio at your fingertips. Here's a quick guide to creating your travel activity pack:

  • Choose various activity books, including coloring, puzzles, and word games.
  • Add a set of non-toxic, washable crayons.
  • Consider a dry-erase activity book for reusable fun.
  • Pack everything in a durable, easy-to-carry bag.

Remember, the goal is to provide a mix of activities that cater to your child's interests and age group. This will help keep them entertained for the duration of the trip.

For parents looking to add an educational twist, there are activity books that incorporate learning elements into the fun. These can be a great way to sneak in extra practice with numbers, letters, or even other languages while on the road.

7. Tablet with Educational Apps

7. Tablet with Educational Apps

In the age of technology, a tablet with educational apps is a powerful tool for keeping kids engaged and learning on long car trips. Tablets offer a variety of apps that cater to different age groups and interests, from interactive storybooks to math puzzles and language learning games.

  • Interactive Storybooks: Engage children with animated tales.
  • Math Puzzles: Make learning numbers fun.
  • Language Games: Playfully expand vocabulary.

Tablets not only keep children entertained but also provide a valuable opportunity for them to learn new skills and knowledge during the journey.

Preloading the tablet with a selection of apps before the trip is essential. This ensures that the children can access content even in areas without internet connectivity. Remember to pack the charger and, if possible, a backup power source to avoid interruptions in entertainment and learning.

8. Travel-Themed Coloring Books

8. Travel-Themed Coloring Books

Travel-themed coloring books are a fantastic way to nurture creativity and engage young minds during long car rides. With scenes from around the world, these coloring books can also spark conversations about geography and culture. Encourage your child to tell stories about the places they're coloring, making the journey as educational as it is entertaining.

Coloring can be a calming activity, which is especially useful during the more tedious parts of a trip. Look for books that come with a variety of stickers to add an extra layer of fun. 

For older children, consider options that offer more complexity, such as books with intricate designs or those that come with educational facts about the destinations depicted.

Here are a couple of popular options:

  • My First Trip Sticker + Coloring Book (500+ Stickers & 12 Scenes) by Cupkin
  • 450PCS Stickers/Coloring Book for Kids 2-4, featuring 14 coloring pages and 14 scenes

These books keep kids occupied and help them develop fine motor skills and color recognition.

9. Puzzle Books

9. Puzzle Books

Puzzle books are a fantastic way to keep kids engaged and mentally active during long car rides. With various puzzles such as crosswords, Sudoku, and word searches, these books cater to different age groups and interests. They provide a delightful challenge that can make time fly by.

For parents looking for a specific recommendation, the Road Trip Activity Book: Travel Games and Puzzles for Kids 6-12 is a treasure trove of fun. It boasts over 100 activities designed to keep the whole family entertained for hours, including the ever-popular license plate game and a road trip scavenger hunt.

Another great option is the Road Trip Activity Book for Kids Ages 8-12, available on Amazon.com. Its handy pocket size (6x9) makes it easy to store in bags and is perfect for car, plane, and train travel. The compact size ensures it can be easily accessed whenever the kids need a distraction.

Puzzle books not only entertain but also help in developing problem-solving skills and cognitive abilities in children. They're an educational tool disguised as fun.

10. Window Clings and Gel Clings

Window and gel clings are fantastic ways to keep kids engaged during long car rides. These colorful and reusable decorations can be easily applied to and removed from car windows without residue. Kids love the variety of shapes and themes, from animals and cartoon characters to seasonal and educational designs.

Creativity is vital when it comes to window clings. Children can create stories or scenes on the window, entertaining them and fostering their imagination. Here are some popular options:

Remember, the best window clings are those that are thick and durable, ensuring they can be used over and over again.

When selecting window clings, consider your child's interests to ensure they are captivated by the designs. It's also essential to check for safety and non-toxic materials, especially for younger children who might be tempted to put them in their mouths.

Having the right traveling accessories can make a difference in keeping kids entertained in the car. These items, from portable games to snacks and entertainment devices, can help make long journeys more enjoyable for children and parents. Investing in these 10 essential accessories ensures a smoother and more peaceful travel experience with your little ones. So, pack your bags, buckle up, and hit the road with confidence, knowing that you are well-prepared to keep your kids happy and entertained throughout the journey!

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